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What to Do About Pakistan Ivan Eland Antiwar

February 4, 2008

“Instead, U.S. aid to Pakistan should be cut off. (Arms sales to India should also be stopped and the U.S.-Indian nuclear agreement scrapped.)”

“As long as Pakistan’s army, the most powerful political force in the country, can be seen to be fighting, apprehending, or killing these important remnants, heavy amounts of U.S. military aid will continue to flow.”

To summarize: Stop aid to Pakistan. Aid makes them keep terrorism alive. Don’t give nuclear aid to India. This has been the position of this blog from the beginning. Let’s review the history.

  1. 1990’s Pakistan created the Taliban and supports at least indirectly al Qaeda.
  2. Spring 1998 Pakistan explodes nuke.
  3. US puts on sanctions on Pakistan.
  4. August 98 al Qaeda attacks our embassies in Africa. This is reported in the newspapers so Pakistan knows it.
  5. May to July 99: Pakistan invades the disputed province, Kargil, with India but says Pakistani troops are terrorists, in effect Taliban. Pakistan won’t even take the bodies of its own dead troops back from India.
  6. October 1999: Mush takes power in Pakistan with the support of General Mahmood Ahmad of ISI.
  7. 2000 Pakistan and US exchange visits by ISI and CIA and other leaders.
  8. Oct 2000 al Qaeda attacks USS Cole and this is reported in newspapers.
  9. Pakistan continues support of Taliban and al Qaeda.
  10. Spring 2001 more meetings US and Pakistan.
  11. 9-11 General Ahmad is in US at time of attack by al Qaeda.
  12. After 9-11, US gives aid to Pakistan and lifts sanctions in effect, Pakistan keeps its nukes.
  13. Ahmad has to retire a month later.
  14. Taliban and al Qaeda come to Pakistan after US chases them out of Afghanistan.
  15. Pakistan is caught selling nuclear know-how and technology
  16. Same stuff continues.

We need to not only cut off aid, we need to reinstate the Clinton sanctions to make Pakistan give up its nuclear weapons. We would be better off today if we had left the Clinton sanctions in place on Pakistan on 9-12, stopped immigration and done nothing else. That is still true now. If we left Afghanistan and Iraq, put the sanctions back on Pakistan and stopped immigration today we would be better off than the current Bush policy.

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