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Derek Fenton Koran Page Burning Man fired from NJ Transit

September 15, 2010

Derek Fenton, the man who ripped pages from the Koran and burned them on 9/11 2010 was fired by New Jersey Transit for doing that.

“Mr. Fenton’s public actions violated New Jersey Transit’s code of ethics,” an agency statement said.

“NJ Transit concluded that Mr. Fenton violated his trust as a state employee and therefore [he] was dismissed.”

Who at NJ Transit made this decision? What religion, race, and ethnicity were they? To them, Derek Fenton was part of White Middle America, a country and a people they hate? It would appear so.


Whiteness and Koran Burning Holding non-whites accountable for the Koran

September 14, 2010

Non-whites wrote the Koran. It is a book bull of malice, evil and twisted concepts of justice, honesty and morality. It teaches lying, cruelty, stealing, and murder. It does so intentionally. It was created to justify conquest, subjugation and tyranny.

Muslim commentators today say it is incompatible with freedom and democracy. It is Unitary Totalitarianism. It doesn’t allow non-Muslims to criticize it, even to point out what Muslim commentators say about it, because then it sounds like criticism and denunciation of it.

The Koran is of the Devil in the sense of teaching evil and doing evil. The Koran is of the Devil in the sense of being an inverted morality of doing evil and cruelty.

Islam does not allow criticism of itself because it is totalitarian evil. Thus burning the Koran, with or without bacon fat, is something they can’t tolerate. Thus they are going to make people afraid to do it.

Whites are afraid to hold non-Whites accountable. Thus when a White burns a Koran, its an action of a White rejecting as immoral the morality of non-Whites. Some non-white groups such as Arabs and blacks manifest much of the immorality that the Koran teaches. It is evidently in their genes. These are the two groups that have adopted Islam to the greatest extent. The morality fits the genes.

So when Whites burn the Koran they are saying the truth that these non-White groups, blacks and Arabs are genetically inferior in morality. They have a genetically inferior morality in them.

This is what liberals really believe but are afraid to say. They believe it more than most others. So when a White burns the Koran or says Islam is of the Devil, the libs hear that Arab and Muslim genes are being denounced, because that is what they believe.

To libs, its saying Arab and black genes are of the Devil. This happens to be what libs actually believe. So when a Middle Class White burns a Koran they call him a Whitetard, bigot, redneck, etc.

This is why Libs hate the Tea Party which they consider morphs into the Koran Burning Party. They do equate both to the Tea Klan Party. This is because to libs any effort by Whites to control the violence, cruelty and often evil that blacks and Arabs show is racism. This is because libs believe these behaviors in Arabs and blacks really are genetic.

This also means that as Arabs and blacks increase in number and become closer to a majority, lib Whites become even more afraid to speak openly of what they fear. So they are even more inclined to denounce the fellow White who is a Koran burner for provoking the evil races they really believe Arabs and blacks to be.

Clearly, this is a course of ruin to continue non-white immigration and welfare and benefits to these groups that Libs believe are genetically evil races. To let them have power over us is indeed the greatest folly of our race.

Moreover, Islam selects for genes that fit its immorality. So each generation, the gene pool of Arabs and black Muslims becomes more like Islam. Somali blacks are worse than blacks descended from slaves in the US in organizing evil. Somali pirates are the worst on the seas, the most bold and persistent.

The policy of coddling black Somali Muslim pirates illustrates all the mistakes of liberalism. Libs blame Whites for being in the area. I.e. White Flight is the answer.

Same as with busing in schools, White Flight is the answer for rich White libs and suffering is the answer for prole Whites. Whom Libs then denounce for every aspect of their life.

If anyone is degrading prole Whites, its Libs by making them integrate with blacks and other non-Whites. Its Libs for teaching them amoral PC that doesn’t hold blacks, Arabs and others accountable not just for their act, but for their genes.

Genes are part of reality. People have to be held accountable for their genes. This sounds harsh, but its the only way to have a functioning biological group.

Nature holds every living thing accountable for its genes. This is the basis of life. This is the Evolution Law of the Jungle. You are accountable for your genes. This includes the morality your genes give you.

Genes and morality come from God in a sense. The genes and morality of Arabs is in the Koran. Their genes and morality are of the Devil. Winnowing them out is God’s law.

Because their genes and morality are of the Devil as shown by their book, the Koran, they have to be winnowed out. This is because their races are of the Devil genetically.

This is what Libs can’t stand to hear, precisely because its what they believe. White Flight is based on the belief that black behavior is of the Devil. This is done from all blacks. That is because White Flight is the belief that black behavior is of black genes and that both are of the Devil.

Prole Whites are not of the Devil in their genes. But Libs treat them as if they are. They make them live with blacks, Arabs, Somali, Hmong, etc. Then when they complain about the behavior of these groups, Libs call them bigots. Libs hear them complaining about the genes of those groups, which is what Libs really believe.

Because prole Whites reject these groups and say their genes, morality and Koran are of the Devil, libs denounce the prole Whites as Whitetards, bigots, racist rednecks (as if that was not redundant to libs), and so on. Libs can’t get enough of denouncing prole White Christianity which is what binds society together in a White morality that is of God and not of the Devil.

Prole White Christianity is the morality Libs want to enjoy in their prole servants, but can’t stand that it is in the genes of Whites but not all the other races they want to substitute for their prole White servants. Thus Libs are in a contradiction. They resolve that by venting hate on Prole Whites and Prole White Christianity as responsible for the contradiction between what Libs want, non-White servants with White genetic morality and not to have Prole Whites around them.

The Heroes of 911 2010 are the Koran burners

September 12, 2010

The heroes of 9/11/2010 are the men, and they were mostly men, who burned Korans and the women who stood by them. There was one video on Youtube of a a woman standing by her man while he said a prayer. Then she throws the Koran into the fire.

Stand by your man
While he burns the Koran

The anthem of a new generation.

We are not a Mosque Nation. We are not a Koranic nation. We are a nation of rugged uncouth individualists. But we are also a nation of social creatures. We have to champion the uncouth among us who burned Korans, as well as those who brought the idea out and sustained it.

Pastor Terry Jones is one of the heroes. He made this happen. Even though he had to fold at the end from the power exerted on him, he enabled many others to burn the Koran and be noticed.

Burning the Koran is now part of every 9/11 to come. That is something Pastor Terry Jones did. That is a great contribution.

The man who ripped pages near the Ground Zero Mosque site and burned them walked away with the personal hero creds for 9/11. He ranks with firefighters on the original 9/11. Although he did not give his life, his action took moral courage that few of us can ever hope to find.

Lawrence Auster was the first by my count to post any photos of a Koran burning on 9/11. I was searching on Youtube based on time uploaded during the day, and he had his photos up from one of his correspondents before any video posted on Youtube.

This makes Lawrence Auster one of the heroes. In terms of a named person to go after he has taken relative risk by posting those photos. What the absolute risk is we don’t know. However, on a relative risk basis, Auster was a leader and a hero of 9/11 2010.

Diana West and Laura Wood also come in there. We see that women can be heroines and we still have them. Diana West has been made an example of by the establishment. They are giving her the silent treatment.

The many who posted videos on youtube, many with their faces revealed are heroes and when women stood by their man, heroines as well.

Yesterday, the following were among videos posted on Youtube of Koran burning or the like.

Koran burning

Young man burns a Koran with his wife next to him. They are holding hands and they burn the Koran. This is the future. This is the present. They are a good Christian couple. They pray for persecuted Christians. This is part of our movement. (Some pro-White sites have had a hard time embracing Koran burning or Christians who burn the Koran and may not be explicitly White Nationalist. We have to be a big tent.)

Westboro Baptist Church Burns Koran 9/11 2010

Koran Burning at Ground Zero, Man burns Quran on 9 11

Burning a Koran on burn a Koran day September 11, 2010

burning the koran,11-09-10.wmv

Raw Story hate thread on 911 White Man burning the Koran near the Ground Zero Mosque:

Koran rippers at White House

One can search on:

Andrew Beacham Koran ripping White House

Many others ripped or burned Korans around America or put bacon in one and let their dog go after it. All are part of the Koran Burning Party. All were White that I saw. This was a White Christian Founding Stock American event for the most part.

It was the uncouth White Christian Middle Americans that Obama disparaged as clinging to guns and God. These are the people ridiculed by the Main Stream Media. The MSM ridicule them because they hold up a light to Main Stream Evil, which is what our establishment is and does.

The hate the MSM have for them knows no bounds. They ridicule Pastors like Terry Jones or the Phelps Westboro Baptist Church. They call the White man who burned the Koran at the Ground Zero Mosque hate filled. This was in NY Daily News. He wasn’t hate filled. It was the hecklers who were hate filled.

Freepers ridicule calling him “hate filled”:

The search: hate filled man ripped pages Koran New York

is interesting to observe:

9/11/2010 was the first Koran burning day. May 9/11’s to come be Koran Burning Days every year. Perhaps more will do it next year.

Maybe its time to form the Koran Burning Party. This is the spirit of the Tea Party. This is the type of courage it took in 1773 at the Boston Tea Party. Those people are now long since ethnically cleansed from Boston, except for a remnant. But we need to feel their spirit.

The Koran Burning Party is the courage, audacity and uncouthness of the original Boston Tea Party. Sam Adams would be a Koran burner today.

Koran Burning Man was not some over old geezer. He was a young man. So were many of those posting on Youtube. This is a new generation that has come of age in a time of open conflict with Islam and that recognizes the foe, Islam itself. We are at war with Islam and always have been.

This is the time for the Koran Burning Patriot to come to the aid of his country. That call was made by Pastor Terry Jones. Young men of courage answered that call and some older.

This is a turn in the war to save the White West and to save White America and White Christian America. God’s Will be done. We must fight on because we have no other choice. In this war, defeat is extinction. Young men realize that and some young women will stand by their man in this war of survival of The White People.


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