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Crackpot Realism Explains Immigration?

November 20, 2007

Does the concept of crackpot realism explain why we still have immigration after its flaws have been shown by experience? Robert Higgs discusses crackpot realism here:

In 1958, the New Left sociologist C. Wright Mills made a seminal contribution to political science in his book The Causes of World War Three by introducing the concept of “crackpot realism.”

A simplified version of crackpot realism is that the successful think their ideas must be right because they are successful. Often these people’s path to success was just a path of “successful” meetings. A successful meeting is one that advanced the person who emerged on top.

All meetings are successful by this definition if someone at the meeting stays on top or ends up on top. This is because the person on top now sees the meeting as successful. If the old leader is gone, they aren’t around to raise the possibility the prior meeting was not successful.

At any point in time, every leader is the product of a path of “successful” meetings. Thus every leader sees himself as a meeting titan. Its by meetings that they rose to their position. For them, their being on top means whatever they did in those meetings was right for the current leader and for the organization and society.

Since we have had immigration for 50 years, and since the people on top rose to the top during those 50 years, immigration must be good. Take away immigration, and possibly different people would be on top. That would be wrong from their point of view.

Crackpot realism is a form of cognitive fallacy. It attributes the leader’s current position as leader to that leader. It also makes everything on the path to that person being leader be “good”. There are some exceptions. But if something is neutral it tends to be promoted to good. If its bad, it may be promoted to neutral or not as bad.

Leaders do have some issue or fight they may have triumphed in. For many leaders today, it was whites who were the enemy. They were the source of racism. Even leaders who are white think that way, because they passed civil rights laws. Those laws prove to the leaders that whites are racist. This is another reason to get these laws removed.

Immigration became part of civil rights to this cohort of leaders. That it destroys whites is good in their mindset. They define non-successful whites as racist hillbilly white trash who live in flyover country and whom the country can dispense with at no cost.

They don’t pay attention to who pays the bills for immigrants. Approximately 50 percent of Mexicans in the U.S. are receiving some form of public assistance, not including schools, roads, etc. Those too are public assistance.

So we have a cohort of crackpot realists who think immigration is a moral struggle against hillbilly whites, whose loss is no loss to society. They can’t understand anything else. To the elites, all whites not in the elites are losers. To the elites all loser whites are racists. So the elites can’t hear the loser whites complaints as anything but proving that more immigration is the answer. This particularly applies to H-1B and other immigrant programs for superior people.

The elites maintain the dual concept that H-1B brings genetically superior high IQ immigrants from Asia benefit society and at the same time that Hispanic and other 3rd world immigrants with lower IQ are not imposing a burden on society. This is because they have a contempt for loser whites that is part of their entire self-image as elites. They overcame the loser whites, so the loser whites have to go genetically.

Our entire greatness as a country has been attacked by the leaders in the last 40 plus years. They have educated people from outside the U.S. instead of those here in math and science. They have given away our know-how and our factories. They have spent society’s surplus on aid, investment, and education of those outside the U.S.

They have discriminated against whites, who actually built the country and civilization and won the wars, in affirmative action programs. There may be individuals who contributed or even groups who made contributions but this doesn’t alter that America was built primarily by whites as a white civilization.

The factories, know-how, education system, etc. were turned over to non-whites and whites vilified and attacked in the factories, schools, colleges, grad schools, state houses, courts, movies, TV, books, magazines, newspapers, and where ever the elites met. The result has been the build down of the white America that existed in the 1950’s, that had built the greatest civilization in history.

The elites persist in their effort to build down this civilization and eliminate whites as a majority and then even a substantial minority because the elites are on top now. They regard anything on the path to their power as good. They protect themselves from any contact with a different reality by labeling the source as loser white racism.

Even when the truth is published in science journals or on the webpage of the DOJ, they don’t recognize it.

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders

The leaders avoid black areas as part of their survival, but then pretend otherwise publicly. Private “racism” is part of every man, but public condemnation of the “racism” of others is part of every liberal. Private “racism” is just common sense. Public condemnation of loser whites as racist and the policies to eliminate them from the gene pool is crackpot realism. Its a policy they know is wrong, that they apply anyhow. They have double thinked themselves into fallacies. The result is the fall of the civilization European whites built in America and Europe.


What is happening to the civilization built in South Africa by Europeans? Regression reality v. liberal crackpot realism:
Liberalism destroyed the civilization of South Africa by boycotts and ignoring Soviet subversive activities in Africa. They are doing the same thing in America, Australia, Canada, Europe, etc. by immigration. They can’t say whites built the civilization of South Africa or Europe or America. Because they can’t say that, they can’t stop the policies that are destroying it. Even when they avoid black or Hispanic areas to live or shop in, they still can’t realize they need to stop all third world immigration including refugees, family reunification, diversity,” student” visas, etc.

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