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Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens Youtube Video

March 4, 2008

Paul Nachman at Vdare links to this video.

The video gives the figure of 48,000 people killed by illegal aliens since 9/11. Colorado Media Matters disputes this figure.

I am a proud Confederate Nationalist. Confederate Texan ’til the day I die! I’m fighting for southern independence and reformation of the Confederate States.

Its good this person doesn’t live in Bedfordshire UK, where the police are asking Paul Ray, the blogger known as Lionheart, about his video. Paul Ray is in the US applying for asylum. There won’t be any asylum for the people killed or maimed or raped in the video.

Some of the victims were raped and then killed. Even feminists like Jane Fonda should be willing to say that when a Hispanic immigrant rapes and kills the woman its not about sex. The real racism is a Hispanic killing a white or black after raping them.

The Bedfordshire UK Police say that when a Pakistani in the UK rapes and kills a white woman, that isn’t racism, but a blogger who says stop Muslim immigration has to be questioned? Are we going to allow that to happen to us here? Haven’t we already?

Our fathers and grandfathers went to England in World War II. Some may have stayed neared Bedfordshire. They went ashore on Normandy. The Americans had the toughest beach.

Normandy American cemetery:

Many from Texas and Ohio died at Normandy for the freedom of Paul Ray of Bedfordshire. Now they are coming to take our freedom here as well. Vote for Mike Huckabee or John Paul in the Ohio or Texas primary if you want to send a message you want your freedom.

Phone conversations of the Bedfordshire Police with Paul Ray while Ray was in South Carolina are here:

These phone conversations with the police are chilling. We are being investigated for opposing legal and illegal immigration. We are being investigated for wanting to keep our own country having our own identity. For Bedfordshire Police that is hate speech?

Americans died at Omaha Beach to buy the freedom of the Bedfordshire Police today. Americans died at Omaha Beach so that Tony Blair could cash in for millions for supporting legal immigration into Britain. Blair gets 1 million a year from J.P. Morgan. In some accounts its more.

Bedfordshire Luton is north of London.,+Bedfordshire,+UK&fb=1&sa=X&oi=local_group&resnum=1&ct=image

Many people on the right or counter-jihadis won’t support Ray because he has spoken positively of the BNP.

Search Lionheart Bedfordshire police BNP

Lionheart is given up by some because he supports the BNP, British Nationalist Party. The person who put together this video about victims of illegal aliens lists himself as a Confederate Nationalist. Are we going to let people continue to be raped and killed because those who fight them are British Nationalists or Confederate Nationalists? Will we simply wait to lose our country because those in authority like John Amnesty McCain, Barack Rezko Obama, Hillary Speaking Fees Clinton, Tim Speaking Fees Russert, and others put speaking fees above our survival?

We just have to have the courage to be called bigot in America. If we wait longer, the police will be questioning us instead of those who killed the people in the video. Support organizations like NumbersUSA. You can free fax today against immigration, legal and illegal. Don’t wait for the police to investigate you for opposing it.

Remember when Romney condemned the college student who had a Confederate Flag in the debate? Do we really want to elect those who condemn us? One way or another they find a reason why we deserve to lose our country. There is only one reason we deserve to lose your country. That reason is cowardice. We lacked the courage to stand up and fight for it at the time.

Look at the gravestones at the American Cemetery at Normandy. The supporters of immigration call those buried under them white nationalists and white supremacists or bigots. Would those buried there call us cowards for letting our country be taken from us without doing anything to stop it? Why did they give their lives? So that we would give away America without fighting?

Will we only fight when the government tells us to? Then we already don’t own our country, the government does. It isn’t even our country if that is our mentality. If we wait to fight until the government tells us to, and fight who they tell us to, then the country is owned by the government. The government is free to send us to fight in other lands and give our country to other people.

Look at how many there are. How many bloggers are being arrested or charged now? A lot fewer. The time to start faxing your Congressman and Senator is this year. There are stealth amnesties being pushed through Congress while the election distracts us. Just sign up at NumbersUSA and start sending free faxes to stop legal and illegal immigration. Every law Congress passes for amnesty is legal immigration. Stopping amnesty is stopping legal immigration.


3000 Americans were killed, wounding or missing after Omaha Beach. Even if Colorado Media Matters is right that the 48,000 figure of Americans killed by illegals since 9/11 is high, its still more than the 3,000 casualites at Omaha Beach. Its interesting they count wounded for Omaha Beach but not for illegal immigrants.

The difference between Omaha Beach and now is that Americans were fighting back at Omaha Beach. The difference between Omaha Beach and now is that Americans were fighting for their freedom. The difference between Omaha Beach and now is that Americans weren’t afraid to fight back because their enemies would call them bigots or other names.

At the time of Omaha Beach in 1944 America had an almost zero immigration policy. Those who died at Omaha were fighting to keep the identity of America the way it was. That makes them bigots in the mouths of their opponents today. In fact, the America of 1944 is called bigoted, racist, white nationalist and white supremacist over and over again. The people who died at Omaha have been called racist white nationalist supremacist bigots over and over again by the leaders of both Republican and Democrat parties. Their country is being taken from the descendants they fought for.

Can’t we even lift our hands to call our Congressman and Senator to stop legal immigration to below 25,000 per year? We don’t have to fight on Omaha, just call Congress. Can’t we call to stop stealth amnesties? Can’t we even send a free fax by computer? You don’t need a fax machine.


On D-DAY the casualties on American side on OMAHA BEACH was about 3000 soldiers and on the British side 400 to 600 soldiers on other beaches especially on SWORD BEACH(about 200 soldiers) and on the German side that lies between 5000 to 8000 soldiers as casualties.

In the war being fought in America today, only Americans are killed, with few exceptions. That’s because we don’t fight back. That’s why they keep coming. They can take our land, rape our women, and kill us and they know they almost never get shot at. And when they do, the government prosecutes the American defenders.


UK Blogger Lionheart and US relations

January 13, 2008

If Lionheart seeks asylum in the US and is granted it, does that mean that extradition from the US to the UK is ended because the UK doesn’t respect human rights?

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