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Neocons: Traditionalism for me, Globalism for you

October 9, 2007

This is a continuation of the discussion of Lawrence Auster’s traditionalism discussion. See that post and linked ones for references to Auster or Vanishing American.

Neocons at AEI and elsewhere have set up a situation of all the benefits of traditionalism for themselves. They have tenure or strong bargaining power or both. They have extended networks of friends who can help them get jobs or money or resources on an ongoing basis. When they get together with their network it helps them advance in getting money.

This used to be true in traditional societies. You hunted or farmed or fought off invaders or marauders together. Your extended network and your livelihood and defense were all linked together. Every social occasion advanced your personal interests.

For professors, think tank dwellers, journalists, White House staffers or Senators or CEO’s this is still true. They have an extended network that helps them advance themselves. Social networking and business networking are linked. They get self defense from this network against marauders like a crusading assistant US attorney who needs to be reassigned or have their case reassigned.

For the rest of us, the neocons want to take away whatever bits of this are left and deny it to us. They want us globalized. They want our network to disappear. We have the social networking of losers not champions. We can’t help people in our network get jobs, because new jobs are at the level of H-1B wages down to illegal immigrant wages. Social networking with us doesn’t help anymore. There isn’t any need to know extended kin, because they don’t have good jobs to tell us about either.

The good jobs are locked up in the AEI network and aren’t available to the rest of us. So we can only network in fear and commiseration. We can tell each other when we lose our good job, but can’t help the person or give help to find another good job. Those are locked into the AEI network or similar out of reach networks.

The AEI Davos network spends its time taking away the good jobs from the rest of the people. So we are living in fear. Our social and family network can’t help us. They don’t have the resources to help us because the good jobs are disappearing. So they can’t help us find them.

Mitt Romney gained his fortune by working the Bain and Company side of that network. He helped corporate managements in small towns see the light, to ditch the people and get short term profits so they could cash out their options. The result is that traditional family and social networks in America can’t offer help, they are just line ups into the work and reeducation camps the neocons provide us, if that.

Meanwhile the neocons and professors and journalists are living rooted traditional lives. They have permanent jobs and places in their community. They have extended networks that can get them jobs or money or financial opportunities. They get regular opportunities to give papers, op-eds, present at networking gatherings that increase their security and opportunities.

They want traditionalism for them and globalization for us. Their institutions push that as hard as they can. For that they are well paid. Institutions which were supposed to put a break on this are co-opted. The Antitrust Division of the DOJ is effectively controlled by Deputy Assistant Attorney General econ or law profs who approve mergers and takeovers.

The investment banks and corporations doing the deals are then paying them as consultants or their expert witness firms and hiring their students to high paying jobs on Wall Street. That leads to higher salaries for these profs because this is what fuels high tuition, dream job opportunities that come from the former DAAG econ and law profs.

The takeovers and consolidation and approvals have been rubber stamped by a small group of econ prof DAAGs who are parts of the same types of networks discussed above. They have written books together, are on the same journals, are part of a small set of large expert witness firms, etc.

DOJ staff econ Ph.d.’s are the students of these profs. The profs write the letter of recommendation to the current prof who is in charge of the econ Ph.D.’s in DOJ. The prof at DOJ decides which Ph.D.’s to hire. They are then promoted by the prof at DOJ who runs that section. The Economic Analysis Group at DOJ is always run by a prof on loan from a university.

From the time a student enters grad school to the time they retire from DOJ as a Ph.D. economist staffer, their entire career is controlled by the same group of about 10 econ prof DAAGs. This is how its worked for a long time. DOJ doesn’t make it easy to datamine the statistics on this, but one can pull it together from searches.

DOJ Antitrust can’t do any action without an econ Ph.D. signing off on it. That means if the investment banks and management consulting firms can coopt the econ profs who control this system then they can get anything approved. Even the merger of Exxon and Mobil would be approved, and was.

The same system is working to offshore U.S. know-how. Russia, China, India, and other countries analyze this system and get in on it. They are taken care of. The result is that the globalization process happens faster and the rest of us lose out faster.

antitrust expert witness

Most DAAG econ profs are linked to the Handbook of Industrial Organization of Elsevier

Elsevier’s merger with Academic Press was approved in 1999 by DOJ. Daniel Rubinfeld, not DAAG then, later put up an analysis that this violated antitrust laws. That was later taken down.

Elsevier charges huge library subscription fees, unlike the case in the 1960’s. This huge inflation in rates charged libraries was the basis, in part, of Rubinfeld’s analysis.

Some of the analysis is still available:

search Daniel Rubinfeld Elsevier Academic Press

“economic analysis”

“economic analysis” “deputy assistant attorney general”

Wall Street hires the econ undergrad, grad students and law students of these profs. That lets the universities charge high tuition, in part, because dream jobs on Wall Street help fuel high tuition. But dream jobs on Wall Street are fueled by the DOJ Antitrust Division approving mergers and acquisitions. No M and A deal approvals, no M and A profits. M and A is a major driver of profits on Wall Street.

This cozy little world has all the advantages of traditionalism. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone has a permanent place. They have extended networks they have known for decades. Most have multiple jobs and affiliations and multiple pots of money. They have multiple secretaries and support people to smooth their lives. They spend their time in conferences and Davos and other resort meetings. The people who were supposed to be protected instead are losing their jobs.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. Graph page 16:

Income inequality is huge.

“NEW DATA SHOW EXTRAORDINARY JUMP IN INCOME CONCENTRATION IN 2004″ By Aviva Aron-Dine and Isaac Shapiro for a graph of income share of top 1 percent from 1913 to 2004.

Income Inequality U Shape Timeline

7 of the top 8 wealthiest Senators voted for S. 2611, amnesty, affirmative action, non-deportable crime, and a pathway for the top 1 percent of households to continue to enjoy 20 percent of each year’s income, compared to 10 percent before Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act. The only 1 of the top 8 who didn’t vote for S. 2611 didn’t vote, Jay Rockefeller. McCain is 7th and Kennedy 8th in wealth.

Open Secrets

Rank Name Minimum Net Worth Maximum Net Worth

1 Herb Kohl (D-Wis) $219,098,029 to $234,549,004 Voted Yes S. 2611

2 John Kerry (D-Mass) $165,741,511 to $235,262,100 Voted Yes S. 2611

3 Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $78,150,023 to $101,579,003 Not Voting S. 2611

4 Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) $43,343,464 to $98,660,021 Voted Yes S. 2611

5 Lincoln D. Chafee (R-RI) $41,153,105 to $64,096,019 Voted Yes S. 2611

6 Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) $38,198,170 to $90,733,019 Voted Yes S. 2611

7 John McCain (R-Ariz) $25,071,142 to $38,043,014 Voted Yes S. 2611

8 Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) $19,189,049 to $93,043,004 Voted Yes S. 2611

More data here

Free fax to Congress on hot immigration bills:


Mitt Romney is the presidential candidate of this network.

After graduating from Harvard, Romney went to work for the The Boston Consulting Group, where he had interned during the summer of 1974.[15] From 1978 to 1984, Romney was a vice president of Bain & Company, Inc., another Boston-based management consulting firm. In 1984, Romney left Bain & Company to co-found a Bain & Company spin-off private equity investment firm called Bain Capital.[16] During the 14 years he headed the company, Bain Capital’s average annual internal rate of return on realized investments was 113 percent,[17] making money primarily through leveraged buyouts.[18] He invested in or bought many well-known companies such as Staples, Brookstone, Domino’s, Sealy Corporation and The Sports Authority.[19]

In 1990, Romney was asked to return to Bain & Company, which was facing financial collapse. As CEO, Romney managed an effort to restructure the firm’s employee stock-ownership plan, real-estate deals and bank loans, while increasing fiscal transparency. Within a year, he had led Bain & Company through a highly successful turnaround and returned the firm to profitability without layoffs or partner defections.[17]

Romney left Bain Capital in 1998 to head the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games Organizing Committee.[20]

He and his wife have a net worth of between 190 and 250 million USD.[21]

Mitt Romney is a beneficiary of the cozy networks that made possible his fortune. Electing him is putting the fox in charge of the hiring of the DAAG econ profs and law profs who manage the technical work at DOJ.


From Vanishing American

Too often, children have no contact with older people, and the elders are isolated in ’senior communities’ or homes, rarely seeing their grandchildren or other relatives, who live far away.

So we are dwindling away, and fewer of the younger people bother to keep up the extended family ties that were so central to the older generations. Coming to the family reunions and to family holiday celebrations is not a priority with the younger generations.

This isn’t a problem for the elite networks.

William Kristol

William Kristol (born December 23, 1952 in New York City) is an American neoconservative pundit, analyst and strategist. He is the son of Irving Kristol, one of the founders of the neoconservative movement

William Kristol is editor of the influential Washington-based political magazine, The Weekly Standard. Widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading political analysts and commentators, Mr. Kristol regularly appears on Fox News Sunday and on the Fox News Channel.

Mr. Kristol recently co-authored The New York Times bestseller The War Over Iraq: America’s Mission and Saddam’s Tyranny.

This links to

William Kristol is editor of The Weekly Standard, as well as chairman and co-founder of the Project for the New American Century. Before starting the Weekly Standard in 1995, Mr. Kristol led the Project for the Republican Future, where he helped shape the strategy that produced the 1994 Republican congressional victory. Prior to that, Mr. Kristol served as chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle during the first Bush Administration. From 1985 to 1988, he served as chief of staff and counselor to Secretary of Education William Bennett. Prior to coming to Washington, Mr. Kristol served on the faculty of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (1983-1985) and the Department of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania (1979-1983).,2933,2120,00.html

William Kristol is a political contributor for the FOX News Channel (FNC) and serves as a regular contributor to Special Report with Brit Hume, the highest rated political program on cable television.

Irving Kristol

The philisophy of neo-conservatism is two-faced. Its traditionalism for those inside it, and globalization for the rest.

Lawrence Auster discusses Kristol on immigration:

“KRISTOL: I am pro-immigration, and I am even soft on illegal immigration.”

“KRISTOL: And they’ve been contributing to the U.S. economy and not damaging U.S. society. “

“What’s happened that’s so terrible in the last 20 years?”

“as well as his very lucrative speaking career, which by some reports nets him $100,000 to $200,000 per year.”

William Kristol serves on the board of trustees of the Manhattan Institute (paid?)
Bill Kristol, while editor of the Weekly Standard, was paid $100,000 for serving on an Enron advisory board over two years.
Kristol says he does “a fair amount” of speaking to corporate groups and doesn’t normally disclose it.

search William Kristol speaking fees

All those speaking fee gigs are arranged by secretaries at his magazine or at the company or institute. They often provide a private aircraft presumably for himself and whoever he wants to go with him. He may have a lavish suite at a 5 class hotel as part of it and a limo to take him around. He gets treated with caviar traditionalism to say how we should get globalization. He tells CEO’s, take the money, fire the employees. “Take it.” “Take the …” Be an uber-CEO straddling across history like a colossus. While we petty men and women get globalization.

Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.


Elites have old fashioned communities built in

October 8, 2007

The elites have community ties built in for them that others don’t have any more. If a person is part of a professional society or organization with continuing education or some other regular meetings, then this automatically pulls them in to a long term social support group. They see the same group every year or two.

The uber elites like think tank members have this taken to a higher level. Their regular think tank acts like an extended long term family. Their professional group acts this way. They also interact well with other elites who have these extended families and they can link up.

Davos is an extended family get together once a year for the elites. Many other organizations do this too like the Council on Foreign Relations. These organizations give them business and social opportunities.

This gives the elites long term extended social families. Even if they are childless they have the feeling of being in a long term extended family. The people they know feel just like them. They are living in 1950’s America.

The support staff at the think tank, university, venture capital fund, corporate board, etc. function like housewives from the 1950’s for them. They make their travel arrangements, doctor appointments, etc. So the elites have a staff of housewives to look after them and help them maintain their social network.

They don’t understand what its like for other people who have been left behind. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. The median wages of women are below that, about where men were in 1960. Many people work two jobs. They are fearful of losing their job and it happens.

They don’t have a social network with people who can offer them jobs or op-eds or meetings to give talks or other ways of maintaining their economic security. Instead, they are dependent on companies whose management goes to meetings with bankers and consultants trying to get them to offshore jobs or bring in H-1B’s.

This is one reason the neocons are unable to formulate a working policy. The neocon policy has been to maintain their social and job network by giving policy papers on the Middle East and terrorism. They don’t actually get that its real for some people, here or there. For the neocons, the war is just an extension of their social and business networking life. So the war is the same as peace.

This is why they don’t notice that its not been working for several years. Its why they don’t notice that bin Laden is still loose. Its why they don’t notice the role of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is part of their extended family of networking opportunities. Saudi Arabia is part of Davos. The Saudi Embassy website has pages on its sending a delegation to Davos. They want to remind neocons they are part of their extended family.

This is why neocons give Saudi Arabia and by extension Pakistan a pass for 9-11. Saddam was not part of their extended network, so they attacked him. The Axis of Evil were all non-members of this extended network family. Iran, North Korea and Iraq were all out of the network.

In contrast, even Pakistan was a member. Shaukat Aziz was a senior executive at Citigroup with Stanley Fischer and Robert Rubin before becoming finance minister of Paksitan. On 9-11-2001, Pakistan owed 38 billion dollars in debt and its interest payments exceeded its gross exports. It was under sanctions for its nuclear program. Aziz was made finance minister of the year for 2001 for refinancing Pakistan’s debt after 9-11. He is now the prime minister and finance minister.

The extended networks of the elites make them support immigration. They don’t notice that they destroy the community for the rest of the people. We lose our security. We lose our reserve for misfortune. They haven’t lost that. So they have become alienated from us.

That is why their immigration policy and foreign policy don’t work for the people. For them each week is just more job networking opportunities. They give papers, write op-eds, etc. The consequences for people have no meaning to them. They are still in a 1950’s cocoon. And they don’t notice that we are not. When we say we aren’t, they call us bigots.


“extended family”

Most young people have never known the pleasures — and the trials — of growing up in a large, lively, extended family setting, with three generations in one house, and many cousins, aunts, uncles, and in-laws in and out. I think that kind of environment is enriching in itself, far more so than today’s ‘privileged’ small family households with working parents and no company for the children at times, except video games and the Internet. The big family environment with the extended family around can offer so much more human interaction and warmth, and the lessons learned by the presence of all ages and generations. Nowadays, the small nuclear family seems to me to be socially impoverished in many cases, although no doubt, as with everything, there are exceptions. Too often, children have no contact with older people, and the elders are isolated in ‘senior communities’ or homes, rarely seeing their grandchildren or other relatives, who live far away. Our prized small families have not necessarily meant more attention being given to each individual.

This is what its like to be at AEI every day. Or to be a top executive. Or to be at Bain, where Mitt Romney made his money. Or a Senator like John McCain. Or a TV show with extensive outside opportunities like Fred Thompson has had. Or Rudi Giuliani as a mayor and his company which gets celebrity business.

They have 1950’s cocoon lives. When we say immigration has taken that away from us they call us bigots so that they don’t have to admit its true. They are given much of that from their government service. Then they turn on us and are disloyal. They know it. That’s why Senator Lindsey Graham called us bigots. He was in our situation around 1980. Now he is out. He calls us bigots because he has in two decades lost his loyalty to us and doesn’t identify with us and he knows it.


So we are dwindling away, and fewer of the younger people bother to keep up the extended family ties that were so central to the older generations. Coming to the family reunions and to family holiday celebrations is not a priority with the younger generations.

One reason is that families today can’t offer job security in a world of mass immigration. Families don’t have the ability to find jobs for the young because the jobs are going to the immigrants at lower wages.

Every other day, it seems, we read articles about the low birth rates of Americans, and the ‘need’ for mass immigration to replenish our population. Hence our current tidal wave of immigration, and people increasingly believe that mass immigration is ‘necessary.’

The Problem with Neocons

October 7, 2007

Is that they are leftists. They are not really loyal to any country or people and that includes America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel, and New Zeeland. The neocons advocate demographic policies guaranteed to cause complete genetic replacement in every one of those lands. The figures on below replacement fertility show that. Neocons should be better called Neoites as in Trotskyites or Shachtmanites.

They could be called Wolfowitzites after Paul Wolfowitz but that would be unfair to Jacob Wolfowitz who was a good mathematician and statistician. In the long run, Jacob’s work will be remembered but not Paul’s. (Only if we preserve the West from the demographic destruction that Paul Wolfowitz advocates will Jacob Wolfowitz’s work be remembered or even used.)

Perlites might be a name. It sounds like something you buy on TV. It doesn’t require an electric cord and you can use it to light up your patio at night. In this case, Perlites don’t work and are not worth the money. Send them back and insist on a refund.

Another possibility would be Kristolites. These sound like something that grows in a cave, possibly upside down from the ceiling of the cave. If you don’t watch where you are going, one will stick in your back.

Fouad Ajami is another regular in the neocon circuit. Whether he counts as a neocon or not is hard to say. He presumably supports replacement immigration in all Western lands, which is one of the keys. He is profiled as the Native Informant by the Nation. Ajamites sounds like some sect from the desert. What they believe, no one is sure, but its not exactly the same as any orthodox faith. He is a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Another name would be after Podhoretz. The possiblities that suggest themselves here are endless. Children of a lesser Pod suggests itself as a possible movie title. However, sticking with our ite them, we come to Podites. These sound like some sort of evil plant stinger that will stick into you if you get near it.

We then move up to up to Condi Rice. Here we can use either name, since Condi is one of those know them by their first name people. She isn’t really much of a neocon, but her name does lend well to the ite theme. Condite. This sounds like something from French history. Sounds like Dumas vaguely. The Condites are threatening the king. The other possibility are Ricites. This sounds like some sort of disease where you don’t get enough of something in your diet.

Giuliani fits the literal meaning of neocon. Giuliani was not and never will be conservative but would like to run the Republican party. Giuliani is not loyal to the demos (people) of America. This is why Giuliani is most popular with the neocons. He hates the people but loves the power. Giuliani is for replacement immigration in all Western lands just like neocons. Giuliani pretends to be against “radical” Islam while promoting the spread of Islam everywhere. Giulianites and neocons agree on everything.

Giulianites also sound like some faction in Florence in the Renaissance. No one knows what they were for but they funded good art. Unfortunately, that part they don’t do anymore.

Giuliani like the neocons pretends to have responded to 9-11, but actually advocated the policy that brought it in, immigration, and continue to do so. They both hate Virgil Goode who wants to stop Muslim immigration, and in fact hate him more than bin Laden. Hating Goode is almost a real emotion for them both, but ambition is their real emotion and loyalty.

They both are fine to let Pakistan have and sell nukes. They both are fine with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s support of terrorism before and after 9-11. Neither Giuliani nor the neocons ever criticize Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has money. Pakistan they just don’t care what it does.

Neocons hate spontaneously all people everywhere connected to other people. This is why they hate Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Virgil Goode, Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, etc. These are all leaders connected organically to people. Neocons prefer the false goods of George W. Bush, Rudi Giuliani, and the Clintons. Like a fungus they are attaching themselves to candidates everywhere.

Finally, there are the neocons in jail or convicted or indicted or being investigated. Scooter Libby falls into this group. Libbyites. This sounds like something from the 1960’s. Its close to Lobbyites. Which may sum up the neocons best of all.

Neocons are not an organic part of any group. They are an inorganic group. They are connected to think tanks, speaking fees, private jets, corporate, especially defense interests, or corrupt universities but are not linked to any people on earth. They are connected to offshore bank accounts more than to any onshore people, whom they think of as rubes everywhere.

Lobbyites don’t know where people come from. They don’t understand that human bonds, civilization, culture and identity are all connected to land and people. They don’t care if they are in Riyadh shelling sheikhs for shekels or in Washington dialing donors for dollars. That is all they are loyal to, or even comprehend. The original monument to Lobbyites is a buried plot next to that of a forgotten pharaoh’s pyramid.

Bush Surge Ponzi Scheme Up then Down

September 10, 2007

Bush has set up a classic scam. He takes more troops to increase the number there, then he pays us back with withdrawals. But the withdrawals are from the extra troops that went into the surge.

Others pointing this out already:

The withdrawals start now with a small amount. They are completed by next summer with a withdrawal of 30,000. The Bush scheme deserves its own name, a Surge Scam or Bush Surge Scheme or Bush Surge Scam.

This means Bush doesn’t have to do anything about Iran or Pakistan before leaving office. Iran can build its nuclear program and Pakistan can keep building nukes. Pakistan is working on a miniaturized nuclear warhead to go on missiles on subs. They will sell these to Saudi Arabia, Hugo Chavez, Iran, Turkey and UAE. Pakistan has about 30 billion in debt still and its foreign interest is greater than gross exports, or was on 9-11 2001. This scheme lets Pakistan and Bush keep avoiding the truth about Pakistan’s role before, during and after 9-11.

Bush is buying Pakistan the time it needs to complete its nuclear missile subs that it can sell to oil rich wealthy states that oppose it. This will allow Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and UAE to forever escape being held accountable for their roles before, during and after 9-11.

The Bush family and Bush himself received financial help from the Saudis. The Bush neocon complex has links to the Saudis, UAE, Pakistan, etc.  The term Neocon Industrial Complex (NIC) at this date appears to have only been used by this link.

Search on Neocon Industrial Complex.

Search Pakistan 9-11.

“Pakistan 9-11 Connection ”,12271,1266520,00.html

Complete 9-11 Timeline

In a classic move from Russian intelligence, Pakistan minister says “Jews behind 9-11”:

Search Saudi Arabia 9-11


Saudi Government Provided Aid to 9/11 Hijackers, Sources Say
By Josh Meyer
The Los Angeles Times

Saturday 02 August 2003

WASHINGTON – The 27 classified pages of a congressional report about Sept. 11 depict a Saudi government that not only provided significant money and aid to the suicide hijackers but also allowed potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to flow to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups through suspect charities and other fronts, according to sources familiar with the document.

One U.S. official who has read the classified section said it describes “very direct, very specific links” between Saudi officials, two of the San Diego-based hijackers and other potential co-conspirators “that cannot be passed off as rogue, isolated or coincidental.”

Said another official: “It’s really damning. What it says is that not only Saudi entities or nationals are implicated in 9/11, but the [Saudi] government” as well.

The nearly 900-page report, released last week, concluded that a series of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence failures preceded the Sept. 11 attacks and that there was evidence of financial support for the hijackers by an unnamed foreign government. U.S. officials have confirmed that that government is Saudi Arabia, but nearly all the details supporting that claim are contained in the lengthy redacted section of the document.

However one interprets the 27 pages, all who have read them agreed on one thing: If they are made public, they will prove extremely embarrassing not only to the Saudi government but also to the U.S. government, particularly to the FBI for missing so many clues pointing to Riyadh and for not aggressively investigating them, sources said.

Since that visit, the official said, Saudi leaders have reneged on virtually all of the promised reforms.

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