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Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Listen to BNP voters

September 29, 2007


29 September 2007 21:33

Cameron ally sparks immigration row: ‘We must listen to BNP voters’
Remarks by Conservative peer on eve of party conference are labelled ‘grotesque’
Brown calls ‘council of war’ to weigh up whether to announce a snap election
By Marie Woolf and Brian Brady
Published: 30 September 2007
One of David Cameron’s most trusted and senior political allies has plunged the party into a race row by claiming that people who vote for the far-right British National Party (BNP) have “some very legitimate views” on immigration and crime.

In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, fuelled the already highly charged debate about immigration by arguing that it has been “out of control”.

Lady Warsi, given a peerage by Mr Cameron so that she could join the Tory front bench, said that the “lack of control” over immigration was making people feel “uneasy”. She added that the “face” of some communities was changing overnight because of the sudden influx of people from abroad, adding that “the pace of change unsettles communities”.

The Muslim peer’s comments, made as the Conservative Party kicks off a crucial party conference in Blackpool, will be interpreted as the clearest signal yet that key figures in the party want Mr Cameron to move to the right and return to what they see as core values.

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Immigration… Immigration… Immigration: Cameron hoped to ignore it. But now it’s back with a vengeance
Hailed by David Cameron as the face of the new, multi-ethnic Tories, the shadow community cohesion minister has reignited a debate that threatens to derail her leader’s attempts to shake off the ‘nasty-party’ image of the past and exposes the divisions between left and right. Marie Woolf reports
Published: 30 September 2007

Glance at the agenda for this week’s Tory conference and debates on the environment, the broken society and public services are advertised in bold. But where is immigration, the issue that once defined the Conservative Party? The answer: nowhere to be seen. Dogged by accusations that Tories have been obsessed for decades with the arrival of foreigners on our shores, David Cameron has tried his best to keep quiet on the topic in his quest to remould the Tories as the embraceable, “nice” party.

Nina Lakhani

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Note the link to the anti-BNP group

but the reporter, Nina Lakhani didn’t give the link to the BNP website. Nor was there a link to the blog at Independent for readers to have their say. Wonder why?

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