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Bush McCain Explain Americans need to work harder Spoof

May 25, 2008

George W. Bush and John Amnesty McCain are going to do a series of road shows explaining to the American people that the reason men’s median wages are the same as in 1973(graph page 16) is that Americans need to work harder.  They call this Comprehensive Re-education Immigration.  It fuses comprehensive immigration reform and no child left behind.  The nickname of the program is No Bubba Left Behind.

Bush: You see, people just need to work hard.

McCain: Don’t blame your laziness on immigrants.

Bush: A lot of you are dumb like me.

McCain: And me.

Bush: Except I will get a lot of money for saying this like Clinton gets 300,000 speaking fees from the Saudis.

McCain: My wife makes a lot.

Bush: You all are making the same as you did in 1973. I make a lot more.

McCain: My wife makes a lot more. Do first ladies get a salary?

Bush: I know they get 10 million dollar book deals.

McCain: That will help with my old lady, she’s always complaining I never helped her with money.

Bush: I thought she was a younger lady.

McCain: Yeah (laughs).

Bush laughs too.

Bush: (laughing) So now you all understand. Its not immigrants that keep your pay down.

McCain: (laughing) Yeah, its us.

They break into uncontrollable laughter.

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