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Neocons to Blame for Iran Nukes

October 31, 2007

The neocons did the following:

  1. Delayed after 9-11.
  2. Have never had a sense of the urgency of time in war or even competition.
  3. Underestimated the problem and didn’t have a draft.
  4. Advocated immigration in time of war, thus convincing the public we are not in war.
  5. Called the portion of the right base against immigration, the Buchanan Perot voters, bigots. This fractured the party.
  6. Deceived Bush and the RINO 4, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Rudi Giuliani, and Mitt Romney that legal immigration doesn’t matter to Republican voters.
  7. Alienated the base in 2006 and 2007 again.
  8. Called the base bigots from at least the time of Buchanan Perot in 1992.
  9. Vented hatred of Buchanan, the leader of the Buchanan Perot part of the base.
  10. Done the same to Tom Tancredo.
  11. Done the same to Vdare and other thought leaders of the Buchanan Perot base.
  12. Continued to alienate the Buchanan Perot base by advocating H-1B, asylum and refugees, family reunification, and Muslim immigration.
  13. Told the RINO 4 to ignore the Buchanan Perot base on legal immigration.
  14. Advocated for China and India to control university physics departments and Silicon Valley.
  15. Advocated for transfer of our factories by Wall Street M and A types like Eduardo Mestre during time of war. We didn’t transfer any factories outside the U.S. during World War II. Why are we doing that if this is really World War III? Why are foreigners in our physics department as grad students, faculty and department chairmen if this is WWIII? The neocons say its war, but act like its surrender and we lost.
  16. Have proclaimed Islam as the sign they go to the Middle East.
  17. Have built mosques at Quantico.
  18. Put Muslims in charge of Gitmo and used torture, instead of deprogrammed from Islam in parallel to how we did WWII handling of German prisoners of war.
  19. Failed to build a large military to negotiate from a position of strength.
  20. Failed to negotiate so as to build a case for war.
  21. By all other means, sent message not a real war, but a phony war.
  22. The neocon phony war comes from their being phony conservatives.
  23. They are the neo-nepotists.
  24. They never turned down a speaking fee in exchange for betraying the Buchanan Perot base.
  25. They have turned off the Lou Dobbs Democrats, aka Reagan Democrats the same way as they turned off the Buchanan Perot base.
  26. They have never missed a chance to help Wall Street sell us out in what the neocons say is time of war.
  27. They torture prisoners at the same time they turn our university physics departments over to Russia, China and India. Which is it? We are in desperate danger and need to torture, or we can turn over our know-how to our major adversaries or competitors?
  28. Neocons say its time of war against Radical Islam, but time of submission to Islam, Russia, China, India, and Mexico. Despite it being time of war with Radical Islam, Pakistan is our ally and bin Laden is Pakistan’s guest. Saudi Arabia can do anything it wants in neocon land.
  29. When it comes to  Islam, Immigration, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, India, and Russia the neocons are surrender monkeys.  Want our know-how? Take it.  Want to assassinate your enemies in our capitals?  Do it. Want to attack the Pentagon through proxies?  We will pay you money and get your people out of the country.  Want to run our university physics departments, physics societies, and companies?  They are yours.
  30. Neocon, thy name is disloyalty.
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