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PC racism distortion x – truth = (x – pc) + (pc – truth)

June 1, 2008

Let x be some statement. We can decompose the deviation of x from the truth into the deviation of x from PC Truth and the deviation of PC Truth from the actual truth:

x – truth = (x – pc) + (pc – truth)

pc is what pc says the truth should be. PC takes what a person says and takes the x-pc part and calls that racist if its in the direction of whites are good or blacks or Muslim etc are bad.

If x = truth, then

0 = (truth-pc) + (pc – truth)

But pc is not truth, so truth is labeled racist.

We can call the above equation the PC decomposition of a statement into its deviation from PC and PC’s deviation from truth. PC deviation decomposition is another name for it. The PC deviation from truth is one component of the PC decomposition of a statement. We can call it the PC distortion equation. We can call it the phony racism charge method.

In PC, blacks have equal ability with whites. In truth, they don’t (as a median or frequency distribution.) So the truth is racist to PC because it deviates from what PC says the truth should be.

This way of logic is not simply for humor. Its an intentional part of a program of genociding whites out of existence.

George W. Bush, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Barack Hussein Obama, etc. all push this agenda of white genocide. For most of them its the core of their existence and what they derive meaning from.

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