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Republican Primary Neocons v. Conservatives

January 25, 2008

The neocons are John McCain and Rudi Giuliani. The definition of neocon used here is Steve Sailer’s, invite the world, invade the world, or is it the other way around? We can use the Steve Sailer matrix to identify the candidates.

  1. Invade and Invite: Rudi and McCain.
  2. Invade don’t invite: Tancredo, Hunter, and Fred in part.
  3. Invade and invite some: Romney and Huckabee.
  4. Don’t invade, invite some: Ron Paul.

Some may react to this as dumb and dumber. Others may see one as good and the other bad. Apparently the invade and invite group has a continuing appeal. Rudi and McCain summed together have gotten over 40 percent over the last year. Graph of polls of candidates since start of 2007. The Rudi McCain lines sum to a constant, almost.

We now have Romney and Huckabee fighting for the spot of invade and half invite. Ron Paul is the don’t invade and other half invite, e.g. H-1B and guest worker he seems to have a libertarian reversion towards in some of his comments. Detailed matrix from NumbersUSA on all candidates, Democrat and Republican.

For now NumbersUSA has a good overview on immigration positions of the candidates on its homepage. This has less information than the grid linked to above.

The Steve Sailer Matrix or Cross is similar to the Boston Consulting Group Matrix.  Too bad its not a Bain Box.  But let’s hope Romney isn’t the bane of conservatives by being another HBSer like Bush.

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