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Obama Invents Obama Numbers Wages Rise Prices Fall

February 26, 2008

(Spoof) Obama has invented new numbers, the Obama Numbers, ONs. Just turn yourself on to the Obama Numbers. The way they work:

  1. If its good, the Obama Number goes up. Your wages rise.
  2. If its bad, the Obama Number goes down. You pay less.

Obama Numbers are friendly to all. So as your wages rise, your employer pays less for your work. Profits rise. Prices fall. Obama Numbers are a mystical fusion from Africa and America.

Obama Numbers are a miracle.  They fulfill the leftist communism taught to him in his youth by his mentor and leftist parents.  Obama Numbers heal.

Children understand Obama Numbers. All children get A’s. All children learn Obama Math. To be released: Obama Letters.

To learn the Obama Numbers you just come to Obama. You stand up and shout, Obama. Scream. Let your racism go and you will understand the Obama Numbers.

Obama Loves You. You Love Obama. This is all you know on earth and all you need to know. Obama made the Obama Numbers because he loves you.

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