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Immigration Substitution Effect Europe Fertility Map

February 8, 2007

Europe Fertility Map , Europe Fertility Rates in a table.

Google image search: fertility map europe, good selection.

Global Fertility Map

UN Fertility Map: 21st Century: “Century of Population”

It took a record low 13 years from 1987 to 2000 to grow from 5 billion to 6 billion. It could take even less time to grow to 7 billion. How could this be with the expansion of family planning programs?”
BBC Map with links to info on parenthood policies. 24 March 2006, with selected fertility rates. Ireland at 1.99 highest of those reported on.

Amato Evan land use map Article with large maps scroll down and click on maps to enlarge. Best source for these maps.

Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE)

Farming Claims Almost Half Earth’s Land, New Maps ShowEarth running out of room. Also here.
Fertility change in Southern Europe.

NumbersUSA Vdare Mexico invasion map of Arizona

Fax US Rep and Senators on current immigration related legislation:
Immigration has a substitution effect of substituting immigrants for births. In the US it has operated to keep men’s median wages lower than in 1973.

See p60-231.pdf graph page 18 “

51 percent of women live alone in the US. By taking away job security, immigration makes young adults defer having children. Young adults forecast that without a stable job, they can’t know they will stay married after having children. So they can’t have children. So they don’t get married. The result is a society that is not grounded as it was in the 1950’s by having young adults transition into good jobs, houses and families.

Over time the substitution effect operates. Since total population is bounded, as population rises, substitution of immigrants for births takes over from the direct effect of increasing population. At the peak population all immigration substitutes for births.

But this happens even before then. Search on “Unpleasant Immigration Arithmetic” or look at the page below.“>
Unpleasant Immigration Arithmetic

Sweden can not escape this inevitable arithmetic. Over time, the existing population will go extinct.

Charts and maps of European fertility are in the search below:“> Europe fertility

<a href=”“> Europe fertility map</a>

APA: High youth unemployment has a negative effect on fertility rates in Europe. This is the finding of a recent study conducted by two sociologists, Max Haller and Regina Ressler.

The Wiener Zeitung came up with a chart (see above) depicting youth unemployment (blue bars) and total fertility rates (red bars) in 2003 for 26 European countries.

Arguments over statistics. Scroll down there to see arguments of no causation unemployment to fertility and arguments that it does exist.

Could there be two groups? Middle class birth rates are depressed, but lower class are not?

Immigrants Welcomed In Sweden

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