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Top 10 percent get half income immigration is working

August 16, 2009

Legal immigration is working not just illegal.

Krugman also talks about this.  Princeton esp in grad schools puts non-Americans first.

Krugman has graph.  Note that income inequality falls after immigration restriction in 1924, reaches a bottom in the 1960’s and rises with the restoration of immigration by the 1965 Immigration Act and the 1986 Reagen amnesty and 1990 Bush increases.  That has fed the rise of the last 40+ years.

Princeton Enron’s Krugman has been well paid for ignoring the role of immigration.  Steve Sailer, Ed Rubenstein and Peter Brimelow are better economists than Nobelist Krugman.  Honesty is the foundation of being a great scientist.  Krugman missed out.

Slicer coalition is working.  Its doing this to push down whites.

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