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Bush McCain Promise to Register Hispanic Voters and lose their jobs

February 9, 2008

(Spoof) At the White House:

George W. Bush: I am happy to announce the new Register our Defeat Campaign.  We will register as many Hispanics as we can so that John McCain and I lose our jobs.

John McCain: This way we can take other Republicans with us.

George Bush: And also as many other Anglos as possible will lose their job.

John McCain: Especially working class whites who voted for George W. Bush and me over the years.

George Bush: This is payback for working class whites who voted against my father in 1992 for Buchanan and Perot.  I can’t get enough out of my vendetta against them.  Unlike killing Saddam, taking their jobs and hearing them suffer is the gift that keeps on giving.

John McCain: Nothing will give me greater satisfaction than Hispanics voting out Republicans this fall.  This is the Obamanation, get used to it.

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