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Left has created a Diversity Bomb to divide us

February 1, 2007

The Left has worked for years to create a diversity bomb that destroys our society. They are attacking our will to fight.

The Left says we don’t have the right to live, so we won’t fight. We will accept surrender.

Lawrence Auster has a discussion of the French Army giving up in 1940. They had already lost the will to fight. This is the Left’s plan for us.

The Left works away during time of peace, so that when the time to fight comes, we can’t.

After 9-11, we should have conquered Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. We should have raised an army and conquered in 19 months, the time from April 6, 1917 to Nov 11, 1917. That was when we declared war on Germany and won.

Our army went from 200 thousand men to 4 million, 2 million in France.
By May/June 1918 we had 1 million men in France from a total army of 200 thousand in early 1917.

Trotsky was in New York in 1917. President McKinley was killed by leftists in 1900. They attacked again after WWI against AG Palmer, that’s where the Palmer raids come from.

The Left has been fighting this war since before 1900. They have targeted America for destruction.

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