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Pentagon wants slave scientists and insect warriors?

March 31, 2008

Is the reason the US is flooded with foreign science students who become scientists and engineers because the Pentagon wants slave scientists, not like the ones who rebelled during the Manhattan Project and signed a protest of dropping the bomb?

John McCain: “I Support Increases In H-1b Visas”

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“The Scientists’ Petition:” A Forgotten Wartime Protest PDF Print E-mail

An Op-Ed Piece by William Lanouette

Sixty years ago this summer, 155 scientists working on the Manhattan Project to design and build the world’s first A-bombs signed a petition to President Truman raising grave moral doubts about what they had created.

Szilard in Congress, October 1945

Led by physicist Leo Szilard, the signers at the Project’s secret uranium plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and at the Metallurgical Lab in Chicago, urged their Commander-in-Chief to weigh his “moral responsibilities” when deciding whether to drop A-bombs on inhabited Japanese cities. They also urged Truman to warn the Japanese about the apocalyptic ruin they faced, and to state clearly the surrender terms that Washington now expected from Tokyo.

The Pentagon’s Battle Bugs
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt

This past August, at DARPA’s annual symposium – DARPATech – HI-MEMS program manager Amit Lal, an associate professor on leave from Cornell University, explained that his project aims to transform “insects into unmanned air-vehicles.” He described the research this way: “[T]he HI-MEMS program seeks to grow MEMS and electronics inside the insect pupae. The new tissue forms around the insertions, making the bio-electronic interface long-lasting and reliable.” In other words, micro-electronics are inserted at the pupal stage of metamorphosis so that they can be integrated into the insects’ bodies as they develop, creating living robots that can be remotely controlled after the insect emerges from its cocoon.

This is how John McCain, George Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton think about the scientists and engineers and computer programmers as well.

In other words, micro-electronics are inserted at the pupal stage of metamorphosis so that they can be integrated into the scientist bodies as they develop, creating living robots that can be remotely controlled after the student emerges from its Ph.D..

Hillary Clinton
“I also want to reaffirm my commitment to the H-1B visa program and to increase the current cap. Foreign skilled workers contribute greatly to our technological development. That is well understood in Silicon Valley.”

John McCain
“I will continue to support H-1B visas, but, I’m telling you, the American peoples priority is, either rightly or wrongly, and we live in a democracy, is that we secure the borders first.”

Barack Obama
“We can do better than that and go a long way toward meeting industry’s need for skilled workers with Americans. Until we have achieved that, I will support a temporary increase in the H-1B visa program as a stopgap measure until we can reform our immigration system comprehensively.”
Posted by Ephraim Schwartz on February 26, 2008 08:00 AM

Vote for a pro human party not one of the two degrade us to insect parties. The Constitution Party is one choice. If you vote for McClob (McCain, Clinton and Obama) you vote for yourself to be degraded to an insect.

Once the government no longer perceives itself as on the side of the people, it perceives the people as the enemy of the government.  This applies to every institution including schools, Wall Street, hedge funds, universities, the tech industry, and the two political parties.  When they act to harm people is when you know they have switched from thinking of themselves as on the people’s side to thinking of the people as their enemy.

That has already happened for the candidates of the two main parties this year.  McCain, Clinton, and Obama have at one time or another all registered their domain and hostility to the people.  They call us bigots, racists, and other names.

Vote the Constitution Party to show you have woken up to their game.  The only thing they respect is voting for a third party because when you vote for them, especially presidential it shows you are conned or willing to be conned.  To quote Nixon, when you vote Democrat or Republican for president you destroy yourself.  House Republicans and a majority of Senate Republicans and some Democrats like Byrd are still on the people’s side.


McCain Clinton Obama McClob will take your job

March 26, 2008

John Amnesty McClain (JAM), Hillary incoming Clinton (HIC) and Barack Rezko Obama (BRO) who jointly constitute the entity known as McClob, are all determined to take your job.

Immigration Lawyers Like All The Presidential Candidates

The Immigration Lawyers Website just published their opinion of which one of the presidential candidates is most likely to deliver “immigration benefits”. ILW didn’t define what they mean by “immigration benefits”, but it’s safe to assume they are talking about amnesty, large increases in guest worker visas, F-4 and OPT for foreign students, H-1B, green cards, and anything else that increases the volume of business and wealth of immigration lawyers.

Norm Matloff Suggests Readers Write To The Washington Post About H-1Bs

Norm Matloff just sent out an email suggesting that his readers write to the Washington Post explaining that H-1Bs are not “the best and the brightest”--they’re the cheapest.

Men’s median wages are the same as 1973. Women’s median wages are the same as men’s were in 1960. See graph page 16.

Productivity has doubled since 1973. So wages divided by productivity are half what they were. Women’s percentage in the labor force stopped increasing around 1990. Productivity increased another 40 to 50 percent but wages stayed about the same. There was massive immigration from 1990 to now. This shows its immigration that is keeping down wages.

In addition, education is going to non-Americans in science and math and engineering. That transfers know-how to China and India. The factory jobs then go there as well. The result is the good jobs leave, whether blue collar or white collar, or are taken by immigrants who lower wages for everyone left.


Women’s percentage in the labor force saturated around 1990, i.e. stopped going up.

Table 1 shows it stopped going up around 1990.


Bar chart of productivity growth by decade:

Productivity change in the nonfarm business sector, 1947-2007:

	  Average annual
          percent change
1947-73		2.8
1973-79		1.2
1979-90		1.4
1990-1995	1.5
1995-2000	2.6
2000-2007	2.5 

Last updated: March 5, 2008

Wages of men and women are little changed from 1990 while productivity has gone up substantially. The total change in productivity without compounding is about 40 percent from 1990 to 2007. But wages are almost the same over that period. See graph page 16:


Men’s labor force participation rate was 80 percent for white and black men in 1965. Now its 74 and 67 percent.


black white labor force participation rates

Click on view as HTML Table B-39 and B-40

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