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Los Angeles Times Declining Circulation

June 1, 2008

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From Wiki 773,884 Daily and 1,101,981 Sunday.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, see graph page 16 p60-233.pdf
August 2007 by Carmen DeNavas-Walt
Bernadette D. Proctor
Jessica Smith.

Women’s median wages are stuck at 77 percent of men because employers can hire legal and illegal immigrants. Women’s wages slowed converging to men’s in 1990 from the Bush Sr. 1990 Immigration Act and the Kennedy Reagan 1986 Amnesty.

The LA Times cost 50 cents in 2006. Its circulation is declining. People don’t make enough to afford it. The Times advocates for immigration which keeps wages down. People can’t afford the Times and gas. So they drop the paper. Hispanics don’t read in general and not the Times. The Times is advocating for its own destruction.

The Times had to sell itself to Sam Zell because of its own advocacy of lower circulation. Can Zell figure out that his newspapers advocate for his newspaper business to go out of business? Its not super managers that are needed. People make the same wages as in 1973 so they don’t buy newspapers. Its that simple. That is caused by immigration.

A California Democrat Wants His State To “Fall Into The Pacific Ocean”—After He Moves!; etc.

From: Bob Turley (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker’s Blog: Million Dollar Mexican Moocher

I realize Los Angeles Times reporter Anna Gorman (e-mail her) probably did not choose the title for her newspaper’s absurdly named series, “Life in the Shadows” of which her story about Van Nuys resident and illegal alien Ana Puente is a part.[Immigration Debate Hits Home for Liver Transplants, By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times, April 13, 2008]

13 April 2008
Million-Dollar Mexican Medical Moocher
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On a 1-10 scale of infuriating stories about foreign parasites feeding on American society, this case is an 11. Its central figure illustrating illegal aliens at the trough is a 21-year-old Mexican awaiting her 4th liver transplant. Kudos to reporter Anna Gorman for including the dollar figures of costs for taxpayers and important statistics about the availability of transplant organs: Immigration debate hits home for liver transplant patients (Los Angeles Times, April12, 2008).

31 May 2008
American Generosity Abused in Organ Transplants
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This liver transplant money for immigrants, legal or not, is why people don’t have money to spend on the LA Times. Sam Zell is losing his newspaper circulation because wages are the same as in 1973. That is from immigration.

Money has to be spent on medical care and schools for immigrants, legal or not, and their children. They don’t carry their own weight, they are permanent moochers. This ultimately means that people who pay for this have less to spend on newspapers. So newspapers lose circulation. How long will it take Sam Zell to figure this out?

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