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Jesse Helms Great American passes

July 6, 2008

Liberals mark his passing with competition to display the most hate openly and proudly. As Vanishing American has pointed out many times, liberals hate and do so freely and with gusto. Liberals hate and use that hate to fuel their fight. We are fools to disarm ourselves and they are the ones telling us to do even as they take our jobs and homes and safety and lives.

==Comment I posted at Vanishing American

Interesting post. WaPo had a threat on Jesse Helms

I posted comments on crime stats and those were never approved by the author to appear, even though they were dry and presented in a neutral way.

I find that with every large institution I interact with that they show no hesitation to push any advantage they have for any purpose they wish. I think giving into this is like giving into a mugging. They are constantly fishing for the weak to take advantage of and are no better than confidence men. They expect you to resist, its like con men who call on the phone. The ones they have contempt for are the ones who give into them. I think that is the whole lesson of what the Civil Rights movement became in fact.

We should no longer think of big institutions as honest or having integrity. They are more like cover for con-men to use for personal advantages, vendettas, peeves, and prejudices. They should be resisted as a matter of course, and people should be taught to do so, and that its their moral duty to do so.

Although not on Jesse Helms, the following is interesting and appropriate to a discussion on him.

Liberals push their personal hates at every chance they get. They use every position of power, influence or honor to push their personal hates. They have no hesitation in denying a person a job or a promotion because of their views, if they can get away with it. Fear is not how you treat a liberal any more than a mugger. If you resist, they will move on to easier pickings. Liberals are bullies. If you live in fear of them, they win. You have to resist them and they will move on. Don’t cower in silence because of your job. Speak up. They will take everything from you if you let them.

Liberals act on hate. That means, fearing them and keeping silent empowers them. We have to go about our business and speak up outside of work and not fear reprisal from some liberal. Fear is losing us our country. The liberals are hate displaying hate on the day of Jesse Helms death because they know its working and we are losing our country. That means losing our physical safety. You can’t have a safe job if you don’t have physical safety at home or anywhere.

==Discussion Threat at Raw Story on Jesse Helms

Liberals hate and liberals hate liberally. We can not placate liberal hate by giving into it or living in fear of it. The above thread shows unrestrained liberal hate. They don’t mute their hate, they trumpet it.

The reason liberalism is popular is that it allows people to give into hate without limit. Liberalism is like a public execution. Its intended to give into hate. Liberalism has a lynching mentality. Liberals never fail to express hate in any discussion or article they have. Anything you read by liberals is always an expression of hate. They don’t have anything to say as liberalism other than hate. Liberalism is literally hate. They use hate to hurt people and they use it to fuel action. Liberals try to deny that to others precisely because they want a monopoly on hate.

Liberals want a monopoly on hate as a recruiting tool. Hate is a drug and they want to be the one to give it out. Liberals set out to have a monopoly on hate just like the government wants a monopoly on power. Liberals believe in a version of Mao’s slogan, power grows from the barrel of hate. He who controls hate, controls everything. That is the liberal method. That is liberalism in a nutshell.

Liberals are trying to take everything you have. That is why they hate you. They use their hate to take everything you have, if you let them. The more you give them, the more they hate you and the more they try to take. They will take your life and do so like the two French students in London or many others.

Giving into fear of liberals is what they want. That makes them come for more. You have to fight them all the time. Don’t live in silence as everything you have is taken from you. It isn’t worth living with the little that liberals will give you. They take your dignity and your soul. They make you live in every type of fear, physical, social, ostracism, job, education, credential, etc.

Liberals are the worst nightmare of a bully. That is what Orwell painted them as. Modern technology is used by liberals for bullying and to take everything from you. You have to fight back with everything available as well. Liberalism is as old as bullying and will never go away. But it must be fought on a daily basis just like any mugging or theft.

Liberals function as a gang and use it for recruiting.  Liberals let new recruits bully their victims.  This is what LGF does intentionally.  LGF models itself on 1984 and Animal Farm intentionally.  So do survival shows and LGF imitates those as well.  Liberals offer bullying, hate, and lynchings as recruitment and entertainment.

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