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Invade Iran Surround Pakistan Denuke Muslim World

February 26, 2008

Any other course of action won’t work. We have to invade Iran to find their entire program and eliminate it. We have to surround Pakistan and blockade it to give up its nukes. That means linking our ground forces in Afghanistan to our ships in the Indian Ocean. That requires us to occupy Iran.

We will need to draft at least 2 million men to do this with overwhelming force. We could invade Iran with the army in Iraq at a pinch, but our purposes would be better served to have a draft army at least on the way.

If Iran agrees to let us use Eastern Iran for our troops and to give up its nuclear program under our inspection then we don’t have to fight it. To get that we have to have a draft of 2 million men and be ready to invade. We can’t simply wait. Waiting is how Russia and China got nukes. Waiting is how North Korea got to where it is. Waiting is suicide for us. We can’t allow a Muslim nuclear world. That is inconsistent with our survival.

What is happening with Musharraf shows we can’t let Pakistan keep nukes. They have sold them under Bush’s nose. We have no plan in Washington. We have people who just hope the Muslims will be like us.

A discussion from a liberal point of view of the options is here:

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