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Loyalty and the Overlapping Generations Model

October 11, 2007

The overlapping generations model developed by Allais in 1947 and written about by Samuelson in 1958 is one of the key models in economics. Loyalty is a key assumption of the model that comes from outside the model, i.e. is assumed.  If we consider 3 generations, old, middle and young, the middle generation raises the young and supports the old.  The middle generation transmits tradition to the young as does the old in part. Loyalty binds these generations together.  Loyalty says that each generation matters and is important for its contribution.

Immigration says that  none of them matter.  Immigration and economism say that they are just interchangeable.   Loyalty is disowned by immigration policies.  It is the rich trying to get out of loyalty.

The overlapping generations model ignores this component of a rich class trying to convert the wealth and work of the others to their own use and willing to act with ruthless disloyalty to do it.  In fact, the rich have such greed that they can’t even see they are destroying the country in which their children or grandchildren will have to live.

Loyalty is fundamental to the overlapping generations model working.  When society disowns loyalty, it disowns all its promises at once.  This is the complete abandon of tradition.

This is in part a continuation of the discussion of Lawrence Auster’s traditionalism discussion and others commenting on it.   Loyalty is left out of philosophies of greed, which are the basis of immigration policy.
Tradition is what creates loyalty.   We need a new economics of loyalty.  That has been ignored from Marx onwards or is it backwards by economists.


Democratic Organizer Quits After Calling Allen ‘Macacawitz’

October 5, 2006

Politicians in office can inflict any harm against us, including immigration that results in real crime, job loss and loss of economic insecurity, but words by a staffer get them fired. The Pols take money from China through lobbyists, give away our future, let our educational institutions become permanent bases of Russia and China, let Pakistan support terrorism, invade a country that didn’t attack us, give the one that possibly did over 4 billion in aid and refinance its 38 billion in foreign debt, and none of that matters compared to a staffer’s slip up.

The reason the staffer is fired for this is to hide the harm that politicians do in real life. They are pretending they are for us and can’t have a person around them who would write this, while they do all the harm above and bring down our civilization and end our economic and physical security.

Jim Webb supports legalization, a pathway to welfare and crime as Edwin Rubinstein at Vdare has called it in part. George Allen supports H1B and Skil Bill, which would end Americans getting job in any technical field. Which is worse for our country? That’s hard to tell. But because each of them is so bad for us, they have to fire staffers who do something that isn’t PC. Why is taking our jobs, our educational opportunity and giving it to others acceptable and saying to stop is “Nightly Nativism” as Daphne Eviatar at the Nation calls it.

The real message is not that they are so pure they can’t have this person around them who would think this is funny, which over 18,000 hits on it shows many do, its because they are plotting against us. They don’t want us to think they make racist jokes about us when they pass H1B or Skil Bill or more immigration or give our money to defense contractors or invade the wrong country. They do have disdain for us. They are hiding the real contempt they feel.

They are disloyal to their staff because they are disloyal to anyone below their level. The real message in firing the staffer is that they are disloyal, not that they are pure. They fire someone for a witticism because they are disloyal to them and to us. That’s the takeaway message. When they vote for immigration, its because they really are against us.

There are over 3 million hits on Macaca. This is because people see Allen as a phony who isn’t for us. The Senate has been disloyal to the people of this country and the people know it. Allen pretends to be for us with the Confederate Flag even as he works against us with H1B and made the Senate’s immigration bill worse with amendments and then pretended to be against it by voting against it on final passage, knowing others would pass it. This is the real crime. Both sides do it. We have to hold them to it each time. We need to get term limits and a national referendum added to the Constitutionwith all hot button issues turned over to us. Let Congress work on what requires inside information, let us decide what is based on pure preferences. They should stop firing staffers who make jokes to pretend they aren’t against us when they are.

—Comment 2

I agree with shcartwright_jr.  Jim Webb has to realize this campaign is Washington Post v. George Allen.  When people get to the voting booth, they will see Allen’s name on the ballot and someone else who has been AWOL in letting people know where he is on the issues.

Webb is going to lose this campaign because he is letting the Post fight his battle and its now a battle between the Post and Allen.  Allen will win that in Virginia in 2006 and in America in 2008 for President.  Webb will be back to writing books.  Good books to be sure.

“Democratic Organizer Quits After Calling Allen ‘Macacawitz'”

Thursday, October 5, 2006; Page B02

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