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Pelosi: Whites insane to vote GOP. I will crush you

November 6, 2010

Nancy Pelosi has decided to continue as leader of the Democrats in the House. She gave her acceptance speech of her own decision to stay as leader.

Pelosi: I accept my gracious offer to continue as leader of the House Democrats.

Reporter: Why did Democrats lose? Wasn’t that your leadership? You lost a historic defeat.

Pelosi: White people were insane to vote for the GOP.

Reporter: Because Boehner and Cantor support the same race replacement of Whites by non-White immigration, affirmative action and general liberalism?

Pelosi: Because they did not vote for me.

Reporter: So what are you going to do to get White people to vote for Democrats?

Peloisi: I will crush them.

Reporter: Sounds like they sensed you hate them and voted for someone else.

Pelosi: They don’t have the right to reject my rule. I decide what is their fate. I decide who replaces them. They are nothing. I am not just their queen, I decide who the people are. That is more than a queen.

Reporter: Aren’t you insane?

Pelosi: I am genociding them, so that shows I am winning.

Reporter: But then they are sane to vote against you.

Pelosi: No they aren’t. They are ants. They are nothing. If I decide to race replace them, then that is their place and their fate. When they resist their fate to be race mixed and race replaced, then they are insane. This is what the classics teach us, to resist your fate is insanity.

Reporter: I thought the classics taught that hubris is what signals your fate for self destruction.

Pelosi: (glaring) I am genociding them. I said that already. I don’t want to repeat myself. Now to continue. The people need to accept their fate that I have decided for them. Its when you accept your fate that you are wise.

Reporter: Accepting defeat and race replacement and extinction is what is wise for Whites?

Pelosi: We decide what is wise for them. When they accept it, they are wise according to their station. When they reject it, then they are insane. Voting against my rule was insane. I will crush them for doing it.

Reporter: But you were going to do that anyhow.

Pelosi: But now I will do it to them for not accepting it.



October 22, 2010

Pelosi launches Lib hate attack on GOP as oligarchy. Fundamentally, its because they are White. This is the Catholic hatred of White Protestant America being shown on display. This is what she was likely taught by her political family growing up, hate the White Protestant bigots. This is the hate she spews out now. This is why she has non-White ethnic cleansing immigration with 15 million unemployed.

Pelosi approved Obama as president even though there were doubts on his being a natural born citizen because it was White Protestant bigots raising the doubts about Obama. She hates the White Protestant bigots and will ethnically cleanse all White people to destroy them.

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