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Pat Buchanan WWII Tragedy of Errors

April 4, 2008

Pat Buchanan with perfect timing comes out with a book that World War II was a mistake and Winston Churchill was the man who buried the British Empire.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

“Yes, it was a good war,” writes Richard Cohen in his column challenging the thesis of pacifist Nicholson Baker in his new book, Human Smoke, that World War II produced more evil than good.

Baker’s compelling work, which uses press clips and quotes of Axis and Allied leaders as they plunged into the great cataclysm, is a virtual diary of the days leading up to World War II.

Riveting to this writer was that Baker uses some of the same episodes, sources and quotes as this author in my own book out in May, Churchill, Hitler and ‘The Unnecessary War.

Buchanan shows perfect timing in this case. Baker was slightly in advance and possibly too leftist in his book. But its now time to recognize that World War II was a huge series of mistakes embedded in mistakes before it and after it.

When 50 to 150 million people die in a war, its safe to say that there must have been a better option. World War II was not Pareto Optimal. (Can you capitalize Pareto Optimal? Or rather, is it Pareto Optimal to capitalize Pareto Optimal?)

Hitler died in the Fuhrer Bunker. So it wasn’t Pareto Optimal for the Fuhrer. Nor was it for those who died. It wasn’t better for Soviet Occupied Government, SOG, in Europe or Asia. Nor was it better for Mao Occupied Government in China, MOG. Communist Occupied Government, COG, turned out worse than Fascist Occupied Government, FOG, not least because it lasted longer and also was part of mortal blows to the West and the white world.

The Far West got nothing more after the war then it had before it, Soviet occupation from the middle of Europe to the Pacific. The countries liberated by the West were the ones invaded after the West entered the war. If we take out Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, and Greece what country was liberated in Europe? Those countries were invaded after France and Britain entered the war. Germany and Italy can’t really count as liberations in the same way, since they were enemy combatants. Nor can the ethnocide of 2 million Germans by Russians count as liberation. Nor Soviet occupied Germany for another 45 years.

The war in the Pacific is similar. What country was liberated? China wasn’t. It ended up under Mao. The Philippines and Singapore were occupied only after the West entered. Vietnam can’t count as being liberated, since it ended up under Communist rule. WWII didn’t liberate much except what was occupied after the Far West entered the war.

Europeans have chosen self-suicide for a long time now. Part of this has come from the efforts of the Soviet intelligence service starting in the 1920’s. The West has been on a binge of self-congratulatory death parties for longer than that though.

If WWII and WWI are admitted as mistakes, we can finally also admit that Lincoln’s war was a mistake. No other country needed such a war to end slavery. The US Civil War was brought on by the religious left as well as corrupt commercial interests.

This suicide and whitecide alliance is alive today with the non-religious left even more holy in its zeal to destroy the West and extinct whites completely. The intended final end of whites by some on the left is worse than the death camps of World War II and their successors in communist occupied lands in the decades after.

Buchanan shows excellent timing. The case against World War II was made before it started and has continued since. But Buchanan’s book arrives at the point where many are finally willing to acknowledge it. As for Baker, it seems he is Buchanan’s Watson.

Baker, I haven’t read it, appears to be more emotional, at least in the reaction to some. Buchanan may add up the costs better and just point out the lost opportunities. Restated, there was a course of action in WWII what was, if not Pareto Optimal, at least available that was better. That would have been no war in 1939 between Britain, France and Germany.

Britain and France should have taken all of the Europeans Hitler wanted to send out to their huge colonies. They had a large part of the earth. They lost most of it within the next 25 years. They should have instead filled it with the Europeans including Jews that Hitler didn’t want in Europe. That was a Pareto Optimal outcome for Europeans that was available. It would have been better than the descent into third worldism that is taking place now.

==Hypotheses. The following are more speculative and are draft and subject to revision.

During World War II, many minorities were told it was good for them to kill whites. There were anti-white riots in the U.S. by blacks. Japanese Americans like Senator Daniel K. Inouye – Hawaii seem to have developed a life long taste for anti-white comments and action that may come in part from his being allowed to kill white Germans in Italy.

The riots after WWII in America, the colonial revolts, the power of communism and leftism, the demands for whites to agree to their genocide by immigration all flow in part from telling non-whites it was ok to kill whites during World War II. World War II empowered the hatred of whites, even though Japan was involved in many war crimes and Soviet propaganda against whites came from a regime with its own war and peace crimes.

The white world of 1900 had fallen apart by 2000. It was in the process of exterminating all whites left by third world immigration. All 3 candidates in the US, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are advocates of genocide of whites by third world immigration. Whites accept this as well as affirmative action, the partner of immigration in white genocide and ethnocide.

The MSM in America led by Peter Jennings celebrated 9-11 as it happened.  George Bush praised Islam and his main concern after 9-11 was to cover up Saudi and Pakistani complicity in 9-11.  This shows a complete inward defeat.  Congress has gone along with this with a few exceptions such as the Senate report that Bush wouldn’t allow to be published linking Saudia Arabia and Pakistan to 9-11. Congress should have published the report and impeached Bush. Instead, they went along, and Republican voters slavishly re-elected Bush after he betrayed them and America.  John McCain is cut from the same cloth.

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