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Paktick Battery Keeps Your Bomb Ticking for Months

December 27, 2007

The CIA, Saudis, etc. use “torture” aka enhanced interrogation for months on prisoners because of ticking time bombs. Ever wonder how they keep those time bombs ticking for months on end? They use the Paktick Battery. Guaranteed to keep your time bomb ticking while bin Laden’s men are tortured by Mush’s ISI men.

Paktick Battery is a licensed product of Mush Inc, a Musharraf A. Q. Khan General Ahmed Pakistan ISI Company. You can purchase yours at licensed dealers that may include Richard Armitage, the bin Laden Group, the Carlyle Group, the Bush Clinton Supply Company (member of the Bush Clinton Group of companies), and other members of the Saudi Royal Dealers.

This article is spoof or satire. All other disclaimers apply.

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