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McCain and RNC to whites Only Hispanics count to us

August 25, 2008

RNC, McCain Prioritize Hispanic vote
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John McCain and the Menendez Boys have an open ad by the Republican National Committee to replace whites.

If Obama didn’t even have the courage to stand up for immigrants, how can he claim to have the strength to change the way Washington works?”

Obama doesn’t pander enough to Hispanics and non-white racial interests to suit John McCain and the RNC.  That’s what it says.  Those are their words.  Obama isn’t anti-white enough for the Menendez Boys.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

We read this and stay,”This can’t be.” John McCain and the RNC read it and say, “A Plan.”

Chuck Baldwin rated Excellent by NumbersUSA in category after category.  John McCain thinks whites left him to rot in a prison and then let North Vietnam win despite his sacrifice.  From that time, McCain has been for McCain only.  Like Bush, McCain has a vendetta against white redneck Buchanan Perot voters.  This includes PC spouting liberals in his mind.  White is redneck in McCain RNC DNC Obama speak.


McCain: Troops will stay in Iraq until Mexicans Majority

February 1, 2008

(Spoof) President anointee John McCain said he was keeping the troops in Iraq until Hispanic majorities in America voted them home. The McCain Plan. Sort of like A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama. Has that ring to it.

The McCain Plan is based on the premise that the way to change things there is to change America here. Muslim victory grows from the womb of a Mexican woman. Europe better  learn to fight on its own, because this nation is turning its back on its people too.

McCain will finally get his revenge on the country that made him sacrifice 5 years and then gave up the war in Vietnam. That nation will stay and fight in Iraq. It will never go home. It won’t go home, because there won’t be a home to go home to. The McCain Plan, sold in theaters and on TV’s everywhere.

==Note added Feb 26 2008

McCain wants 100 years in Iraq.  But Hispanics will be a majority under the Hernandez McCain Plain by 2050?

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