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Abdul Aziz ibn Saud and the Magnificent 19 in 1902

May 5, 2008

In the Spring of 1901, Ibn Saud and some relatives — including a half-brother, Mohammed, and several cousins — set out on a raiding expedition targeting for the most part tribes associated with the Rashidis. As booty was abundant, with many camels stolen, the raiding party grew to around 200 as tribesmen loyal to the Sauds joined the party. In the Fall, with Ramadan approaching, the group, reduced in number by defections, holed up in the Jabrin Oasis. It may have been only then that Ibn Saud decided to attack Riyadh and regain his family’s heritage. On the night of January 15, 1902, together with a party of some sixty, including seven relatives and some slaves, he recaptured Riyadh with only twenty; the rest were guarding the camels in an isolated oasis. They had been told to escape if the venture failed. The Rashidi governor of the city, Ajlan, was killed as he fled the attack by Ibn Saud in front of the fort gate. Ibn Saud was considered a “magnetic” leader, and following the capture of Riyadh many former supporters of the House of Saud once again rallied to his support.


From ibn Saud and the magnificent 19 of January 15, 1902 to Prince Abdullah and the sons of ibn Saud and the Magnificent 19 of September 11, 2001, 9/11 was less than a century on the infidel clock.

Twenty stood against many and won a great victory. In Jan 1902, ibn Saud with 19 companions attacked by surprise the enemy city and took it. The sons of ibn Saud had done nothing to match this and their number were coming to an end. What had they done to match their father? What had they done to set a task for their sons to match? Nothing.

It was almost 100 years by the calendar of the infidel since 20 defeated many. It was time.

What was the situation. Crusader armies in the Holy Land. Road signs in English telling crusaders not to approach the two Holy Cities. This was an affront. Not to the infidels but to the sons of the Prophet. There should be no signs because there should be no infidels. The infidels should not be in Arabia at all, military or civilian.

Nor should they need embassies, which by their law of nations were their soil. Holy law is above man’s law and the law of nations. Holy law is no infidels in the Holy Land and none of the soil of the Holy Land as infidel soil.

There was a need to rally the Ummah, but also to reunify the generations of the family of ibn Saud. The sons of the sons had grown soft and apart. They were in some cases hardly even Muslim. Some Muslims like bin Laden’s daughter are almost open infidels.

In less than one infidel century, the house of ibn Saud was about to come apart as a house of infidels who didn’t even know each other. The feat of ibn Saud to win his kingdom for Allah from the usurper house of Rashid was like a cartoon tale to the sons of the sons. The other generations had almost forgotten that 20 had defeated many because Allah was with them.

It was time to unify the generations. It was time for the sons of ibn Saud to prove worthy of their father in a feat as bold and great. Time to defeat the Great Satan in its own homeland, in its two twin cities.

Just as there are two Holy Cities, there are two Twin Satanic Cities, Washington and New York. The two infidel cities had to be smited as a feat worthy of ibn Saud capturing the two Holy Cities. The defeat of the Two Twin Infidel cities was the next step from the capture of the two twin Holy cities.

Before an infidel century had passed, before the sons of ibn Saud had passed, before the unity of the generations of the House of Saud had come and gone, a feat worthy of the capture of the two Holy Cities must be done. This would set an example to the sons of the sons that in their lifetime they must capture Europe at least for Islam and make America cower.

Twenty were sent to the twin cities of the infidel, just as 20 captured the twin Holy cities in 1902. As it happened, 19 went on the final mission. These 19 were like the magnificent 19 companions of ibn Saud.

The twentieth was like ibn Saud. That could be bin Laden or Prince Bandar or Prince Abdullah. Bandar was of the generation of the sons of the sons. His wife funded the hijackers because the sons of the sons had to be part of the operation so that they would be unified together against the infidel nation. All infidels are as one had said the Caliph in fighting the infidel.

So it was done. So it has been written. So must the sons of the sons now do in their time. The next time it must be with nuclear weapons and the lands of the infidel must pass into the control of the House of Saud. Victory is in their grasp. If only they can be kept together. The infidel are many but are not united. They are sated with luxury and consumption. They are weak and cowardly. They fear death.  The Ummah, rallied together can defeat them. Allah has shown by immigration that the infidel nation has been given into the hand of the House of Saud, if they only have the will and boldness to take it.

Theirs shall be the most magnificent generation since the generations of the companions of the Prophet. It is a time like the generation of the Prophet in power.

Founder ibn Saud is a figure of history of almost the equal to the Prophet. The House of Saud are almost the equal of the companions of the Prophet.

Prince Turki resigned 10 days before because he thought this was crazy. That is precisely the thinking that made it necessary. He was proven wrong. Allah was with the Magnificent 19 and Bush did nothing. This showed Allah intended the mission and intended the sons of the sons to conquer the infidel nation.

Just as the time of the conquest after the Prophet was within little more than an infidel century, so within little more than an infidel century would be the victory of the House of Saud over the infidel nation.


Alexander the Great surpassed his father but failed to continue his father’s house. Caesar was killed. Napoleon Bonaparte taken prisoner. Hitler killed. But the House of Saud is greater than them all. This is because Allah is with them.

9/11 showed the generations of the House of Saud that they were a house of destiny and that Allah was with them. The fall of the twin towers was another symbol of the victory of the Two Holy Cities over the two twin infidel towers. The House of ibn Saud would defeat the infidel nation in this century and Europe and America would be Muslim under the House of Saud.


The House of Bush was defeated by the House of Saud on 9/11. Just as the ibn Saud and the 19 companions defeated the House of Rashid so the Magnificent 19 and their leader defeated the House of Bush. This unified the generations of the House of ibn Saud in 2001 just as they were unified in 1902. This unified Arabia in 2001 just as it did in 1902.


Crown Prince Abdullah and Prince Sultan, the father of Prince Bandar were all sons of ibn Saud. This was their feat. But they also involved their sons in the fight. Prince Bandar’s wife wrote a check to fund it. The infidels ignored this. But this check is proof of the involvement of the sons of the sons. Not proof to the infidel but proof to the House of Saud and to the Ummah. This is proof to the House of Saud to rally together as one House that defeated the infidels. This is proof to the Ummah to rally to the House of Saud as their leader to defeat the infidels and take Europe and America in this century.

== Wiki Excerpt

Succession to Saudi Arabia‘s throne has been a process that has, to a large extent, excluded all but the senior members of the Al Saud. Male progeny, with tenure in senior government positions, whose mothers were King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud‘s wives and from prominent peninsula based families and tribes, and who have shown both the willingness and ability to build the necessary consensus from other wings in the family are, in theory, the most eligible candidates.

  1. By Wadha bint Muhammad al-Hazzam
    1. Turki (I) (1900-1919)
    2. Saud (January 12, 1902 – February 23, 1969); reigned 1953-1964
    3. Muneera
  2. By Tarfah bint Abdullah al-Shaikh Abdul-Wahab
    1. Khaled (I) (born 1903, died in infancy)
    2. Faisal (April 1904 – March 25, 1975); reigned 1964-1975
    3. Saad (I) (1914 – 1919)
    4. Anud (born 1917)
  3. By Jauhara bint Musa’d Al Saud
    1. Muhammad (1910-1988)
    2. Khaled (II) (1913 – June 13, 1982); reigned 1975-1982
  4. By Bazza (the first wife named Bazza)
    1. Nasser (1919 – 1984)
  5. By Jawhara bint Sa’ad bin Abd al-Muhsin al-Sudairi
    1. Saad (II) (1920 – 1993)
    2. Musa’id (born 1923)
    3. Abdul Mohsin (1925-1985)
    4. Al-Bandari bint Abdulaziz (1928 – March 8, 2008)[5]
  6. By Hassa bint Ahmad al-Sudairi
    These are known as the “Sudairi Seven“)

    1. Fahd (II) (1923 – August 1, 2005); reigned 1982-2005
    2. Sultan (born 1926); current crown prince
    3. Abd al-Rahman (born 1931)
    4. Naif (born 1933)
    5. Turki (II) (born 1934)
    6. Salman (born 1936)
    7. Ahmed (born 1940)
    8. Loulwa
    9. Jawaher
    10. Lateefa
    11. Al-Jawhara
    12. Moudhi (died young)
    13. Felwa ( died young)
  7. By Shahida
    1. Mansur (1922 – May 2, 1951)
    2. Mishaal (born 1926)
    3. Qumasha (born 1927)
    4. Mutaib (born 1931)
  8. By Fahda bint Asi al-Shuraim
    1. Abdullah (born August 1924); current king, since 2005
    2. Nuf
    3. Sita
  9. By Bazza (the second wife named Bazza)
    1. Bandar (born 1923)
    2. Fawwaz (born 1934)
  10. By Haya bint Sa’ad al-Sudairy (1913 – April 18, 2003)
    1. Badr (I) (1931-1932)
    2. Badr (II) (born 1933)
    3. Hussa died in 2000
    4. Abdalillah (born 1935)
    5. Abdul Majeed (1943-2007)
    6. Nura
    7. Mishail
  11. By Munaiyir
    1. Talal (II) (born 1931)
    2. Mishari (1932 – May 23, 2000)
    3. Nawwaf (born 1933)
  12. By Mudhi
    1. Majed (II) (October 19, 1938 – April 12, 2003)
    2. Sattam (born January 21, 1941)

Haya Sultana

  1. By Nouf bint al-Shalan
    1. Thamir (1937 – June 27, 1959)
    2. Mamduh (born 1940)
    3. Mashhur (born 1942)
  2. By Saida al-Yamaniyah
    1. Hidhlul (born 1941)
  3. By Baraka al-Yamaniyah
    1. Muqran (born September 15, 1945)
  4. By Futayma
    1. Hamad (1947-1994)
  5. By ??
    1. Fahd (I) (1905-1919)
    2. Sara (1916 – June 2000)
    3. Shaikha (born 1922)
    4. Majeed (I) (1934-1940)
    5. Talal (I) (1930-1931)
    6. Jiluwi (I)(1942-1944)
    7. Abdul Salem (1941-1942)
    8. Jiluwi (II) (1952-1952) Was the youngest son of Ibn Saud but died as an infant.

All of these carry the surname “bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud” for men and “bint Abdul Aziz Al Saud” for women. Ibn Saud is the father of all the Kings of Saudi Arabia that have succeeded him. King Saud succeeded his father as regent of Saudi Arabia in 1953, three months after being appointed Prime Minister by his father. In 1964 King Saud was deposed by the Saudi Council of Ministers and succeeded by King Faisal, another of Ibn Saud’s sons. Faisal was followed by three further sons, King Khalid, King Fahd and King Abdullah. According to the Saudi Basic Law of 1992, the King of Saudi Arabia must be a son or grandson of Ibn Saud.


All the generations of the House of Saud were unified on 9/11. This was a feat to match the night of January 15, 1902 by the infidel calendar. This showed them they were a house of destiny. They were intended by Allah to conquer the infidel nation and take Europe and America before another century of the infidel had passed from 9/11/2001.

==Note added Sunday May 03, 2009

The twin infidel cities might also be London and New York or London and Washington DC.  The twin infidel countries could be Britain and America.  The Muslims recognize it is the British stock who hold together the white world.  It was the unity of the British stock that won WWI and WWII.  Break the British stock and you break the White West.  That thinking is often on display, such as in Mumbai (Bombay) where the Muslims said target whites especially American or British.  Support the BNP if you want to fight this.  The BNP are the only party in the world advocating the surival of British stock.  That is the lynchpin of the West.


The above is hypotheses or speculation of an infidel. All statements should be restated as questions of an infidel. All other infidel disclaimers apply.


Bush determined to let bin Laden attack the United States

March 8, 2008

The Commission – The Uncensored History Of The 9/11 Investigation by Philip Shenon (Little, Brown, $35) is published on Monday.

It would later be revealed by the 9/11 commission into the September 11 attacks that more than 40 presidential briefings presented to Bush from January 2001 through to September 10, 2001, included references to bin Laden.

Hypotheses about Bush and Saudi Arabia

  1. Saudi Arabia didn’t know and Bush and SA were both surprised on 9-11 including Saudi ambassador’s wife who is said to have given money to groups or associates of the Magnificent 19.
  2. Saudi Arabia did know but pegged Bush as weak and inexperienced.  This was the same as Khrushchev thinking Kennedy was weak, except this time they were right.
  3. Bush was not properly served by subordinates who needed to recommend specific actions both before and after 9-11, such as round-up and keep the Saudis.  The Director of FBI should have put this in writing.  So should the DOJ.
  4. Bush from the briefings expected that something would happen but he didn’t actually plot with the Saudis.  Bush thought it would be another “small” attack.  Bush thought it was not his job to take actions to respond to a small attack.
  5. Bush had had prior discussions with the Saudis about al Qaeda.  This was not a plot to attack the United States but simply that they as wise men knew such an attack would come and it would indicate the US would  take a more active role in the Middle East.  During that they discussed the 1998 law signed by Clinton to make regime change in Iraq a goal.  They discussed that such an attack would help.  During these discussions, they also may have said that the oil industry and the oil producers would ultimately not be harmed by such an attack.

If anyone on the White House staff had responsibility for making Bush’s blood “boil” that summer about Osama bin Laden, it was Rice.

The members of Mike Hurley’s team were also alarmed by the revelations, week by week, month by month, of how close the commission’s chief director, Philip Zelikow, was to Rice and others at the White House.

Bush made Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State in his second term. Rice appointed Robert Zelikow to be Counselor of the Department of State.  Rice is using the Zelikow Solution, bury your problems.

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