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November 13, 2017

Did the CIA hire the KGB to kill JFK? Was part of the payoff that LBJ then honored J Robert Oppenheimer?

“- Remarks Upon Presenting the Fermi Award to Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer
December 2, 1963″

JFK was shot Nov 22, 1963, while LBJ was ducking in his car, before the shots were fired. Then 10 days later, LBJ gives an award to J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Recall that JRO concealed from the FBI in the investigation of Edward Corson that in 1947 Russia made Corson retract any originality in a paper where Corson plagiarized Fock in 1946. Corson was at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton and JRO came in as director at the tail end of this incident, so he had to know.

During the Oppenheimer Security Clearance Hearings in 1954, Oppenheimer and other witnesses including Fermi were concealing from the FBI that Corson plagiarized a Russian prof and the Russians made him retract originality.

Edward Corson

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[PDF]Fuchs – FBI — The Vault

having had any communication with Corson, records at the BowStreet Jail verify the ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean. Acheson.

[PDF]referral responses emil klaus fuchs 65-58805 – FBI — The Vault

Dr. Hubbard feels Edward Corson is violently .-. -_ opposed to Communismand socialism. Dr. Hubbard said that Edward Carson “Y was patriotic and loyal to the …


Edward Corson Fock

“Your search – edward corson fock – did not match any documents.”

edward corson oppenheimer

Fuchs – FBI — The Vault

Edward,lgifchaeil_Co;s9§ … Corson also told Oppenheimer that his nits was missing ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean. Acheson.

[PDF]referral responses emil klaus fuchs 65-58805 – FBI — The Vault

been interviewed by the Bureau regarding J. RobertOppenheimer, and itvill. = also be …… Edward Corson was born June 27, 1921 at Long Island, New. York,.

[PDF]bae_Q I5AY 13. __ y – FBI — The Vault

Edward Anato. '00:-son …. Fuchs was not capable of betraying any trust. – personal

or national. Corson also … On April l2, 1950, Br. J; Robert Oppenheimer.



So Oppenheimer told the FBI nothing of the Fock Letter.

“Statement by the President on the Death of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. February 20, 1967″

Oppenheimer was a traitor and honored by LBJ. Does that imply LBJ was a traitor too? And working for the same people, ie the Soviets?

Did elements of the American establishment hire the KGB to kill JFK? Part of the price was to continue the cover-up of Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets? And its ongoing use to penetrate deeply into the American economics and business school establishment? From there into the IMF, World Bank, central banks like the Fed and Wall Street?

This is how they controlled IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s. They controlled Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers through such means. If this had been exposed in the 1960s, they could not have done so.

Russia needed to infiltrate the IMF and World Bank in order to contest the third world with America.

What else did Russia get? The US stopped building ICBMs and the Soviets leaped ahead. The US did not do missile defense. It would take a two decade change in leadership cadres until Reagan reversed these betrayals.

Was the reason because McNamara, LBJ, James Jesus Angleton, etc. were in on the hit on JFK? They hired the KGB and had to pay the piper.

It took a full generation to reverse their acts of treason on ICBMs and missile defense. A new generation of leaders had to take power, who were not involved in the JFK assassination, what Nixon called the Bay of Pigs matter.

Was Vietnam lost on purpose as part of this deal?  America has won every war in the 3rd world easily since then. Did McNamara and LBJ lose on purpose because they had hired the KGB to kill JFK?

Robert McNamara did what after losing Vietnam and stopping America’s missile defense? He went directly to president of the World Bank.

Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers and the other MIT econ academics would all serve in high level positions in the World Bank and IMF. That is where they gave the loans to Russia in the 1990s that were promptly looted and the loan conditions not adhered to.

robert mcnamara reagan missile defense sdi

“In the United States, McNamara provided one of the strongest institutional voices against strategic missile defense, arguing that it would inevitably amplify the expensive, destabilizing arms race between the United States and the USSR.”

Robert McNamara violently opposed the Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI. This is what the Soviets feared and Reagan’s SDI is part of what helped lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union when they could not keep up in the arms race. SDI was destabilizing, it destabilized the Soviet Union and in fact the entire Warsaw Pact. America won without firing a shot, freeing Eastern Europe and the captive nations inside the USSR including Ukraine.  Robert McNamara was opposed every step of the way.

In fact, McNamara was always opposed to American victory. From the Bay of Pigs to the souks of Saigon to Hanoi Jane prancing around to SDI bringing down the Soviet Empire and freeing Eastern Europe.

The American establishment needed the KGB to kill JFK for the cover-up.  The trail of the JFK assassination leads to the KGB in Mexico City and then disappears. If the US had done JFK by itself, it would have had a much harder time to cover it up.  By outsourcing, the KGB would have the records not the CIA or FBI. But that would then make them beholden to the KGB. That seems to be what happened for a generation of treason.

From JFK’s death on November 22, 1963 to Reagan’s inaugural on January 20, 1981, America went from defeat to defeat. But then within 10 years of a new generation of leaders in America, the Soviet Union collapsed completely including the Warsaw Pact and the liberation of Europe.  Doesn’t this prove something was rotten in the previous 20 years?


Pakistan Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile With Ability to Carry Nuclear Warheads

November 16, 2006

“ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan said it successfully test-fired a new version of its nuclear-capable medium-range missile Thursday — a show of power a day after peace talks with India that were criticized by domestic hard-liners.”

“The Pakistani military statement said Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had witnessed the launch and congratulated scientists, engineers and the army for developing the new version of the missile.

“Pakistan can be justifiably proud of its defense capability and the reliability of its nuclear deterrence,” he said, according to the statement.”

“Pakistan believes in peace that “comes from a position of strength and operational readiness,” Aziz said.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear capability had reached full operational capability over the past seven years.”

From wiki

“He was appointed Executive Vice President of Citibank in 1992, reporting directly to the Chairman/CEO. Before taking leave from Citigroup, he was the head of its global Private Banking division, reporting directly to William Campbell, who was then head of the Global Consumer Group.

During his years at Citibank, he is alleged to have courted some politicians with notorious reputations such as Salinas of Mexico and Zardari of Pakistan.”

“In November, 1999, after the military ousted the elected government Mr. Aziz agreed to become the regime’s Minister of Finance, with responsibility for Finance, Economic Affairs, Statistics, Planning and Development, and Revenue Divisions.”

“n 2001, Mr Aziz was declared ‘Finance Minister of the Year’ by Euromoney and Banker’s Magazine. “

On 9-11, Pakistan had foreign debt of 38 billion US Dollars. This was more than its gross exports. Its central banker, Husain, said it had an unsustainable position on 9-11. The US wouldn’t let it roll over its debt and had sanctions on it because of its 1998 nuclear test.

On 9-12 or 9-13, Armitage had his meeting with General Ahmed of the ISI that ended up with Armitage threatening Pakistan. Armitage admits that but denies using the exact words “bomb them back to the stone age.” Ahmed may have used the history of Russia’s pressure for IMF loans based on the history relating to Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers. Bush may have used that during Bush v. Gore and Armitage and the neocons in 1998 to get the Iraq Liberation Act. This was not disclosed to the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard from 1997 to 2005. So the Bush team could have used that to pressure the Gore team or influence the Supreme Court during Bush v. Gore. Armitage signd the January 1998 PNAC letter with Paul Wolfowitz. The USAO Mass investigation of Harvard and the Russia grant became public in spring 1997.

In spring 1998, Pakistan and India did their nuclear tests. They knew of the whole history in economics and physics of Russia using plagiarism. This goes back to 1925. India and Pakistan had physicists who knew this, including Bhabha for India and M. A. B. Beg of Pakistan among others.

So in 1998, Russia got 4.8 more billion dollars in July 98 from Fischer and Summers, Harvard and the Clinton admin were not telling this to USAO Mass, Pakistan and India get nuclear tests, and LTCM and Goldman Sachs and university endowments were trading Russian government bonds which had high yields.

In August 1998, Russia defaulted, and likely knew who owned its bonds through registration, or could guess if held in street name. LTCM traded through Bear Stearns. The NY Fed arranged a bailout. The Vice Chairman of the Fed was Alan Blinder a Princeton econ prof. The current Fed chairman is Bernanke, a Princeton econ prof. The Swiss banks were investigated by Volcker, a Princeton econ prof and former fed Chairman. The Swiss banks had info on this as well, and possibly Marc Rich.

Congress held hearings in fall 98 on loans to Russia, the fed arranged bailout of LTCM, Iraq Liberation Act and Clinton impeachment. Paul Wolfowitz testified on Iraq Liberation Act. He may have known much of the history up to 1981 from his father Jacob. Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act at the end of October 1998. All of the above was kept from the hearings and possibly the USAO Mass investigation.

Then the House Republicans including Chris Cox and Porter Goss named Gore, Summers and Talbott as a troika running away with US policy towards Russia and hiding what they were doing. That was before Bush v. Gore.

John Yoo taught the IMF treaty at Berkeley in spring 2000. Yoo thanks Berkeley econ Ph.D./J.D. Howard Shelanski in his book defending torture and unitary executive theory. He also thanks Silberman for showing him how politics and Washington really work. Yoo was Hatch’s Chief Legal Counsel of Senate Judiciary Committee in the 1990’s. Yoo may have passed this info to Silberman and Hatch and then Scalia during Bush v. Gore. This may be why Scalia got the vote counting stopped before the final ruling and issued his own individual opinion to justify that, saying it was unfair to Bush to continue it if the court ruled against Gore.

Pakistan knew all this on 9-11. It knew it from Aziz and possibly others. One former PM of Pakistan had been a VP at World Bank in the 1980’s. Stanley Fischer was Chief Economist at World Bank in the 1980’s.

Pakistan is now using this history to continue its nuclear, missile and submarine program. Pakistan has nukes, subs and missiles. It is putting them together. We will have Pakistani subs off our coasts with nukes. They may sell them to Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation and opinion. Statements in the positive should be restated as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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