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Tea Party Roy Beck graphics v Glenn Beck silent rally

November 3, 2010

We need to get the Tea Party out of the Glenn Beck box of being seen but not heard to Roy Beck empowerment, speaking out, and taking charge of their own destiny. At the Glenn Beck Rally, the Tea Party was told to be silent because Dick Armey’s Freedomworks was paying for the rally, i.e. giving money to the speakers and their organizations.

The Glenn Beck Rally was the opposite of Ronald Reagen saying don’t turn off his microphone that he paid for. Dick Armey said turn off the people’s microphone that I paid for.

Peter Brimelow on Roy Beck’s graphics and data showing that patriotic immigration restriction strengthened in the 2010 midterm election in Congress:

A possibly temporary URL for Roy Beck’s 2010 election graphics showing that patriotic immigration restriction was strengthened.

==Some comments I left at Vanishing American

I agree. Tancredo was the most important race to me. Next was Angle. Losing West Virginia was a blow.

On Colorado, you have people in Denver who fled California voting against Tancredo. This is stupidity. This is on a level with Arizona voting for McAmnesty.


The media is already trying/pushing the line that Tancredo, Angle and even Whitman lost because of harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric that was beyond the pale. They are hoping to keep the Tea Party in the Glenn Beck Box of just being seen and not heard. They are trying to undermine the Tea Party and immigration reform in Congress.

Obviously, the MSM are not showing the Roy Beck graphics that show immigration restriction reform strengthened. Peter Brimelow at Vdare has links to the immigration patriot Roy Beck. Its the Battle of the Becks. The patriot reform side needs to get Roy Beck’s name out there more and his graphics and results that patriotic immigration restriction won elections.


Immigration Sample Letter with Data Sources

July 26, 2007

Please use the following as a letter or part of a letter to your Senator, Congressman, State representative, or others.

The links will fit into a standard letter size.  They also will fit into the fax forms that Numbers USA allows you to send.  Join up with Numbers USA and in the second section, after the greeting, clear out their material, and substitute what follows.  You can then add your own material.

This is not to say the Numbers USA arguments by Roy Beck and his staff are not good, but this gives a direct summary of the data sources and scientific papers that show we must set immigration to zero.   This gives variety to the Numbers USA faxes.  Its also difficult for the Numbers USA staff to sound this same material over and over, but for you it can be fresh, so you can deliver it again to the Congress, MSM, and others.

Note the links are to be copied as text, it doesn’t matter that they don’t highlight or form a live link in your letter.  They give the reference, and the recipient can cut and paste or usually just search to find the link.

Dear Senator X,

I am writing in regards to the negative impact of immigration and ask you to vote to stop all forms of immigration.  The reasons for this are as follows, with data sources.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. See graph page 18:

Women’s wages are below men’s. So women earn less than men did in 1973. The same applies to blacks and Hispanics, all earn less than all men did in 1973.

Labor force participation rates of black men and white men were 80 percent in 1965. Now white men are down to 74 percent and black men to 66 percent:

One-way immigration causes genetic replacement

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.
Copyright notice
The Island Model with Stochastic Migration
Thomas Nagylaki
Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

Black and white fertility has fallen in the US since 1800 except during immigration restriction, i.e. the baby boom, see graph:

The top1 percent got 20 percent of income before immigration restriction in the 1920’s, got 10 percent during it, and are back to 20 percent. This is a U shape.

The fertility graph is an inverted U, its higher during low income inequality and is low at each side. You can put the U shaped income inequality graph over the fertility graph and they are a U inverted U shape, call it a fish diagram.

Suppose US population is stable at 300 million. If people live 75 years, 4 million die per year. If 2 million enter, and pop is stable, then there are 2 million births. 2 million births over 4 million deaths is a genetic survival ratio of 1/2. 25 years birth to parent, so in 75 years, 3 cycles leaves 1/8 genes. Even if pop goes to 450mm and 1 million enter, we get a fraction of 5/6 per cycle, which results in genetic extinction.

This happens by lowering wages and is happening already. There is a substitution effect from births to immigrants.


“Numbers Drop for the Married With Children
Institution Becoming The Choice of the Educated, Affluent”

By Blaine Harden
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 4, 2007; Page A03

PORTLAND, Ore. — Punctuating a fundamental change in American family life, married couples with children now occupy fewer than one in every four households — a share that has been slashed in half since 1960 and is the lowest ever recorded by the census.

As marriage with children becomes an exception rather than the norm, social scientists say it is also becoming the self-selected province of the college-educated and the affluent.

end quote

Sincerely yours,

Your Name Here

P.S. Labor force participation rates of white, black, Asian and Hispanic men are projected to fall from 2004 to 2014:


You can go to Numbers USA right now and use the above text in faxes to Congressman and Senators.  Or you can use it in posting at Washington Post or other sites or at your own web page.  

The data sources and graphs prove that immigration is harmful.  When the graph is on your side, argue the graph.  When the raw numbers are on your side, argue the raw numbers.

So what do the MSM do?

When the graph and the raw numbers are against you, argue studies.   If that doesn’t work, shout bigot.

We can take control of the immigration debate by citing the data sources of the raw data and graphs of it.  This proves the point that immigration, all immigration, is harmful.

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NumbersUSA: Mexican Arizona Invasion Map

April 15, 2007

Vdare has posted a map from Numbers USA showing Mexico has set up listening and observation posts in Arizona to guide illegals and detect US border patrol or national guard.

NumbersUSA Map of Mexico’s Militant Listening Posts/Observation Posts.

Americans Better Immigration

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You can send faxes from the Faxcenter to your Rep and Senator on current immigration related bills:

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