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Kennedy lied us into Immigration, Bush lied us into war

April 25, 2007

So which killed more Americans?  About 3,000 Americans were killed on 9-11 by 19 immigrants.  Those were Kennedy immigrants.  Here legally.

BUYING THE WAR by Bill Moyers Journal at PBS.

Since 1965, how many people have immigrants killed?

DUI Death in the Heartland 

Nicole Allen, 21, was killed when the car in which she was riding as a back-seat passenger was struck from behind by a Lincoln Town Car driven by Mexican Pedro Santos.”

Virginia Beach Teens Killed at Intersection

Below, Tessa Tranchant, 16, left, and Allison Kunhardt, 17, were killed late Friday.”

Alfredo Ramos, who was born in Mexico of Guatemalan parents, has been in the United States for about seven years.
[Suspect in crash that killed 2 had alcohol-related convictions, Hampton Roads Pilot 4/3/07]

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome” By Brenda Walker

Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Not Marry Mexico”
By Brenda Walker

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