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Neocon Revolution: Overthrow the People

December 29, 2007

The Bolshevik Revolution is an example of a Trotskyite Neocon Revolution.  The people overthrew the Tsar and set up a people’s government.  They didn’t kill the Tsar.  Then the Bolsheviks revolted not against the Tsar but the people.

The Bolsheviks created a proposition nation, the Soviet Union.  It didn’t even have Russia in its name.  It was an empire that ruled captive nations with repression.  Neocon revolutions result in a loss of freedom and bargaining power by labor.  Labor in the Soviet Union was without the bargaining power it had had under the Tsar.

The neocons take away our bargaining power by immigration. Every type of immigration leads to our loss of political freedom and economic bargaining power.   We are being destroyed intentionally, that is the point of neocon revolutions.

Neocons deny there is an us.  The essence of their proposition nation creed is that there is no people.  Its not an affirmation, its a negation.  They are not affirming our freedom or job bargaining power, they are negating our being a people who can act as a people to protect our freedom and job bargaining power.

As the proposition nation goes up, the people nation goes down.  Its a see-saw.  The

Proposition Nation v. People Nation Seesaw.

As the proposition goes up, the people go down.  Neocons believe if you give me a long enough proposition lever I can destroy the strongest people.  They are following Archimedes on this, but for evil.  The Neocon Lever is being used to push us down.

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