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Call Senator Jim Webb to vote against LOST

November 13, 2007

Call your senators to vote against the Law of the Sea Treaty.  Senator Jim Webb is a particularly good person to call if you are from  Virginia.

 We expect all Senate Democrats to vote a straight party line, with the possible exception of Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia. Remember, Jim Webb was Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) under President Reagan, who was staunchly opposed to the Convention. As a former SECNAV, we could hope he’d be able to persuade some of his party colleagues to oppose LOST.

You can turn around your senator, even a Democrat, by calling in.  This can work.

Call Senator John Warner as well to support amendments to the treaty to take away the funding in the treaty to the UN that makes it out of control.

  “This would give the treaty’s secretariat an independent revenue stream that would remove a key check on its authority. After all, once a bureaucracy has its own source of funding, it needs answer only to itself.”

Lawrence Auster against LOST:

Auster links to WSJ against it

Frank Gaffney has been a leading critic of the treaty.

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