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Why does McCain resent America?

January 31, 2008

We can consider some possible reasons. This is not an assertion this is why, but its just to get a list of candidates.

  1. McCain’s family had distinguished admirals. Yet McCain as a child may not have been treated with deference by other kids. Bush may have had this same feeling. Bush’s Mexican maid treated him well, but possibly few others. So Bush and McCain turned resentments from within their family or school kids towards whites in general.
  2. McCain graduated 3rd in his class at Annapolis. He also may only have gotten into the Naval Academy because of his father.
  3. McCain was a POW for several years. He may have blamed that on America, especially when America turned on Vietnam. By doing that America turned on the sacrifice by McCain. So McCain turned on America.
  4. McCain was not promoted to Admiral. He may again have blamed the Navy for that. That became resenting whites who had did him in.
  5. At the POW camp, he may have been indoctrinated with hatred of whites as colonialists, etc. This was his graduate education in effect.
  6. McCain has demonstrated selfishness and self-centeredness ever since. He dropped his first wife who had been disfigured in an auto accident. McCain was involved in the Keating 5 case. He may have gotten off because of his record.

McCain called us bigots and racists, Americans in general and whites in particular. Sometimes people use the term racist just to express hate. Its the most harmful word one can use. McCain may be expressing his resentments of a lifetime when he calls Americans in general and white Americans in particular, racists.

McCain really is repeating what he was called in his POW prison. They called him a white racist there. Now he repeats it. Now he does to us what his jailers wanted too, destroy America, extinct the people, remove it from the earth.

This isn’t kill the people to save the culture, a Vietnam concept applied against us. This is kill the people to destroy the redneck Southern America culture that he comes from.

John McCain is willing to link himself to others with a grievance against America. That includes Hispanics who are the ones actually changing, i.e. replacing the old America. They are replacing the people and the culture. That is what McCain was taught in his POW camp.

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