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MSM Declare No More Issues for 2008 Election

February 18, 2008

The MSM have reached their equivalent of tax free day. Issue Free Day is The day in the year they no longer have to cover issues. They can just have an exclusive interview with George Bush, who tells them, our policy in Iraq is stay the course. The MSM only have to cover the horse race for the rest of the year. That issue stuff is oh so 2007 debates.

Mike Huckabee is gone as far as the MSM are concerned. The Democrat race is down to men v. women, black v. white, and no question need be asked, like why did Bill Clinton take money from the Saudis in speaking fees after he let them fund al Qaeda after the 1998 embassy attacks and the 2000 USS Cole attack? That sort of question doesn’t get you an exclusive interview.

The MSM dream of the issue free election.  One where they can’t be embarrassed for not knowing that men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, and that the data source is p60-233.pdf at  Or that women’s median wage is the same as men’s was in 1960, graph page 16 of that document, same as men’s graph.  Free of thought at last, free of work at last.  All that matters is who you know, not what you don’t know.

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