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Advancing standard of racism case of Trump and birthers

April 28, 2011

Trump is the new racist as birtherism is the new racism. Evolving standards of decency strike again.

Now it is time for Romney, etc. to prove their decency by denouncing Trump and implicitly the birthers and implicitly the GOP base and implicitly the White Race. Because that is where evolving standards of racism have gotten us. This is where cowardice gets you, with your back to a wall and a simple decision. Do you want to die standing and fighting or be knocked down and have the diversity kick you in the head until you are brain damaged.

They have decided to make an example of Donald Trump. They have decided to treat Trump as the new George Wallace. Even while Obama lies and is not a natural born citizen. He was adopted into a foreign country by a non-citizen father ending any nbc status he could ever have had, which was none, because NBC is two citizen parents at birth with no allegiance to a foreign country and born in the US.

The denounce Trump even while Obama has multiple birth certificates with different names. They are denouncing Trump because they are liars for Obama. They are calling us racist, because they have been partly caught in their lies for Obama and their betrayal of the Constitution and the White Race which has given them everything and which they have returned with ethnic cleansing and the denial of the safe and good life they have from us. That they deny in return to us. And call us racist while and because they do it.

We don’t get anything from them by agreeing we are guilty of racism and thus deserve what they do to us. On the contrary, that seals our fate. We must turn and denounce them as the race betrayers they are. We must denounce them not just for the little things, but the big thing, their betrayal of the White Race. That is the great issue of our time. That is the great genocide of our time. That is what we have an obligation to ourselves and our posterity as well as basic human morality to oppose and denounce with every fiber of our beings and every chance we get.

Bob Schieffer as the policy of CBS News and the Liberal elite are now kicking Donald Trump, birthers and the White Race in the head. This is what they learned from the McDonald’s video and the other videos of their chosen replacements for us. This is what their people do to us, the people they hate. The physical kicks are just the embodiment of the hate of Whites that Bob Schieffer and CBS are expressing.

The head kicking in the McDonald’s video is the hate of Bob Schieffer.


Obama to America: You’re fired. Take this b.c. and shove it.

April 27, 2011

Obama made his disdain for America clear today yet again. The contempt and sneers of this man leapt down his nose and out his mouth at the news conference on his releasing his birth certificate.

Has any public figure expressed such disdain, contempt, and hectoring while releasing his information? This was the equivalent of Clinton waving his finger at us. But it was deeper than that. Obama thinks he is a god. He is Obama the Supreme Leader. He thinks he is a Qaddafi or Castro. Bill Ayers knew he had a live one when he picked Obama to sponsor and ghost write for.

Farrakhan asked, “Who does he think he is?” of Obama. Surely takes one to know one.

Obama has been non-stop contempt for us. He was calling us stupid not just a cop. Obama’s Cairo was speech was the Mosque child speaking to his people against the White West he and they had grown up hating.

Obama hates the birthers because they don’t bow down before him like CNN does and NBC does. It is said Obama was outraged that Stephanopoulos did not show him the same obsequiousness that Brian Williams did earlier this year when Williams said to Obama that he was born a Christian, an obvious lie from his name alone.

Obama expects the press and the establishment to lie for him and to repeat his lies and to bow down before him and to express his disdain for us. Obama was playing to the MSM in his conference, egging them on to express disdain and contempt for us the people, in particular Whites. CNN did. They were out there denouncing us and giving us their hate certificate of us. They loathe us as racist bigots. They opposed the release of documents by the government, a seeming first by the news media, and blamed it on our racism and stupidity.

I’m a nobody do you have a birth certificate too?

September 5, 2009

I’m a nobody, who are you?
Do you have a birth certificate too?


Chicago Tribune says that Media Matters only targets right

August 12, 2009,0,7741023.story

“Take Media Matters. It’s an organization that honorably subjects itself to listening to and transcribing every hate-filled far-right comment made at any time in America. If you made a hate-filled, far-right comment last night at dinner, check the Media Matters Web site; it should be up there.”

Mark Bazer

Bazer says that Media Matters targets the right.,0,3095493,comment-display-all.story

Great comments. Some summarize case and facts very well.  Facts the Chicago Tribute should be documenting itself.  One important comment:

Perhaps the Tribune can find out from the Obama Admin why they can’t let America know the name of the Hospital where Obama was born, you know, so the plaque can be placed honoring the birth of the first Black President. Or, it would be nice to know who delivered Obama, like we know all about the births of all of our other Presidents (GWB was delivered by a woman, surely a rarity in 1946 (Dr. Maggie Tyler). So, who delivered Obama and why won’t he tell us? Only President who is hiding his history from Americans. Hmmmm. . . . . .

ElainaVer (08/11/2009, 9:05 PM )

Posted: August 03, 2009
9:21 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

The third president born in a medical facility, George W. Bush, was welcomed into the world in 1946 at the Grave-New Haven Community Hospital – later renamed the Yale-New Haven Hospital – in New Haven, Conn.

No plaques or monuments mark the hospital as Bush’s birthplace, though the communications office does have a 2-page information packet on the birth and the history of the hospital at the time, including a biographical paragraph on the doctor who attended the 43rd president’s birth.

“Margaret (Maggie) Tyler, M.D., delivered the president,” the packet explains. “Dr. Tyler was a member of the New Haven Hospital and then the Grace-New Haven Hospital medical staff in the department of obstetrics and gynecology from about 1922-1949. She served a residency in obstetrics at New Haven Hospital from 1919-21 and joined the staff in 1922 as an associate obstetrician.”


Tom Toles birth certificate death panel cartoon hate and ignorance his

August 12, 2009

Tom Toles Birth Certificate and Death Panels Cartoon.  “Cradle to Grave Crazy.”

Political Cartoon below from WaPo shows what they think of us on birth certificate and the death panels.

The reality is we don’t even get a death panel. Foreign and non-white doctors and nurses simply decide we don’t get care.   That just increases under Obama.

The reality is that under Obamacare we have as much chance to find out what is being decided “for” us and make our case on the merits as we do to get the birth certificate.

Those pushing health care by calling us crazy know as little of the details of the health plan as they of the birth certificate.


The hate they have of us in this cartoon is the hate that denies us care and lies about it.  Its the hate that doesn’t let us see the 1961 doctor signed birth certificate from Kapiolani Medical Center because it doesn’t exist.       Nor let us see if Stanley Ann Dunham was admitted to Kapiolani as a patient.  She is dead now.  So whether she visited should be public.

Its only useful to conceal Dunham’s records to those who are engaged in fraud.  That fraud comes from the hate of whites shown in the cartoon. That’s the same hate in All in the Family. That’s the hate that let in the terrorists.

That’s the hate that keeps immigration going after immigration is destroying our country.  That’s the hate of ethnic cleansing of whites in Westchester NY that targets the most white areas.

The Washington Post was for release of the tapes when Nixon was president.  Now they ridicule release of the 1961 doctor signed hospital birth certificate from Kapiolani made at the time of Obama’s birth.  This document likely does not exist and never existed.  It might exist.  But more likely it does not.  Obama’s actions show that.

The WaPo showing hate to those who want documents released is the opposite of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  FOIA was about transparency and government openness.  Now WaPo is against that.  WaPo is for race replacement of whites by non-whites.  That is what the health care bill is about as well.

Obama has hate in his heart for whites.  He has shown that his entire adult life.  That is the meaning of his adult life.  Not releasing the birth certificate from Kapiolani if it exists just shows that.  The WaPo enables it.  The health care bill is that.  There are no death panels, just death from Obamacare.   That is the takeaway to remember.


WND Jerome Corsi Obama mom at U Wash Aug 19 1961

August 9, 2009

Records from Univesity of Washington clearly show Stanley Ann Dunham registered in extension courses, which means night courses in Washington state, starting Aug 19, 1961.  Supposedly Obama was born Aug 4 1961 in Hawaii.

SAD was registed at U Hawaii only for Fall 1960.

SAD was reported to have come with a 7 month old baby when she arrived at U Wash and a woman baby sat for her.

The address given in the newspaper announcements for Aug 4 1961 in Hawaii was owned and lived in by a U Hawaii professor.  6085 Kalanianaole Highway.

6085 Kalanianaole Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96821

This was owned and occupied from 1958 to the 1970’s by “Orland Scott Lefforge, a University of Hawaii professor, and his wife/companion Thelma Young”.

Obama Sr. had his own apartment the entire time from 1960 to 1962 at a single address at a separate location.  Barack Obama Sr lived at  “625 11th Ave. in Kaimuki, within walking distance of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he was enrolled for studies in the fall term 1959.”  He lived there to 1962 when he left for Harvard.

It appears this friendly prof let them use this address for the birth record announcement.

SAD may have had the baby earlier in 1961 in Kenya.  She may have met Obama Sr in the summer of 1960 is a possibility.   The met in Russian class later became a cover story.

SAD is only registered in Fall 1960 at U Hawaii until several years later.

Obama has claimed 4 items of information:

  1. Born in Hawaii at Kapiolani Medical Center.
  2. Barack Sr his father.
  3. SAD his mother.
  4. Born August 4, 1961.

Each of these items is of possible importance to determining eligibility for president and fraud and deceit about any one of them is fraud in the inducement to the voters and Congress and the states and voids his election.  He can not get equity, being president, by fraud.  If any of these fact claims by Obama is false, then he has gained the presidency by fraud and his taking the office is void and his acts as president are void.


David Frum: southern whites stupid birthers

August 8, 2009

Drew Zahn
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

In a recent telephone poll conducted by Research 2000 for the website Daily Kos, 58 percent of Republican respondents when asked if Barack Obama was born in the USA answered “no” or “not sure.”

David Frum:

The crazy assertion is that Obama himself was born somewhere other than the United States.

The idea is so over-the-line nuts that it has been repudiated even by commentators who are themselves borderline nuts.

The white Southern base of the GOP strongly doubts the legality of the 2008 election and the legitimacy of the man elected. They see him as alien, foreign and suspect.

Is this mistrust racial? It sure looks that way. But there’s something else going on too: the trauma of a society adjusting to mass migration, 40-million newcomers since 1970. The people responding to the polls may be thinking: OK, maybe it’s legal for the President’s father to be a non-citizen from Kenya. But it shouldn’t be — the president should have deeper roots in the country than can be sunk in a single generation.

This is immigration Frum supported the whole time and called whites racist to oppose the whole time.

Auster on Frum

Frum realizes mass nonwhite immigration is disaster for GOP

Reading a report by Democratic consultant Stanley Greenberg saying that voters under the age of 30 favor the Democrats by a margin of 19 points, David Frum does a shocking thing: he looks at the data in racial terms and draws rational conclusions about them. He finds that young white people actually favor the Republicans by a margin of two points, and that the big GOP disadvantage is to due to a 78 point anti-GOP margin among blacks and a 43 point margin among Hispanics.

Of course, Frum thinks Southrons are morons.  They are easily led and easily fooled in his view.

Here is the transcript of the recent Center for Immigration Studies panel on Jews and immigration, featuring Stephen Steinlight, David Frum and Joseph Puder.

==Comment at Vanishing American recently:….? ReleaseID=1361

1. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president?

NoColl Coll BrnAgn
Degree Degree Evngl Prot Cath Jew

Approve 49% 53% 26% 33% 46% 66%
Disapprove 42 42 65 57 45 30
DK/NA 10 6 9 9 9 4

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Democrats in Congress are handling their job?

NoColl Coll BrnAgn
Degree Degree Evngl Prot Cath Jew

Approve 36% 34% 21% 25% 35% 51%

Disapprove 54 57 70 65 56 41

Born Again Evangelicals disapprove the Dems in Congress and disapprove Obama the most. This disproves the Christians are the problem.

Born Agains and Protestants are also very close.

The two groups poles apart are Born Agains and Jews. BA’s are 26 for to 65 against on Obama or -39. Jews are 66 for to 30 against or +30. Thus BA’s and Jews are 69 points net apart.
The are also opposite in sign and extreme in size in their difference. So they are really two opposite poles among the Q classifications of whites.

On Obama, Jews cluster with Blacks and Hispanics for him. This is more meaningful than Congress on which some groups may think that Congress doesn’t give them enough, and others think Congress gives them too much so they both disapprove.

The idea that its Christians that are the problem is false. The voting analysis in 2008 I think was similar.
Old Atlantic | 08.06.09 – 3:09 pm | #

Gravatar This shows we represent the thinking of our own people. We are not the fringe of our people, we are what our people think. In thinking about coalitions with other groups, we should realize that people from those groups who agree with us are the fringe of those groups.

This is why we should not give up our positions or curb our speech. We have to nail down exactly the situation from our group’s perspective so they can read it and see it in crystal explicit propositions. We should not hang back in fear or sugar coat it or defeat or our own message by hesitation or weasel words.
Old Atlantic | 08.06.09 – 3:20 pm | #

Interesting numbers, OA.
It’s rather reassuring to look at it that way; we aren’t the fringe. The people who have control of the media and government are the fringe.
Vanishing American | 08.07.09 – 12:00 am | #

Frum is the Fringe.  A truth whose time has come.


Frum was so busy hating Southern whites and calling them stupid he forgot to ask if Obama ever proved he was eligible to be president by showing his 1961 birth year hospital issued doctor signed birth certificate.

Obama has implied or claimed the following 4 items

  1. Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center.
  2. Obama’s father was Barack H. Obama Sr.
  3. Obama’s mother was Stanley Ann Dunham.
  4. Obama was born August 4, 1961.

The requirement to be president as a natural born citizen can involve some combo of:

  1. Place of birth.
  2. Status of father.
  3. Status of mother.
  4. Date.

The first 3 enter into NBC status and the last one into the age requirement.  If he commits fraud on any one of these 4 items of information he has obstructed the verification of his eligibility.  He doesn’t get to change his story after he is found out as having engaged in fraud.  If he lied or deceived on any element, then he is a fraud and loses by default.  It doesn’t matter if he could have been eligible, if he committed fraud he loses.

Which particular scenario on NBC applies can depend on any of the first 3 items and possibly the 4th. So if he lies on them even though another NBC scenario works with his new story when found out, he defaults.  If he obstructs our verification by lying and by fraud and deceit then he loses.  Receiving equity requires doing equity.  By that standard, failing to release the b.c. and other files by itself disqualifies him in several ways.  A president must show he does equity.  Obama fails on that.


Dear Senator X, was Obama born at Kapiolani Medical Center?

August 8, 2009

E-mail your Senator or Congressman and ask them the simple question:

Was Obama born at Kapi’olani Medical Center?

Dear Senator X,

Was Obama born at Kapi’olani Medical Center?

I have included a link to the hospital webpage.

Sincerely yours,

Your name.

Dem webpage shows one of the newspaper announcements (Honolulu Advertiser) of Obama’s birth.×8530528

Note that the name of the child is not mentioned.  The name of the hospital is not mentioned.

Honolulu Star and Advertiser:

Other questions to ask.

Dear Senator X,

Can you agree with any of the following statements:

Obama was born in Hawaii.

If Obama was not born in Hawaii, then he has committed fraud on the US Senate.

If Obama was not born in Hawaii, then he has committed fraud on me in my capacity as a US Senator..

Obama was born in Hawaii in Honolulu.

Obama was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

Obama was born in the United States.

Obama was born on August 4, 1961.

Obama was born in August of 1961.

Obama was born in 1961.

Barack Hussein Obama II’s father was Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama was never adopted.

Obama was adopted.

Obama became a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama was never a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama was registered at school in Indonesia as a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama had an Indonesian passport.

Obama never had an Indonesian passport.

Obama had an Indonesian identity card showing Obama as a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama never had an Indonesian identity card showing Obama as a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 using an Indonesian passport or identity card.

When Obama returned to the US on that trip, there was no indication on his US passport, if he had one, of his trip to Pakistan.  Thus US Customs didn’t know he had been there and as a consequence didn’t search him or his possessions for drugs.

Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 using only a US passport.


Obama natural born citizen v natural born subject

August 7, 2009

Leo Donofrio at Natural Born Citizen shows that US legal decisions hold that Obama is a natural born subject of the British crown from birth.  This seeming tie is resolved by looking at original intent and by fact according to the argument below.  We can look to Obama’s actual behavior in fact to see if he exhibits loyalties and entanglements in Kenya and resentments of Britain hostile to the US alliance to Britain from the colonial history of Kenya and Britain.  We in fact find that.  Obama resents Britain’s colonial past and applies that to whites and then acts to harm our link to Britain.

Natural Born Citizen v Natural Born Subject.

Tiebreaker:  Original intent is avoid entanglement.

Entanglement in Fact: Obama went to Kenya and was part of Kenya politics in the 2000’s with Odinga, cousin or not.  Obama also dissed the British after becoming president and excluded them at Normandy from some celebration, sent back the Churchill bust, and gave them cheesy insulting gifts.  He also wouldn’t have dinner with Sarkozy on that trip.  France and Britain are our oldest allies and its British law itself we are citing.  We are using our colonial relation to Britain to interpret our laws.  But Obama resents Britain’s colonial relation to Kenya and applies that resentment to disrupt the very tie of Britain to America we are using to interpret our laws.  Obama is not just entangled in Kenya but in a way to want to disrupt our relation with Britain out of his resentments over Kenya being a colony of Britain.  This shows he puts Kenya first.

Where the feared entanglement is shown by the actual conduct of the candidate in question, the tie is resolved that Obama exhibits in fact the divided loyalty feared.  The NBC clause in the Constitution is intended to achieve the result of avoiding entanglement.  Substance over form means the tie is broken that Obama is not NBC because he exhibits the entanglement and divided loyalty and even hostile loyalty that is the original intent to avoid.  Resolution is that Obama is not NBC in fact and is thus not eligible to be US president in fact.


Americans exhibit behavior: Because we were Britain’s colony, we apply her laws and concepts.  Those are us.

Obama’s behavior:  Because Kenya was Britain’s colony, he hates and resents Britain.  Obama is showing he does not identify with Britain but hates it. Thus Obama shows he is not us.

By showing his behavior that he is not us, Obama shows he is not a natural born citizen.


Americans identify with Britain and British because we are the same stock as them and the same people.

Obama resents Kenya being a colony of Britain because Obama considers Kenyans and British as separate and different people.  Obama considers British colonialism was racism because whites and blacks are different peoples and Obama identifies himself as black.  We consider British colonialism was not racism, because we consider we are the Colonists.  The Constitution was written by the Colonists upon becoming independent.

NBC is about people who are us transmitting us-ness.  This is particularly so in Article II which is about having a Commander in Chief CINC who is us. The original intent was to avoid a CINC who didn’t identify as us but identified with some other country or some other people.

Obama identifies with Kenyans as who he is us.  For Obama, “us” means Kenyan.  Obama is black because of his Kenyan father alone.  Obama identifies with black nationalism becuase of his Kenyan father.  That is the identification the Founders wanted to avoid in a CINC.

Obama even resents us because of what “we” did to “him” and “his” by “our” colonizing Kenya.  For Obama, Kenyans are blacks and are “us”, and we are whites and are “them”.   We are the same as the British because we are white and from British stock.  So he resents us and doesn’t identify with us.  This is what the Founders wanted to avoid in a CINC.


When Obama thinks of the relation of Kenya to Britain, Obama thinks of himself as Kenyan
and British as them.  When Obama thinks of Britain by itself, he reverts to this point of view, his resentment as a Kenyan of the British for colonizing his people, the Kenyans.

For us, Britain is the mother country. We show that by interpreting our laws and our Constitution based on British Common Law for centuries past.  We are them.  They are us.

Obama does not think of Britain as the mother country.  Obama thinks of Britain as a hostile colonizing power trying to rule his people, the Kenyans.   This despite being educated at Harvard Law School and teaching Constitutional Law at University of Chicago.

Despite all that, Obama identifies with Kenya as us and Britain as them.  This is not what the president of the US, or CINC, is supposed to feel.  Our courts are applying British law on natural born because they identify us with Britain as our mother country.  We are them.   To Obama, they are the enemy.  That makes us the enemy.  Obama shows that by his black nationalism.

To Obama, his black nationalism in Chicago for 20 years and Kenya’s struggle to throw off British colonialism, are the same thing.  That makes Obama not us and so he can’t be CINC.  The Constitution intends only someone who identifies as us can be CINC.  That rules out someone who identifies Kenyans as us and identifies white Americans as the same as the British and as Obama’s enemies who were tossed out of Kenya.


The Left sometimes admits this is part of why they resent this whole discussion or fear it.  They also sometimes celebrate Obama as not being us, white America especially British Americans who are the Founding Stock Americans who they equate with racism for black slavery.  The Left admits at times and celebrates at times that Obama is not us and does not have an identify of being an American in the sense of the Founding Stock who wrote the Constitution and created the country.  That is an identity the Left hates and denies. They deny the Founding Stock created America and that ultimately denies the identity of America as created out of being a British colony and as ultimately British in origin and identity.  They deny America has a British identity or white identity.



Lou Dobbs great American birth certificate is a story

July 31, 2009

The birth certificate is a legitimate story.  Will Obama withhold his own birth certificate from his own presidential library?  Will Obama withhold his own kindergarten records from his own presidential library?  Fill in the blank.  Elementary School in Indonesia, high school in Hawaii, Occidental College, Columbia, Harvard Law School, mosque in Indonesia, Rev Wright’s church, his faked up first job out of college, his order to HLS classmates to keep silent, the inability to find anyone who saw him at Columbia, his Pakistan trip friends who have not spoken to the media, etc.

Websites like Rawstory put on moderation hold comments from the right for hours or days.  They are fake newsites.  They are propaganda sites.

What proof is there that his ratings fell over this story?

Why is the left so hyper to attribute Lou Dobbs dip in ratings to this story?  Ratings are a short term random walk when there is no big news story.  Are ratings seasonally adjusted for news?  Its the end of July and the big news is the Beer Summit.  The real big news is health care which the left won’t cover truthfully.  Its taking health care from whites forever.  Destroy the insurance companies and whites can never again buy good medical coverage.  Instead they get government health care.  That means non-whites denying them treatment and Sotomayor backing them up.

The left lies constantly.  The left is emboldened in its lies by Obama not having to disclose his original birth certificate before the election.  Obama did that to send a signal that the MSM didn’t have to report the truth about him on anything.  They understand that.

The birth certificate not being released stands for the proposition that Obama is above the truth.  That is what the whole Left believes.  That is why every thing they advocate is to poison white people and ethnically cleanse them from this country.

H-1b is ethnic cleansing of whites.  So is the Obama health care.  So are Obama taxes.  So are Obama nukes for North Korea and Iran.  Lou Dobbs is one of the few and only anchor to speak up on this.

Lou Dobbs stopped UAE from having control of our ports.  That saved thousands and likely millions of lives.  Leftists who live in big cities especially ports might want to think about.  Their life is owed to Lou Dobbs stopping the UAE which was part of 9/11 from having free access to our ports.  See the Complete 9/11 Timeline.

Should we call the people who were opposed to UAE having our ports, Porters?  I am a porter.  That China shouldn’t control our weapons labs are labers?  I am a laber. That China shouldn’t control our universities, Universityers?  That they shouldn’t control our venture capital industry in Silicon Valley, Valleyers?  That H-1bs, shouldn’t take American jobs, Jobbers?   I am a Jobber.  I am a Lou Dobbs Jobber.

No one has the right to take my job from me from China or India.  Nor that of my extended family or people I know.  Congress doesn’t have the right to take my health insurance and give it to people from China, India and Mexico.  I earned that insurance and so did those in my extended family.  Its not the Left’s right to take that away from me.  That makes me a Healther.

Lou Dobbs is the last line of national defense until you get to your own shotgun.  That makes me a shotgunner.

Lou Dobbs, proud to be an American.  Its my right to see Obama’s original long form birth certificate and all his other records that he is holding to prove that he doesn’t have to disclose anything or tell the truth about anything.  That is what this debate is about.

The Left says anything the right wants or says is hate.  Its hate to want to see Obama’s records.  Its hate to want to keep my health insurance that I pay for.  Its hate to want to keep my financial savings.  Its hate to want a safe neighborhood.  Its hate for white firefighters and cops to be treated with dignity.   Its hate for me to be alive.  Only hate can keep me alive.  That is what the left says.  They say it everyday.

The Left freely hate and never hold back.  They never apologize for hate. They still have not apologize for their bringing in the 19 immigrants who did 9/11.  They have not apologized for making Touhy afraid to stop a terrorist for being racist.  The blood of 9/11 is on the Left’s hands.  They don’t apologize, they do the same over and over.  The attack on Crowley was the same as athe attack on Tuohy before 9/11, to make the terrorists safe to kill us and the police afraid to protect us.  To the Left all politics is about the ethnic cleansing of white people.

The Left hates Lou Dobbs. The left has designated Lou Dobbs a person to be hated.  The Left is doing a shout out of hate on Lou Dobbs now that they hounded Sarah Palin out of office. The Left loaded her with legal bills and then the fake ethics lawyer said that Palin could not have a legal defense fund while governor.  When do ethics lawyers make up new laws?  Isn’t that what left judges do?  Its Lou Dobbs who tells the truth on the Left.  So they hate him.  Without Sarah Palin to kick around, its back to Lou Dobbs.  The new 2 minute hate is the old 2 minute hate, Lou Dobbs.

The Left is also angry that Crowley was invited to the White House instead of having to go to the Apology House.  They can’t stand that and they looked around for an old hate target.  Lou Dobbs was there covering that Obama has not disclosed his long form birth certificate.  That ‘s true.  Obama’s lawyers have admitted that its true in court that Obama has not disclosed that birth certificate.

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