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Obama South Side Wisdom

February 19, 2008

When I came to the South Side, I spoke like a child. then I learned plagiarism from Deval Patrick and suddenly everyone was listening to me and quoting me. Patrick knew the way to words I had been waiting for.

When I came to the SS, I acted like a child. Then I bought a new Glock, and no one picks on me anymore. It said, I am the Glock you have been waiting for. Was it ever.

When I came to the SS, I thought like a child. Then I met Tony Rezko. Now I have a big house, a wife and a good chance to move to a bigger house. Tony was the mentor I had been waiting for.
John Edwards talks about the mills being closed. Edwards tells people the way to get ahead in life is to sell out your brothers by advocating more H-1B’s for Silicon Valley. Edwards says the valley has money to pay shills like himself.

Clinton goes to Arabia and is paid speaking fees for letting the Arabs fund al Qaeda. That is how he says people can get ahead.

Americans can’t pay back their sub-prime mortgages. Americans are sub-prime. Lets face it, that’s what 3rd world immigration does. This stuff about the banks, the government made them give loans to 3rd world people under Clinton. Now we reap the whirlwind. Same with our schools. Bush Clinton fill them with the refuse of the 3rd world. Now our schools are the refuse of the 3rd world.

Which brings me back to me. We have the Edwards way, sell out to the valley. We have the Clinton way, sell out to the Arabs. Which seems to be the Bush way too. And Blair, and Brown and Cameron. Sorry to get English on you, but my friend Biden told me to read English politics, well. That’s the secret to my articulate success.

Which brings me back to me. Which brings me back to you. How do I sell out you so that you will vote for me so that I can sell out you? That is the Bush Clinton question. Well I’m running against a Clinton. A more self exposed hypocrisy you will never see than Hillary. Yet I’m really only neck and neck with her. Edwards is gone, he’s going to get his VC H-1B partnership like Al Gore buy it in stores. I just used that because store rhymes with Gore, I don’t know what it means, yet. But if it rhymes it means.

It really doesn’t matter now. Momentum is its own wisdom. The wisdom of momentum. Sort of like a truck going down hill. Sort of like America. Sort of like the West. Well, I’ve talked long enough. Time to sell. Time to sell out America. Time to sell out America one more time. Because, yes we can.

The above is the spoof we have been waiting for. It is the yes we can plagiarism we have been hoping for. We can vote third party. Yes we can.

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