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Barack Obama Cairo Speech Bill Ayers Muslim Brotherhood

January 30, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim radical and revolutionary. His speech in Cairo was a call to revolt to radical Muslims world wide. It was a call for Muslims to take the West. That is why Obama wants Turkey in the EU.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you very much. Good afternoon. I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning; and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement. And together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress. I’m grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt. And I’m also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: Assalaamu alaykum. (Applause.)

Cairo University is a hotbed of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam and an incubator of al Qaeda.

So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. (Applause.)

Even on Fareed Zakaria on CNN they point out that Obama is siding with the radicals. Richard Haass pointed this out. Obama has only warned the government not to crack down. Obama has threatened the foreign aid to Egypt. Obama is pushing for the fall of moderate regimes in the Middle East.

Bug-eyed non-White and Martin Indyk of Brookings anti-White Institute both criticize Richard Haas and say Haass and (White) America are on the wrong side of history.

They bring Muslims here to make sure White America is on the wrong side of history. As well as White Europe, White Australia, White Canada, White New Zealand just like White South Africa.

Use the first amendment while you have it. Indyk, Mr. Bug Eye, and the Muslims are bent on taking it from us along with our country.


Obama State of the Union Keep Importing Poverty

January 26, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama Jr, the first person born of a non-citizen father as pResident continued to call for importing 3rd world poverty.

Now, I strongly believe that we should take on, once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration. And I am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats to protect our borders, enforce our laws and address the millions of undocumented workers who are now living in the shadows. (Applause.) I know that debate will be difficult. I know it will take time. But tonight, let’s agree to make that effort. And let’s stop expelling talented, responsible young people who could be staffing our research labs or starting a new business, who could be further enriching this nation. (Applause.)

Importing 3rd world poverty is why we are in this crisis. It was overbuilding housing stock that led to this. It was overlending to Latinos, blacks, Somalis, Hmong, etc. that led to the crisis. It was pretending they were the same as White in integrity when they were not. They have lower integrity than Whites. That is why they borrowed what they could not repay.

Wall Street lent them the money because it could sell the mortgage bonds. Then the government bailed out FNMA, FHLMC when the guarantees of 3rd world borrowers were vastly more costly than the fees charged. Fees charged that were too low for non-White borrowers.

The bipartisian policy of reducing Whites to a minority is a policy of ending America. It is race replacing Americans with Diversitycans. The Diversitycans bankrupted FNMA, FHLMC, Wall Street investment banks, mortgage lenders, and states like California and New Jersey.

The Diversitycans are waging war on the American way of life just by being here. Their demands for government money and their theft of mortgages and houses is what has gotten us into this crisis. Their leaders are liars. So are the media who say bring more immigrants like Thomas Friedman recently on Meet the Press.

The bipartisans have waged war on the Americans by importing the Diversitycans. This is a formula for ending America. They are succeeding.

Americans need to speak up against the bipartisans and the Diversitycans. The Diversitycans must go. The Bipartisans must go from power. The Americans need to wake up and say so before they lose their country for bad.

. Then there’s my favorite example: The Interior Department is in charge of salmon while they’re in fresh water, but the Commerce Department handles them when they’re in saltwater. (Laughter.) I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked. (Laughter and applause.)

Sarah Palin’s Alaska had a recent episode on smoked salmon. Obama’s joke on smoked salmon returns to his fixation with Sarah Palin. His antagonism to her knows no bounds. When Palin was announced, Obama called her a pig. Obama orchestrated with Daily Kos the wall of hate attack on Sarah Palin. That has never stopped.

Obama was digging at Palin because her blood libel video release before his Arizona speech upstaged him. People remember the blood libel comment and not Obama’s remarks. Now we have the smoked salmon libel by Obama in his State of the Union speech.

Obama calling Palin a pig:

He hesitates as he says that. Consciousness of guilt.

Obama acted like he was in a locker room as he came in to SOTU and the whole thing was a pep rally locker room talk. Same as Arizona. Obama is flippant and a flake. Obama’s only real interest is himself. Obama has an inflated self-esteem. That is the one constant in him. That is why he won’t release a birth certificate.

Diversity Troika fired McChrystal with hate of Southern and British Whites

June 24, 2010

The following article shows that McChrystal had a unique network in the military and unique skills.


“He had better battlefield situational awareness than any other commander out there,” one former operator told me. McChrystal, who spent much of his career in the “black” special operations world, understood that the best weapon to fight terrorist and insurgent networks was another network, and he put those networks in place in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

Those personal networks McChrystal built up during his time in the black SOF world, “special mission unit” commanders that he knew and had worked with for years, he brought with him to Afghanistan; some who still commanded SOF units, others who now commanded units among the general purpose force.

Read more:

=End Excerpt

The Diversity Troika of Obama, Emanuel and Biden deliberately chose to increase the number of men and women who come home without limbs and whose families have to care for them that way for the rest of their lives. Disproportionately those are Southern Whites and their British cousins. The Diversity Troika knew they were causing more Anglo whites in the South, Midwest and Britain to live out their lives without limbs.

Everytime you see a serviceman or woman without a limb, you can visualize the faces of Obama, Emanuel and Biden where their limb would have been.

The Diversity Troika chose this intentionally out of not just personal pique but a deep contempt and disdain for Anglos in the US military and British military. Obama has shown his hatred for this ethnic stock and for the British over and over. This is where this gut decision comes from, Obama’s gut of hate for Anglo whites.

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Catholic Church Cardinal Mahony genocide plan in US

February 1, 2009

There appears to be evidence consistent with the hypothesis that Cardinal Mahony of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church itself are engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide of white people in the United States.

See comments

This comment in particular:

Why it happened

If you go see the new Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino you get to see Dirty Harry admit that he misraised his Boomer children, which is where the monsters of ’68 came from.If you want to see how the Aztecs ended up in Northern California look at this link and read the third paragraph: If you look at this document you will see that the Roman Church here in AZ has every Catholic school report what legislative and congressional district it is in for lobbying purposes. That way there is always a sob story for the media and the local congressman whenever the “evil racists” try to stop the theft of their country. If you can’t admit the truth despite seeing 45 million Hispanics that were not there 50 years ago then you can see why the 33% of Americans who are Catholic can’t see it either.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

That’s the policy of the Catholic Church and Cardinal Mahony.  That makes them both parties to genocide.  Charles Johnson of LGF might be considered as a possible advocate of genocide of white people or at least an apologist for it.

Obama has formed an anti-white alliance.  His cabinet and the rest of his staff are part of the anti-white alliance.  This comes from Obama.  Obama called Sarah Palin a pig, and gave the finger to John McCain and Hillary Clinton.  These repeated acts show he has genetic hate for whites.

The Inauguration Prayer against white people shows its intentional.  There was no apology for that prayer from Obama despite wide spread commentary on it.  Obama thus takes ownership of the genocide of whites by immigration.

The above is draft and preliminary.  This is subject to revision. Restate as questions.   Comments and corrections welcome.  This is part of a petitition to Congress to stop immigration.  All other disclaimers apply.

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