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Big man or god complex of liberals and Burma aid

May 20, 2008

Liberals are being shut out from giving aid to Burma. This to them is the ultimate evil. They can’t play the big man.

Earth’s population is too high and this is causing a mass extinction of species. The ones responsible for it being too high are liberals. Liberals prop up the low IQ low ethics genes. They are extinguishing the opposite type. This is because liberals have a god complex.

Liberals don’t acknowledge that they are increasing the 3rd world population and even claim they are decreasing its growth by aid.

Virginia Abernathy discusses this delusion of liberals in her publications.

Morality means more than replacement of good genes and less than survival of bad genes each generation. Liberals oppose this and so are immoral. Liberals are a force of not just anarchy, but systematic destruction of good genes. Liberals have created a ratchet for good genes to go extinct as opposed to the ratchet created by evolution for bad genes to go extinct.

Liberals do this precisely to betray whites. Liberals hate their own. Their unnatural betrayal of them is one of the great moral evils of our time. Islam is one of the others. They both work together against evolution and against a better future.

Liberals might try to think of good genes as a civil right. By denying the spread of good genes, liberals concentrate them in a few, gods, also called liberals. They are violating the civil rights of individuals and of the individuals as a group, known as a species, to have good genes distributed over the species not just kept in a few gods. Liberal aid to Burma is part of their denying humanity its civil right to the spread of good genes and elimination of bad genes.

The above is draft and preliminary. It is stated in a way to contrast with PC for the purpose of testing. All statements are hypotheses. All other disclaimers apply.

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