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No Label Corporate Fascism Stop Primary Voters Cold

December 14, 2010


No more incumbents defeated in primaries.

No Tea Party primarying incumbents.

Only insiders decide who are candidates of major parties.

Voters have no say in who are the candidates of the parties.

Wall Street bonus money to incumbents to bailout.

No regulation of Wall Street.

Wall Street risk taking from leverage into bonuses.

Men’s median wages the same as in 1973.

Women’s median wages what men’s were in 1963.

End Social Security and Medicare because Hispanics bankrupt it.

The White Middle Class is the property of the No Label Elite.

1776 The Musical – Molasses to Rum

Molasses to rum to slaves, oh what a beautiful waltz
You dance with us, we dance with you
Molasses and rum and slaves

Who sails the ships out of Boston
Ladened with bibles and rum?
Who drinks a toast to the Ivory Coast?
Hail Africa, the slavers have come
New England with bibles and rum

And its off with the rum and the bibles
Take on the slaves, clink, clink
Hail and farewell to the smell
Of the African coast

Molasses to rum to slaves
‘Tisn’t morals, ’tis money that saves
Shall we dance to the sound of the profitable pound
In molasses and rum and slaves

Who sails the ships out of Guinea
Ladened with bibles and slaves?
‘Tis Boston can coast to the West Indies coast
Jamaica, we brung what ye craves
Antigua, Barbados, we brung bibles and slaves!

Molasses to rum to slaves
Who sail the ships back to Boston
Ladened with gold, see it gleam
Whose fortunes are made in the triangle trade
Hail slavery, the New England dream!
Mr. Adams, I give you a toast:
Hail Boston! Hail Charleston!
Who stinketh the most?

What is written in the book of fate is that these people shall be free, the White Race of America. No Label is to keep them slaves.

No Labels is permanent slavery for Whites.

“The group has raised about $1 million from seed donations, the founders said, with most organizers working as volunteers. ”

Money before voters. Before any voters are part of it, they have already raised a million dollars.

“McKinnon was a senior adviser to President George W. Bush (R) and to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) during his 2008 presidential bid. Another co-founder, Nancy Jacobson, is a prominent Democratic fundraiser who worked on Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns and whose husband, Mark Penn, was the chief strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. The group’s other founders include Catherine “Kiki” McLean, a longtime Democratic operative and Clinton veteran; William A. Galston, a top Clinton domestic policy aide; and David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter. ”


High-profile politicians showed up for Monday’s event to voice their support, including Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D), Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (I) and New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I). ”

Gillibrand already sold her soul to the Schumer stove. The rest are anti-White establishmentarchs.

Establishmentarchy. Government of the archs for the archs.

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