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Obama, time to declare war on oil well leaks.

May 28, 2010

Obama has showed his lack of leadership by not declaring war on oil well leaks. The first step in the war on oil well leaks is to search Al Gore at the airport. That would show we were really serious.

But before Obama can declare war on oil leaks, he must first praise the Oil Wells of Peace. Otherwise the war would be divisive. Some might think a war on oil well leaks was a war on oil wells.

This is why it was so important that initially he didn’t stop drilling permits. That is just giving into hate. Just as stopping the oil production at sea would show the same thing. Obama is the Plumber of hate first and of oil well leaks second. So it is written.

No, we must not give into hate of oil wells or BP. Instead we must say it is the leak and not the oil well that we hate. In an earlier time, we would say that was the Christian way and possibly cite a verse or two from Holy Writ. But that would be giving into hate all over again according to modern PC which has ruled the White House for some time now.

No, we must realize that the war on oil well leaks can only succeed or be PC righteous if it is part of the war on hate. We do that by blaming Southern Whites for the leak.

The very words British Petroleum show the blame on whites. British symbolizes white, unless it symbolizes Pakistani. But British followed by Petroleum is unreconstructed white hate. This is what British represent most of all. Thank God for Schumer, Bloomberg, and Specter to get rid of the Wasps once and for all.

We show we are not giving into hate by promoting blacks to be in charge of the repair efforts. But with Obama we have already done that. We are saved from hate.

If Obama were not president, the hate vibes against oil would be flowing. Since oil is black, that would be hatred of blacks. If we had a white president again, it would show hate all over again. Better to not repeat that mistake.

Obama is the Way. Any other path than Obama is the path of hate. That is why Obama is a Natural Born Citizen.

The Constitution means to end hate and so Obama is qualified to be president because he is the way to avoid a white president, which is the way to avoid hate. We know Obama is qualified to be president because he has kept us off the path of hate in light of this incident. Search Al Gore a thousand times but don’t give into hate.

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