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Obama Inauguration Religion of Equality

January 20, 2009

The Religion of Equality was the theme of Obama’s Inauguration.  The concept of America’s direction being equality is a fallacy of the Religion of Equality.  It can’t be the direction, because its impossible.  Humans are part of an ecosystem, whose purpose is not equality and whose law of motion does not allow it.

Evolution doesn’t select equality.  Evolution selects genes.  Evolution can not be stopped by man.  Not even man’s evolution can be stopped by man.  Although Obama and Dianne Feinstein and Rick Warren all proclaim the ideology of equality, their words can’t change scientific reality of life on earth.

Equality is a means to search.  In search for the global maximum in high dimensions, one can’t follow the steepest path to the global maximum.  One arrives at a local maximum. Even in low dimensions this is true.  To have a chance to get to the global maximum, one has to start the search in many places.  Even then its not assured.

Equality is a means of allowing for many starting points and many methods of search.  But equality is not absolute.  Nor can equaliy of results help search.  If every search ends with the same result, we get nowhere.

Freedom and equality are only part of the means to optimal search.  We have to have the means to search efficiently, record the results of searches, obtain the benefits of better searches, and build on the know-how and information gained.

Its not just equality that leads to progress.  Progress doesn’t mean just equality.   Selecting good genes and replacing bad genes is part of progress.  There can not be progress in fact without replacing bad genes by good.  This is true since people die and are replaced.

When bad genes replace good, its not progress, its not even health maintenance.  Its replacing good genes by bad that is genocide.  Replacing bad genes by good is progress.

ASPM came along around 5000 to 4000 BC and changed human brains.   Writing then came into existence.  This happened in the Middle East and Europe and spread throughout those areas and somewhat to Asia.

The advance of genes is the advance of man.  The decline of genes is the decline of man.  This is reality. Detroit and New Orleans both show that. So does the ethnic cleansing of whites from the South Side of Chicago.

Search means not just freedom and equality but selection, criteria, discrimination, contract, information, truth, integrity, reward and punishment, etc.  The Religion of Equality is so against reality that it doesn’t lead to a progression of genes, society or equality in the end.  The Religion of Equality, which was in full strength in the 18th century already, is irrational.  It doesn’t promote search it silences discussion.  It ends thinking.  It doesn’t promote progress.

Obama’s Inauguration is not about freedom.  Its about silencing the truth.  Its not about the truth about race, its about suppressing the truth about race.  Its not about genes.  Its not about Steve Sailer type truth about blacks or the South Side of Chicago or Barack Obama.

The reason we are in our problems now is because we have let the Religion of Equality silence truth.  We can’t tell the truth about our problems, because its race and immigration that caused them.  Its non-whites who have brought down white civilization or are ending it now.  They are not progress when they come here they are the reverse of progress.

Non-whites have destroyed the institutions of our society.  Non-whites destroyed trust because they are thieves.  They take.  They steal. They destroy.  They are corrupt. They lie. Their institutions and countries show it.  They are destroying our civilization because that is their genetic nature.

Blacks didn’t build America.  Nor did any other race but whites.   Blacks and whites didn’t build it together.  This is a white creation.  Moreover, British stock built this country the way it is.  Other groups have chosen to attack the British stock and try to tear them down.  They couldn’t do that without tearing down America too. The result is its not the 1830’s America that De Tocqueville found and recorded.

Behavior comes from genes.  It comes from white genes that 1830’s America was the way it was.  Those genes also led us to make mistakes tha keep accruing.  We are ignoring reality.  That is why we are running into difficulties.

Despite technological progress, our schools are failing.  Despite technological progress, its harder to teach math in the schools. This is because 3rd world genes are not adpated to math and school.  They are not as advanced.  MCPH1 and ASPM are not part of them.  Ignoring genetic reality results in failure over and over. Eventually, our entire society fails.

ASPM came along in 4000 BC in the Middle East and Europe.  That is what resulted in writing.  We are now in the process of destroying the civilization created by ASPM and other genes by eliminating those genes.  That is the real truth.  Obama embodies that replacement.  His entire team examplifies it as does his entire inauguration ceremony.

If we are to seek forgiveness, it should be for lies.  It should be for destroying the civilization created by ASPM and other genes by destroying ASPM and other genes.  Help us make choices based on the predictable outcomes.

We need a morality of predictable outcomes or we will continue to see decay as the theme Obama examplifies along with Bush and Clinton who pushed the same genocide of ASPM and other advanced genes.  PC is an ideology of genocide, the elimination of the advanced genes by imposed equality of outcomes.

The pursuit of happiness is the right to search.  Equality of outcomes, affirmative action, immigration, etc. are about stopping search from finding the answer.  The answer is to select the good genes.

You can only have progress if each generation you make more copies of the good genes and fewer of the bad than you start with.  Unless you create more copies of good genes than at the start of each generation, they can’t spread through the population. This is the basis of health.  You can’t have progress without it.

We are doing the opposite.  By immigration, welfare, etc. we are creating more copies of bad genes each generation in the West than at the start.   The result is to overcome the technological progress and send us backwards.  We see that in the failure of every institution of society.  This is a failure of genetic policy.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Everything else converges to the immigrants characteristics as well.  The violence converges to the violence of the immigrants.  The stealing.  The corruption.  The indifference. The lies.  The hate.  The misuse of power.  The destruction of institutions from within.  The failure of schools.  The failure of government.  The failure of banks and money.  These all fail because that is what is true of the 3rd world societies.

3rd world genes are pre 40,000 BC genes.  They are before MCPH1.  They are before 4000 BC ASPM.  We are going back to before the birth of writing by getting rid of the genes that created writing.  That is why the schools fail.

==From Wiki

A new allele (version) of ASPM appeared sometime between 14,100 and 500 years ago with a mean estimate of 5,800 years ago. The new allele has a frequency of about 50 percent in populations of the Middle East and Europe, it is less frequent in East Asia, and has low frequencies among Sub-Saharan African populations. [1]

The mean estimated age of the ASPM allele of 5,800 years ago, roughly correlates with the development of written language, spread of agriculture and development of cities.[2] Currently, two alleles of this gene exist: the older (pre-5,800 years ago) and the newer (post-5,800 years ago). About 10% of humans have two copies of the new ASPM allele, while about 50% have two copies of the old allele. The other 40% of humans have one copy of each. Of those with an instance of the new allele, 50% of them are an identical copy [3] suggesting a highly rapid spread from the original mutation.

==End Wiki

You can’t spread a gene unless you make more copies each generation than you start with.  3rd world immigration and fertility mean that isn’t happening.  Instead its the reverse.  That is why human institutions are failing world wide.


Obama wrong on black employment and immigration

February 1, 2008

Barack Obama was wrong in the debate with Hillary Clinton when he said immigrants were scapegoated for lower black labor force participation rates. Its not just black unemployment rates are high, but blacks and black men in particular don’t have jobs.

The labor force participation rate is the number of people employed or looking for work in a group divided by the number in that group. Employed population is those with a job over the population size. Unemployment rate misses discouraged workers and those who don’t try.

The labor force participation rates of white and black men were equal to each other and to 80 percent in 1965. For white men it is now 74 percent. For black men it is now 66 percent.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. So wages stayed the same but employment fell. This means there was a substitution in supply. For men that includes women working but it also includes immigration. Women don’t take the construction jobs that Hillary Clinton mentioned black men complaining are for Hispanics only.

Wages stayed the same for men from 1973 but their employment fell. That is from a substitution of supply for men. There is no other explanation. A society that doesn’t have work for men is a dead society walking. That is what people know. Its Obama who won’t listen or pay attention.

Median wage graph on page 16 for men and women separately:

Income, Poverty, and
Health Insurance Coverage in
the United States: 2006

Issued August 2007

Current Population Reports
Consumer Income

Carmen DeNavas-Walt
Bernadette D. Proctor
Jessica Smith

Labor force participation rates for black and white men:


TABLE B–40.— Civilian labor force participation rate by

File Format: Microsoft Excel – View as HTML
Civilian labor force participation rate by demographic characteristic, 1965–2006 3, Year or month, All civilian workers, White 2, Black and other or pages

There is a substitution effect from black and white employment to immigrant employment. But labor force participation rates are projected to fall for Hispanic men and Asian men over the next 10 years as well as for white men.

Black men are projected to rise slightly from 2006 to 2016 but the 2004 to 2014 forecast was for their rate to fall. But the point is stagnant wages and stagnant job prospects.

Labor productivity has grown 1.5 percent to 3 percent per year since 1967.   See graph:

If we take 1967 to now we have 40 years roughly.  So even at 2 percent growth per year, one gets 80, which compounds to more than doubling using the rule of 72.  (Actually the rule of 69, but who knows natural logarithms anymore?)

So productivity doubled while men’s wages stayed the same and their employment fell.  That means a massive new supply that did that.  That has to include immigration.  It also doesn’t make sense that women wanted to work while men didn’t.  Instead, as immigration took men’s jobs in construction and so on, women had to work.  Women are sometimes the sole worker in the family not the additional worker.  That is caused by immigration.

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