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Pakistan ISI Sikh Twin Flight Bombings 1985 and 911 Twin Towers

August 9, 2012


The state of Punjab was also divided. Later, the Khalistan movement arose to create another Sikh homeland in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan, harking back to the 18th century Sikh Empire. Canada’s RCMP Security Service had followed the Khalistan movement since 1974, but did not consider it to be a threat until 1981. Sikh immigration to Canada began before the early 1900s, where immigrants suffered discrimination in British Columbia.[7] During the 1970s, many of those who would become the leaders and members of the Babbar Khalsa, such as Talwinder Singh Parmar, Ajaib Singh Bagri, Ripudaman Singh Malik and Inderjit Singh Reyat, had settled in Canada. By the 1980s, the area around Vancouver had become the largest center of Sikh population outside India.[8]

“A total of 329 people were killed, including 280 Canadians, 27 British citizens and 22 Indians.[1] The incident was the largest mass murder in Canadian history,[2][3][4] and the deadliest aviation disaster to occur over a body of water. It was the first bombing of a 747 jumbo jet, preceding the better-known 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, which was also brought down by explosives placed in a radio inside a bag without its passenger boarding. ”

“Canadian law enforcement determined that the main suspects in the bombing were members of the Sikh militant group Babbar Khalsa and other related groups based in Canada. ”

Model minority strikes again.

Canada was the big problem behind Sikhs in India? Or British race is responsible forever?


” Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Singh has expressed concern about growing support by Canadian Sikhs for militants in India.

Most Sikhs worldwide long ago abandoned the notion of Khalistan, a separate Sikh state. But community leaders here acknowledge evidence that separatism is festering in Canada, believed to have the largest Sikh diaspora in the world. Some fear that extremist views offering a distorted view of what happened in Punjab years ago are influencing second-generation Sikh immigrants.”

So we have Sikhs and Pakistanis come to Canada to fight each other and both agree to kill British race individuals as responsible for all their problems.

See discussion at Vanishing American



On June 22, 1985, the bags of a passenger named L. Singh were checked in at Vancouver for Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP Air) 003 to New Tokyo International Airport in Narita, Japan, near Tokyo. This bag was interlined to Air India Flight 301 leaving for Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. L. Singh was assigned seat 38H.

At 2037 GMT, CP Air Flight 003 (named Empress of Australia), departed Vancouver without L. Singh on board.

At 0541 GMT (now June 23), CP Air 003 arrived in Tokyo Narita 14 minutes early.

At 0619 GMT, a piece of luggage that had come from CP Air 3 exploded as it was being transferred to Air India Flight 301; the explosion killed two Japanese baggage handlers (Hideo Asano and Hideharu Koda) in Narita Airport and injured four other people.

At 0714 GMT, Air India Flight 182 exploded in mid-air off the coast of Ireland, killing all 329 people on board with no surviours. Further investigation connects the bombing of the Boeing 747 with the bombing at Narita.


  • Gulf Air Flight 771 On 23 September 1983, on approach to Abu Dhabi International Airport, a bomb exploded in the baggage compartment. Most of the dead were Pakistani nationals. The bomb was apparently planted by the militant Palestinian Abu Nidal organization for protection money payments.
  • Air India Flight 182 1985 transatlantic flight of first 747 destroyed by sabotage. Aircraft exploded in-flight by dynamite placed in a stereo tuner with timers purchased by Sikh separatists. A similar second bomb intended for Air India Flight 301 exploded at the Tokyo airport killing two baggage handlers and injuring four others. This is the first plot to target two planes at the same time. The initial suspect Talwinder Singh Parmar confessed that Lakhbir Singh Brar Rode, leader of the Sikh separatist organization International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) was the mastermind. There are allegations that the ISYF has been supported by Pakistan‘s Inter-Services Intelligence organization which has been linked to Islamic terrorism organizations.[8] Later Lockerbie attack would also involve suitcases with explosives placed in electronic music components on a 747. Khalistan activists believe it was a false flag attack by Indian government to discredit their movement.

==end excerpt

Did Pakistan ISI help Sikhs with the two Air India bomb attacks on June 23, 1985?

Did Pakistan then plan the 911 attacks using 4 planes in 2011?

Pakistan kept getting away with terrorism that it became a normal way of life?


Sikh separatists kill 55 train 1991

1987 Sikh separatists kill 32 Lalru


Leading Indo Canadian paper:

Sikh separatists doesn’t sound like they want to live with us in kumbaya peace.


The Pakistan USG MSM teachable lying moment

May 3, 2011

Pakistan is caught holding bin Laden in a safe house of its ISI and next to the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) and Pakistan, United States government and the MSM all lie and say it isn’t holding him. They are lying to our face. The MSM then calls us names like conspiracy nut, birther, Trumper, bigot, racist, Islamophobe, etc. to silence us.

The MSM plays the role of the KGB. They subject us to fear so that we become silent in public or official matters. They operate on the view that Auster expresses, it is what you say in public that matters. It is not your private or mental reservations or what you say in private. Although the KGB extended its actions there to. As we see in prosecutions in the UK and child custody cases, they can extend their reach there as well.

So what name do we give people who believe that Pakistan was holding bin Laden? Holder is the name of the Attorney General. We can say they harbored him. Harborers? Accessory after the fact theorists? This is conspiracy in the law.

I proclaim myself a Harborer. A Harborer is someone who believes the government of Pakistan was harboring bin Laden. This is a narrow Harborer. A full blown case of Harboring Theory is that Pakistan was doing the same for al Qaeda, and still is. A Full Harborer (why is birther not capitalized or is it?) also believes that the reason Pakistan harbored bin Laden and still harbors al Qaeda is because they were part of the original 9/11 conspiracy.

The next step is to add the anthrax attacks in. The next step is to say that as 9/11 started to unfold, the US government and then the MSM did the same thing they are doing now right in our face. They covered up the obvious role of Pakistan and that Pakistan was getting a payoff of the lifting of sanctions on its nuclear program for its support of the 9/11 attacks. This is born again harboring. I proclaim myself and freely admit that I am a Born Again Harborer.

Wise as Serpent Harborers know that the MSM is lying to us and is working for the government to hector us into silence. We know that the MSM lies when it says it is the giver of truth. We know the MSM lies when it says it is on our side against government. We know that the MSM as it goes back and forth to be the President’s Press Secretary is just the official mouth piece of the government. It is the same. This is why its sales volume is going down in part.

Vanishing American has a column from last evening calling this process in front of us gaslighting.

My comment there:

I think gaslighting is a proper word for what is going on in front of us. Pakistan’s role is being white washed yet again with the MSM playing the enforcer role of calling us names. Gaslighting Media or Gaslighting Stream Media are new names for them and what they do. They are the Gaslighters not us. Although they will want Gaslighter to mean a conspiracy nut who thinks they are the Gaslighters.

I wrote my blog article today before reading yours. It is somewhat similar in its conclusion although more focused on Pakistan. I pronounce myself a Harborer, someone who believes Pakistan was harboring bin Laden. Not only that I am a full blown Harborer who thinks that Pakistan was in on the original 9/11 attacks to get the sanctions lifted on its nuclear program and that this is the reason they harbored bin Laden and still harbor al Qaeda.

I would add the real gaslighting is that them and their Islam in our lands is peaceful or good for us. Which is part of their larger lie that immigration is good for us. The truth is them and their Islam out of our lands is what is not just good for us, but our only path to survival.


Safe Houser is an alternative term to Harborer. WND is using the term safe house for the bin Laden Abbottabad compound. This term works as well.

“Although Monday’s operation was primarily a Find, Fix, Finish mission to kill bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, it has also yielded intelligence.”

If they had not used an explosion, presumably to blow up the compound?, but had scaled the walls, they could have taken bin Laden alive? It is a house without a phone. So it couldn’t call for help.


Al Qaeda’s idea of independent cells or franchises has not worked out. The cells are just not that good at terrorism. They are also underfunded and lack experience and sophistication. Without a franchising organization to provide services and management, it doesn’t work. Like so many startups, al Qaeda is a business failure. Pakistan as a rogue terrorist sponsoring state though is another matter. It is the difference for the 9/11 and likely the anthrax attacks.


A Harborer or Safe Houser, not only believes that Pakistan was harboring bin Laden in a safe house, but that the US Government and MSM are now in a conspiracy to lie about this to us and make us sound like nuts to say it.

Pakistan: normal is attacking India and white West

December 14, 2008

Manmohan Singh: India wants a normal relationship with Pakistan.

Pakistan: A normal relationship is we attack India and the white West. We are Muslim. That is what is normal. If we don’t attack you, its unjust under Islam.

Justice is we attack you in cowardly attacks. Justice is that Muslims live in your lands among you and then use that as a base to attack you in an instant, sudden jihad syndrome you call it. We call it sudden justice.

Pakistan’s list:

Pakistan is a nation of jihadis. Pakistan is the jihad state.


Asif Ali Zardari is the Islamist in Chief. Pakistan ISI: Islam studies itself.

Pakistan is united by hatreds. It hates India and the white West.

When Pakistan gets a new president, India gets a new 9/11. And then America and Britain get them in two’s. In the Mumbai attack, it was a joint package with Jewish people thrown in for the ultimate Pakistan jihadi fantasy attack. Mumbai was a 720 virgin attack.


Pakistan India “normal relationship”

Or Britain gets them in twenty.

Pakistan is behind all these attacks. Kargil, 9/11, Mumbai, and many in between.

The enemy of me is my enemy

December 3, 2007

Pakistan did its nuclear test in spring 1998.  Then al Qaeda attacked our embassies in East Africa in August 1998.  Then the USS Cole in 2000.  Then 9-11-2001.

On 9-11, Pakistan’s foreign debt was 38 billion dollars.  Its gross interest was greater than its gross exports.  Its central banker wrote a book saying its position was unsustainable.  It was under sanctions for its nuclear program.  To refinance from international lenders like IMF or World Bank it would have to give up all its nukes.

General Ahmed of Pakistan’s ISI was in DC on 9-11 and Pakistan’s position all changed.  It got refinancing, financial aid, lifting of sanctions and to keep its nuclear program.

Daniel Pearl was killed when he asked questions about all this.  Al Qaeda and the Taliban are in Pakistan.  When a Brit was head of NATO in the area he said Pakistan was supporting the Taliban.  Bush was offended, at the Brit.

After each terrorist event starting in August 1998, Pakistan knew al Qaeda and the Taliban were attacking America and kept supporting them after each one up to the present time.  This has been extortion.  At a certain point, not seeing a circumstantial evidence as proof is itself a failure of judgment.  After every terrorist attack by al Qaeda, Pakistan keeps supporting them.  Pakistan had to have 9-11 or lose its nuclear program.  They need financial aid to prop up their government.

The reason they were bankrupt on 9-11-2001 is that they needed the 38 billion dollars to pay off the military, ISI and corrupt officials.  They had to have 9-11 as their central banker said in his book.

== This was a comment to
Delusions on Pakistan
By Elan Journo | Monday, December 03, 2007

Few reports about the Islamist threat are more alarming than the situation right now in Pakistan–a nuclear-armed country that Washington hails as a “major non-NATO ally.”

Having supported Musharraf’s regime, Washington is now scrambling–pressing Musharraf to share power with opponent Benazir Bhutto, then insisting that he’s “indispensable,” but also considering whether Bhutto would be better, if Musharraf falls from power.

West’s Rational and Irrational Choices on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan

August 23, 2007

We present a set of rational and irrational choices the West has for its policy in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, and the Persian Gulf.

Scenario 1: Bleed in Afghanistan.

US forces in Afghanistan, out of Iraq. Iran and Pakistan both nuclear and both supporting insurgency in Afghanistan to keep US monthly casualty rate high. Iran,Iraq, and Pakistan bases of international terrorism.

Score: Bad for US.
Evaluation: Stupid policymakers.
Advocates: This is supported by some Democratic candidates for president and some other leading Democrats. There is also some Republican support for this. This is also favored by the MSM as inevitable, and therefore righteous, since its bad for us.

Scenario 2: Bleed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

US forces in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Iran and Pakistan both nuclear and both supporting insurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq to keep US casualty rate high. Iran and Pakistan bases of international terrorism.

Score: Bad for US.
Evaluation: Stupid policymakers.
Advocates: This is close to a second choice supported by some Democratic and Republican candidates for president and some other leading Democrats and Republicans. This is also somewhat favored by the MSM as inevitable, and therefore righteous, since its bad for us.

Scenario 3: Admit defeat and bring the war home.

US out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Persian Gulf. Iran and Pakistan nuclear. Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq bases of international terrorism. US allows immigration and travel from Islamic lands to West.

Score: Bad for US.
Evaluation: Appeasing policymakers.
Advocates: Some in MSM, Some Democrats.

Variant of 1, 2 and 3: An ineffective missile and air attack on Iran leading to the Persian Gulf being closed to shipping and the isolation of US forces in Iraq, if any, and Kuwait from supply and naval support. This variant is somewhat unstable and leads either to war with Iran, or withdrawal from Iraq, Kuwait and the Gulf because of lack of supply.

Scenario 4a: Invade Iran, Surround and Blockade Pakistan, Stay in Iraq.

US invades Iran, surrounds Pakistan and blockades it with India to give up nukes. US stays in Iraq and Afghanistan. Travel from Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq to West is not allowed. Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq are not effective bases for terrorism against West. Stop travel from Islamic countries to West.

Score: Improving for US.
Evaluation: Policy is trying to match means to ends.
Advocates: Almost no one.

Scenario 4b: Invade Iran, Surround and Blockade Pakistan, leave Iraq.

US invades Iran, surrounds Pakistan and blockades it with India to give up nukes. US leaves Iraq but stays in Afghanistan. Pakistan and Iran are not effective bases for terrorism against West. Iraq is a weak base of terrorism against West. Stop travel from Islamic countries to West.

Score: Improving for US.
Evaluation: Policy is trying to match means to ends.
Advocates: Almost no one.

Scenario 4a and 4b are logical and in our interest. Therefore they are scored as bigoted and racist and not possible by the MSM and Left.

Diagnosis: West is at war with Islam and won’t admit it. West is at war, demographically, with third world and won’t admit it. The mistakes in the Middle East are just more of the same as the last 50 years of 3rd world immigration. This demographic conflict is, in part, the West’s own making by its own expansion of the third world population bubble.

Senator John Warner has advocated changing Maliki and starting some withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. This is because Bush focuses on Iraq and won’t think about the rest. We have no rational policy. That leaves us in the Iraq irrationality that comes from Bush’s brain.

The following comment was posted at Raw Story and they pulled the entire thread.

August 23rd, 2007 at 11:08:09 From: Fallaci Admirer
Ground invasion
If we pull our ships out of the Persian Gulf before a missile/air strike, because of Iran’s antiship missiles, when can we go back in? If we can’t go back in, how can we supply Kuwait and Iraq? A single carrier going down is over 5000 lives. The battle phase deaths in Iraq were 200. A ground invasion of Iran at that rate would equal 2 months staying in Iraq. The time to fight wars is when its cheap.

If we do a missile strike on Iran, we have to pull our ships out of the Persian Gulf because of their antiship missiles. But then they can never go back in. We then can’t supply Iraq or even Kuwait. So we have to withdrawal completely from the Persian Gulf and abandon Kuwait and the Iraqi, Kuwaiti, and Saudi oil fields to Iran. This is actually worse than Saddam’s plan to take them.

The US is in paralysis because its in reality denial. We are in a war with Islam and the Middle East. They are at war with us. We are losing that war, primarily by immigration. We are going extinct from third world immigration as a mathematical theorem. We are unable to admit reality and so we can’t act on it.

We have allowed Pakistan to effectively extort money from us by the terrorism they have permitted since 1998 after they did their nuclear test. Pakistan had 38 billion in foreign debt on 9-11, with its interest greater than gross exports as its central banker wrote in a book. We let them extort money from us and they still are. We have to prevent Iran from getting nukes and denuke Pakistan.

Pakistan treats us with contempt because we have troops in Afghanistan but no ground supply route. The only way to get one is to invade Iran and position our forces on the border of Pakistan. Then we can, with India, surround and blockade Pakistan.

Instead, we are allowing pipeline deals through Pakistan to India that will further undermine our bargaining power. We allow arranged marriages from Pakistan and Afghanistan to people in the US as family reunification. We allow free movement to some terrorists from the Middle East to the West. We allow them on planes. We did so half-knowingly, in part, before 9-11.

We are fools. We deny reality. We deny our own biology. We think we can conquer death and the physical world by machines and know-how. Our entire lives have become a denial of reality. That is why our policies make no sense.


Senator Barack Obama advocates, in effect, our having a monthly casualty rate in Afghanistan pumped up by a nuclear Iran and nuclear Pakistan. This is now the consensus choice of the MSM and US establishment. They support continued appeasement and tribute to Pakistan. They support continued free access to the West by the Muslim world. They support our demographic suicide by immigration, and that’s a mathematical theorem, published in genetics journals.

See the Population Genetics, Wright Island Model, One Way Migration, and the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem.

== Senator Hillary Clinton

Senator Clinton advocates something close to what Barack Obama advocates. She, like Obama, voted for the Bush Kennedy, McCain amnesty.

Senator John McCain is almost out of the race, because he advocated the same irrational mix Bush did, immigration and war. Obama and Clinton advocate that irrational mix as well. Almost every candidate does, except Tom Tancredo and a few others. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are antiwar, so they don’t advocate the full mix. Duncan Hunter is close to Tom Tancredo.

All major candidates, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, Rudi Giuliani, Fred Thompson advocate war with at least one Muslim land, appeasement of the others, and allowing the Muslim lands to colonize us by immigration and for their young men here to kill us here.

Reality catches up with presidents, as Bush’s presidency shows. Advocating the irrational makes no sense. Now its in the open that both parties and all major candidates and the MSM are advocating inconsistent irrational policies guaranteed to fail.

The job is for the people to point this out in detail, in writing, on talk radio, in letters, faxes, phone calls, town meetings and other contacts with Congress, the executive, the MSM, etc.

We as voters have to know the facts, numbers, history, theory, etc. better than those we vote for, and then explain to them that their wrong statements are wrong and they aren’t good enough. We have to explain that to the MSM. It takes a village to teach our politicians, MSM, profs, etc. common sense, and rational decision making under uncertainty and under biology. These are things the MSM and elites would rather have us die from than be forced to admit they don’t know how to do it or are too lazy to.

We have to learn the numbers, history, facts, theory, etc. We have to put it together on the internet and elsewhere. We then have to force it down the throat of the MSM, Congress, President, and other elites including Wall Street.

==Iran and Pakistan are our Front line enemies.

We are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in insurgencies funded and supported by Iran and Pakistan. Al Qaeda doesn’t come from the sky. They are supplied out of Pakistan and other insurgents are supported out of Iran or Saudi Arabia.

We can’t win insurgencies in the back countries of Iraq and Afghanistan while the frontline countries of Iran and Pakistan supply the insurgents and block us from effective action. We need to do a ground invasion now of Iran while its non-nuclear. Then we isolate Pakistan by surrounding it and blockading it.

Pakistan is not strong economically or financially. Pakistan without foreign aid or assistance or trade is not viable as the political entity it is. It will have to negotiate or face break up. We have to insist on our own removal and our own inspections of nuclear weapons.

As a surrounded and isolated country, Pakistan will not be able to maintain or develop its nuclear arsenal. Nuclear weapons decay, so will Pakistan’s. They will wilt, if we have the will to surround them and isolate them physically. That would also mean no arranged marriages from Pakistan to the West as part of family reunification.

August 23rd, 2007 at 11:08:09 From: Fallaci Admirer

Ground invasion
If we pull our ships out of the Persian Gulf before a missile/air strike, because of Iran’s antiship missiles, when can we go back in? If we can’t go back in, how can we supply Kuwait and Iraq? A single carrier going down is over 5000 lives. The battle phase deaths in Iraq were 200. A ground invasion of Iran at that rate would equal 2 months staying in Iraq. The time to fight wars is when its cheap.

Thread now gone:

This was about John Bolton’s call for attacking Iran.

Pakistan Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile With Ability to Carry Nuclear Warheads

November 16, 2006

“ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan said it successfully test-fired a new version of its nuclear-capable medium-range missile Thursday — a show of power a day after peace talks with India that were criticized by domestic hard-liners.”

“The Pakistani military statement said Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had witnessed the launch and congratulated scientists, engineers and the army for developing the new version of the missile.

“Pakistan can be justifiably proud of its defense capability and the reliability of its nuclear deterrence,” he said, according to the statement.”

“Pakistan believes in peace that “comes from a position of strength and operational readiness,” Aziz said.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear capability had reached full operational capability over the past seven years.”

From wiki

“He was appointed Executive Vice President of Citibank in 1992, reporting directly to the Chairman/CEO. Before taking leave from Citigroup, he was the head of its global Private Banking division, reporting directly to William Campbell, who was then head of the Global Consumer Group.

During his years at Citibank, he is alleged to have courted some politicians with notorious reputations such as Salinas of Mexico and Zardari of Pakistan.”

“In November, 1999, after the military ousted the elected government Mr. Aziz agreed to become the regime’s Minister of Finance, with responsibility for Finance, Economic Affairs, Statistics, Planning and Development, and Revenue Divisions.”

“n 2001, Mr Aziz was declared ‘Finance Minister of the Year’ by Euromoney and Banker’s Magazine. “

On 9-11, Pakistan had foreign debt of 38 billion US Dollars. This was more than its gross exports. Its central banker, Husain, said it had an unsustainable position on 9-11. The US wouldn’t let it roll over its debt and had sanctions on it because of its 1998 nuclear test.

On 9-12 or 9-13, Armitage had his meeting with General Ahmed of the ISI that ended up with Armitage threatening Pakistan. Armitage admits that but denies using the exact words “bomb them back to the stone age.” Ahmed may have used the history of Russia’s pressure for IMF loans based on the history relating to Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers. Bush may have used that during Bush v. Gore and Armitage and the neocons in 1998 to get the Iraq Liberation Act. This was not disclosed to the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard from 1997 to 2005. So the Bush team could have used that to pressure the Gore team or influence the Supreme Court during Bush v. Gore. Armitage signd the January 1998 PNAC letter with Paul Wolfowitz. The USAO Mass investigation of Harvard and the Russia grant became public in spring 1997.

In spring 1998, Pakistan and India did their nuclear tests. They knew of the whole history in economics and physics of Russia using plagiarism. This goes back to 1925. India and Pakistan had physicists who knew this, including Bhabha for India and M. A. B. Beg of Pakistan among others.

So in 1998, Russia got 4.8 more billion dollars in July 98 from Fischer and Summers, Harvard and the Clinton admin were not telling this to USAO Mass, Pakistan and India get nuclear tests, and LTCM and Goldman Sachs and university endowments were trading Russian government bonds which had high yields.

In August 1998, Russia defaulted, and likely knew who owned its bonds through registration, or could guess if held in street name. LTCM traded through Bear Stearns. The NY Fed arranged a bailout. The Vice Chairman of the Fed was Alan Blinder a Princeton econ prof. The current Fed chairman is Bernanke, a Princeton econ prof. The Swiss banks were investigated by Volcker, a Princeton econ prof and former fed Chairman. The Swiss banks had info on this as well, and possibly Marc Rich.

Congress held hearings in fall 98 on loans to Russia, the fed arranged bailout of LTCM, Iraq Liberation Act and Clinton impeachment. Paul Wolfowitz testified on Iraq Liberation Act. He may have known much of the history up to 1981 from his father Jacob. Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act at the end of October 1998. All of the above was kept from the hearings and possibly the USAO Mass investigation.

Then the House Republicans including Chris Cox and Porter Goss named Gore, Summers and Talbott as a troika running away with US policy towards Russia and hiding what they were doing. That was before Bush v. Gore.

John Yoo taught the IMF treaty at Berkeley in spring 2000. Yoo thanks Berkeley econ Ph.D./J.D. Howard Shelanski in his book defending torture and unitary executive theory. He also thanks Silberman for showing him how politics and Washington really work. Yoo was Hatch’s Chief Legal Counsel of Senate Judiciary Committee in the 1990’s. Yoo may have passed this info to Silberman and Hatch and then Scalia during Bush v. Gore. This may be why Scalia got the vote counting stopped before the final ruling and issued his own individual opinion to justify that, saying it was unfair to Bush to continue it if the court ruled against Gore.

Pakistan knew all this on 9-11. It knew it from Aziz and possibly others. One former PM of Pakistan had been a VP at World Bank in the 1980’s. Stanley Fischer was Chief Economist at World Bank in the 1980’s.

Pakistan is now using this history to continue its nuclear, missile and submarine program. Pakistan has nukes, subs and missiles. It is putting them together. We will have Pakistani subs off our coasts with nukes. They may sell them to Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation and opinion. Statements in the positive should be restated as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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