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David Frum acolyte and Neocon John Avlon attacks extremist Tea Baggers

February 8, 2010

This is the crowd that carries the signs comparing Obama to Hitler and communists, while proclaiming themselves patriots. Their extremism will ultimately lead the movement to self-destruct unless it is clearly repudiated.

Actually, this is the Tea Party and they need to clearly repudiate Dick Armey, white race replacement and John Avlon.

Neocon and Rudi race replacer Giuliani acolyte John Avlon vents hatred at the real core of the Tea Party movement whom he calls the fringe.  Every advice he gives to the Tea Party should be reversed.  Avlon is anti Tea Party just like Dick Armey.

While Tax Day 2009 Tea Parties attracted some 300,000 people nationwide, this convention accommodated just 600 people, who paid nearly $500 each for the privilege of attending the populist conference.

600 times 500 dollars is 300,000 dollars.  Sarah Palin got 100,000 dollars.  How much did George Washington get for attending the Continental Congress?   How much did Thomas Jefferson get for writing the Declaration of Independence?  At these rates, its time to repudiate Sarah Palin as the same sort of leech as neocons, whose philosophy she happens to share.  The Tea Party should not pay Neocon Welfare.

Frum-ling Avalon records the horror of extremists at the Tea Party

Former congressman Tom Tancredo accused the president of being a “committed socialist ideologue” and proposed a civic literacy test for voting.

WorldNet Daily founder Joseph Farah used his post-dinner speech, covered by C-Span, to repeat inane “Birther” claims.

Alabama gubernatorial candidate and former state Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore said Obama had “ignored our history and our heritage, arrogantly declaring to the world that we are no longer a Christian nation.”

For the Tea Party momentum to continue in a constructive way, it will need to take at least two further steps: First, repudiate the unhinged Obama-haters and then focus its anger at fiscal irresponsibility into policy proposals instead of bumper-sticker platitudes.

The Tea Party movement is not unhinged Obama-haters.  This is a Neocon Lie from the practitioners of the Big Lie.

Ten years ago, before the Bush/Cheney/Rove/DeLay-era, centrist Republican congressmen and mayors dotted the Northeast – and only two states north of (and including) Pennsylvania had Democratic governors.  Today, they are an endangered species.  The phrase “urban Republican” – an idea once embodied by Rudy Giuliani and Steve Goldsmith – sounds more and more like an oxymoron.

Wasn’t that the Frum Axis of Evil Neocons Era as well?  Neocons who invited the world to race replace whites in America, Europe, Canada and Australia?  Who can’t see White Farm Murders in South Africa as the terrorism that never dies?

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