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John Amnesty McCain Supports Mexico City Superbowl spoof

February 3, 2008

John McCain’s handler for immigration, Juan Hernandez a dual national dual McCain Mexican employee has said that John McCain does support expanding the NFL to include Mexico. Moreover, McCain will rename himself Mexicain and rename the NFL to the Mexican Football League. It will feature McCain’s face on all footballs with the slogan, America owes me, I don’t owe America anything.

Hernandez explains this slogan works for both McCain and Mexicans here and there. Thus its a triple. The Mexican Football League will send a message to America.

For this year, John Mexicain wants Mexico City to be in the Superbowl somehow. So John has designated New York City to be Mexico City Norte. Hernandez explained that Mexican immigration forces more than 3000 New Yorkers out a month, at least, which is like a 9-11 every month. “Maybe a 9-11 every week, but you know we Mexicans are better at multiplication than addition.”

Hernandez said that if Republicans voted for McCain on Tuesday it would show they were bowing down before the inevitable Mexican takeover.

Hernandez: This is why we want to rename the NFL the Mexicain Football League. That is the true future of America. Americans know it and bow down before us.

The New York Giants will be renamed the Mexican Norte Giants, MNG. They are Mexico’s team in the new Super Mexicain Bowl of the new Mexicain Football League.

John Mexicain: It’s all about me folks. You are my people, Mexicains.

Juan Herandez: America will be renamed Mexicaina. The people formerly known as Americans will be called Mexicains. However, whites and blacks will have to leave. Blacks back to Africa, and the whites to Europe, until John Mexicain gets around to making Europe a Muslim McCain Nation.

Mexicain: Mexicaina for Me, that is my motto.

Herandez: In John Mexicain we trust.

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