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Get Jim in Here, Pronto!

November 14, 2006

By Michael Kinsley
Tuesday, November 14, 2006; Page A31

“The urgent issue of war and peace in Iraq should be decided by the people we elected, not a commission. If we’d wanted James Baker to run the country, we’d have voted for him.”


The Baker (Botts) Hamilton Iraq Study Group is too deeply linked to Saudi Arabia to have any credibility. James A. Baker III is a Senior Partner in Baker Botts. His son, James A. Baker IV heads the Washington office. Baker Botts is defending Saudi Arabia against a 9-11 lawsuit.

Lee Hamilton said don’t follow the money on 9-11 financing. But Congress had already found them, search on Saudi Arabia 9-11 and see Lee Hamilton has admitted he didn’t question Reagan or Bush Elder when Hamilton ran an Iran Contra investigation. Hamilton said he didn’t ask them because the country couldn’t have another impeachment. Hamilton has admitted he hid information in an investigation to the country when his midwestern straight arrow personality was being relied on to tell the truth.

Hamilton has, to read between the lines, covered up for Saudi Arabia, even after Congress found the links. These are the 27 pages in 2003 that couldn’t be published. The truthout site has a letter with a summary of the information.

Look at James A. Baker IV and III at the Baker Botts webpage. Its full of oil deals in Central Asia, Middle East, and all the countries in the region. They want to do deals with Iran.

They are selling us out, letting Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran get away with terrorism world wide and now letting Iran get nuclear weapons. Saudis are many of the foreign fighters in Iraq the Post has reported. They are funding insurgency in Afghanistan. Our troops are being sold out by the establishment for pipeline deals, etc.

== Later comment

They should tell the facts and forget the recommendations.  The difficult facts, like Saudi foreign fighters and money.  This is the opposite of the Hamilton Kean 9-11 Commission.

They hid key facts, like Saudi funding and Pakistan’s links to it, and instead made recommendations.  Those turned out to be pure smokescreens, reorganize the government, to distract us from what was going on, Saudi and Pakistan involvement, already spotted in 2003 by Congress, from being acted on.

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