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Liberal Fundamentalism Madeleine Bunting Amanpour

March 1, 2008

The following is a comment to an essay by Hugh Fitzgerald at Jihad Watch, “All People are Good and Bad in the Same Way.

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Great essay Hugh. It inspired me to do the search

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This brings up an interesting column.

“True liberalism is essential if we are to create a new disposition between Muslims and the west”

* Madeleine Bunting
* The Guardian,
* Monday October 15 2001

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Although this column appears to attack liberal fundamentalism, in fact it seems to be an extreme form of it. It appears Bunting identifies liberal fundamentalism with what we now call neocons and with Bush.

One wonders how much this is a knowing displacement of the real liberal fundamentalism espoused in the column and by Amanpour? How much self-reflection and cunning does Bunting have? Or Amanpour?

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From 2005 sheds some light on how this was playing out in Britain from the Guardian perspective at that time.


“True liberalism is essential if we are to create a new disposition between Muslims and the west”

Note that West is spelled west in the original Guardian article.



Search “liberal fundamentalism” Bunting

A comment on Bunting’s concept of Liberal Fundamentalism.,_You_Did_Ask….html

But one cannot fail to conclude that Bunting’s article is yet another manifestation of the overlap between the anti-liberal left and Islamism. More sophisticated than the George Galloway – Stop The War coalition, perhaps, less aggressive than Marxist-terrorist-turned-Osama-admiring-Muslim Carlos The Jackal, but suffused with the same stuff nonetheless: An admiration for fundamentalist Islam that borders on the Victorian maid’s obsession with the noble savage; a hatred of the west, and the Anglo-Saxon west in particular that is the probable result of an unhealthy self-loathing; and an affliction with the outdated philosophy of cultural relativism that can find excuses for any atrocity.

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