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PC is a search and destroy program

November 16, 2007

The Mutation Hypothesis of PC is stated below. This is a hypothesis, and we need to think about how to test it. This is contrasted with PC as a form of the Golden Rule or as a logical growth of the law of contracts and of good conduct rule in markets.

Political Correctness, PC, is not a static protocol of behavior. Nor is it adaptive to better relations. PC mutates to adapt to the destruction of its target. The target of PC is the West and specifically whites.

There is no way to be good with PC if you are white, because PC will mutate however it needs to define any white as bad. PC will change itself however it has to in order to destroy its target. PC is a viral infection which is not committed to itself, but to the destruction of its target.

The tactic of not speaking up and fighting back against any and all immigration, welfare, affirmative action, etc. in order to be spared by PC, won’t work. PC won’t let it work. PC doesn’t want to establish a protocol of fair dealing.

Put in another way, PC is not an evolution of the law of contracts where there is conflict of laws and customs as a means of dispute resolution and to improve market transactions. PC doesn’t come from contract law or markets. PC comes from leftism. The goal of PC is not to help people get along, its to eliminate whites.

Thus there is no way for whites to make themselves good with PC. PC will simply redefine the terms of PC so as to put whites in the non-PC position again.

The following articles suggested this direction, particularly Vanishing American’s, linked to at the end.

Robert Spencer, “Vlaams Belang, Charles Johnson and all that”:

Leon the Pig Farmer supports BNP at the above site and so did one or two others. Charles Johnson picks up on the above thread:

Lawrence Auster on the LGF thread.

New Sisyphus, says why can’t we all unite:

Frank Purcell says patriotism isn’t nationalism.

Vanishing American picks points out some problems with the Purcell and New Sisyphus approaches, as well as Charles Johnson’s attempted purge of the right in neocon fashion.
To test the PC hypothesis as a mutating viral search and destroy program, or even living thing, we have to have a contrasting hypothesis.

PC is a Protocol for Golden Rule

PC is the extension of the Golden Rule, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. PC is a protocol to treat everyone the same as your family. PC is an outgrowth of the law of contracts and market transactions to make those more efficient.

We can formalize the PC as anti-white virus as follows

PC as anti-white Virus

PC is not a static protocol. Nor does it adapt to promote market efficiency. PC adapts to target whites. Whatever whites do or say, PC adapts in a way to harm them and to reduce their fertility to below replacement.

As a matter of pure math, immigration causes genetic replacement. The asymptotic state of continued immigration is not a mixture, its complete replacement. Every white land has non-white immigration. Non-white lands, by and large have very little immigration, and the resistance to immigration is complete from bottom to top of the society. Immigration is seen as destructive of the control of the group as well as costly in economic terms. The entire society opposes it.

How can the PC Golden Rule types reconcile their view with the observed facts and the Wright Island Model or Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem that immigration causes replacement? One way would be to say the lands with immigration are more advanced. That would be saying that the whites were more advanced. But that is contrary to PC, which says whites are more racist or at least are too racist to be more advanced.

Has PC adapted? Many things that once could be said, can’t be said now. Those relate to basic things. Much of the above is unPC. Advocating the right of and continued existence of the white race is unPC. That alone shows its not just a part of the law of contracts. There is no reason for the law of contracts to single out whites for worse treatment than other races. So the intense focus of PC against whites is not an outgrowth of the law of contracts.

Nor does it make sense, that the law of contracts would target whites. Whites have contributed to the development of the law of contracts, and advanced it to its farthest levels. So it would be irrational for that process to turn on its most advanced creator. The same applies to markets.

As against that, one might state that PC may be an irrational extension of a process of contracts between strangers that has now mutated into a deadly form against the society that advanced it. This, though, would be to concede the point that PC is a mutating viral entity that is now anti-white in its mission.

If PC was purely a form of market conduct and contracting among strangers, it wouldn’t target whites by a process, third world immigration, that has been proven mathematically to cause white extinction. Thus PC as it exists now, which makes continuing perpetual 3rd world immigration mandatory, is as a mathematical theorem, causing white extinction. That is clearly beyond the need of promoting contracting or market conduct within the West.

We can test the two competing hypotheses, by the reaction to Muslim terrorism after the WTC 1993 attacks, WTC 2001 attacks and London and Madrid bombings. None of these advanced the law of contracts among strangers or extended the Golden Rule among strangers. They did the opposite, and should have resulted in ending immigration if the goal was to make contracts among strangers in our societies easier to make and rely on. None of those brought with them the end of immigration or even of Muslim immigration.

Immigration imposes high costs. A high percentage of immigrants receive direct public assistance, and all receive schools, roads, ER mandates, etc. This isn’t about extending the reach of contracts or the Golden Rule. Immigration is irrational as a means for society to extend the role of contracts among strangers. Its only purpose is to displace and cause the replacement of those already here.

Immigration is protected by PC. But immigration itself disrupts markets and contracts. The destruction of Detroit shows that third world immigration is not about improving markets. The same applies to LA and many other places.

Immigration is not improving contract performance and the ability to trust strangers in contracts. It does the opposite. The prisons are full of immigrants, who disproportionately cause crime. The DOJ statistics on crime say explicitly “racial differences exist”. Hispanics and blacks cause more crime.

Hispanic immigration doesn’t improve contract performance or the Golden Rule but harms it. It is creating more fear and distrust. This is not just for Harvard prof Putnam’s spin on this, but because of actual harm done by Hispanic immigrants and Muslim immigrants. We see it. We saw it not only on 9-11 but in many other acts. Immigration isn’t improving orderliness and trust in strangers to lower the costs of contracting.

Thus the hypothesis that PC as it exists now is perfecting the law of contracts between strangers is false. It is harming the ability of people to contract. It is leading not just to small contract failures and small market failures, but actual violent crime, which is a type of extreme market failure.

What of the hypothesis that PC is a mutating virus that adapts so as to cause harm to whites, ultimately their replacement? This is math. This is a published theorem, the Wright Island Model.

==The Wright Island Model Theorem

In population genetics, the case of one way migration is often treated in what is called the “Island Model”.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

The island model with stochastically variable migration rate and immigrant gene frequency is investigated. It is supposed that the migration rate and the immigrant gene frequency are independent of each other in each generation, and each of them is independently and identically distributed in every generation. The treatment is confined to a single diallelic locus without mutation. If the diploid population is infinite, selection is absent and the immigrant gene frequency is fixed, then the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency, and the logarithm of the absolute value of its deviation from it is asymptotically normally distributed.

The above implies that if you have two genes in some frequency in the immigrant population, that under one way migration that frequency becomes the frequency on the island.

From PDF, conclusion:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

==Comment Left at New Sisyphus

VA is right, and has on her blog raised the issues of having something to fight for, kith and kin. It is a published mathematical theorem that one way immigration causes complete genetic replacement. The asymptotic state of sustained immigration is not a mixture of old and new, but just new.

This is called the Wright Island Model in population genetics. Its really common sense. But that common sense is called bigotry or racism by PC. Until the right embraces zero immigration, consistent with the theorem and common sense, it isn’t for people, but for their genetic replacement. Being for people’s genetic replacement is not a platform the right can continue to win on. Or rather, the neocon or PC right.

Links and excerpts to academic articles on the Wright Island Model is at the link at my name. The right does need to unite, behind math.


Great column and great comments. One thing to do, to answer it bluntly, is to support stopping all legal immigration.

The link at my name has links and excerpts from academic papers on the Wright Island Model that one way migration leads to asymptotic replacement, not a mixture of old and new. We are being replaced completely.

So our traditions and culture are replaced is a consequence is documented in this and other stories. This also refutes those who say tradition and culture are separable from the people. They are not separable. The math helps us build intuition. In this case, intuition, labeled bigotry, needs the math to assert that its not just bigotry, it is math.

==Comment left at Vanishing American
Great post VA. The counter-jihad sites may be repositioned as primarily news aggregators for that type of news, and not where the substantive discussion happens.

They have nothing more to say than that, and don’t want to say more than that. Like the MSM, they are for profit sites, not really organizing a political movement. They are really skimming the work of the MSM and using that for their profit.

They don’t want to say anything unPC for the same reason as the MSM, they think its bad for business. Their attitudes are almost the same as the MSM, and on somethings they are more PC than the MSM or even the government is.

==Note added

It might be better to say there is a danger of the counter-jihad sites moving towards the above direction. The niche they are in is useful. Its not evil to make money in a just cause. However, money making tends to narrow one’s focus. This is not bad, its just that it makes them more and more providing a specific service, news and analysis about Islam and Muslims from a critical point of view.

Even that characterization, they might object to. But the more they choose to narrow their definition, the more its narrowed. The political movement of saving Western civilization, and the business of providing news and analysis of radical Islam or Muslims behaving badly or of some small set of categories that are good with PC to describe their work are distinct. As long as we don’t confuse them, there is nothing wrong with their being a news and analysis service of that type. But we shouldn’t let them tell us we can’t support BNP, or Vlaams Belang, or Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, or the Constitution Party, or Swedish Democrats, or whatever else.

Nor should we let them tell us the limits of speech we or Tom Tancredo can’t step out of. Nor should we let them tell us we can’t associate with Vdare or American Renaissance or BNP or Vlaams Belang or Paul Belien or Brussels Journal or whoever. We shouldn’t let them tell us we have to accept Zimbabwe as our fate, or of Hispanic immigration as our fate, or that everyone is the same or that we can’t maintain our civilization and that this is distinct from maintaining white majorities in Western lands.

Nor should we be ashamed or bashful about saying we want to keep white majorities in Western lands. India revolted against the British and colonization. Why do we have to accept colonization by India? The same applies to Mexico, China, or any other country that wants to colonize us and is doing so. What happened to the white British or Europeans in their colonies?

They were forced out. What will happen to them under reverse colonization? According to the Wright Island Model, genetic replacement, i.e. extinction. So we are being offered extinction as our place. There is no where else for us to go.

Decolonization didn’t just stop at forcing Europeans out, but continued after them to take their lands. The result has been crime and violence against whites by immigrants in every white land. Whites no longer have the safety to live in their own lands that they did 50 years ago. Hello? This is called righteous by PC. Hello? We are afraid to say whites have a right to survive and to be majorities in their own land. Hello? That isn’t about the right to know you will get performance in a contract.

We have to make a stand. The Wright Island Model math tells us immigration causes our extinction. We are going to go extinct. If we speak up, we will be called racist, bigots, nativist, xenophobes, etc. But if we don’t speak up, we will go extinct. We are already unsafe if we walk in many places where we could walk. The issue at the start is whether PC is a an extension of the Golden Rule and contracting among strangers or is it an anti-white virus.

Not being able to walk safely is not an extension of the Golden Rule and the law of contracts, its the opposite. The math tells us its ethnic cleansing. Our feelings do as well. They are the same. That is why they call math and science racism. If PC was about more efficient contracting and markets, it wouldn’t call science and math racism, bigotry and white nationalism. That is what it called James Watson and others.

The evidence is in, PC is an anti-white virus. Speaking up and being called a bigot, white nationalist, white supremacist, xenophobe, racist, etc. is the only cure. Enough people have to be willing to be called that, or we will go extinct. We must either be called bigots together or go extinct together.

We started out by contrasting two hypotheses of what PC is. One says its the Golden Rule and an outgrowth of the law of contracts between strangers and market transactions between strangers. The other hypothesis is that it is an anti-white virus, it targets whites for their existence, not their behavior or speech.

We found that the evidence of immigration, unsafe walking conditions, immigrant crime, welfare dependency of immigrants, etc. all indicated that it was not an extension of the law of contracts or the Golden Rule or market efficiency. We found that math shows that PC immigration causes complete extinction.

So the conclusion between these two hypotheses is that PC an anti-white virus that adapts to eliminate whites, not their behavior. PC is not molding behavior to promote safe markets and neighborhoods, instead it promotes anti-white crime and violence and ethnic cleansing.

Mathematically, PC causes white extinction is a proven theorem because of continual immigration as a policy. Thus PC is not targeting behavior, it is targeting whites as people. Its the existence of whites that PC objects to.

This means keeping quiet as a tactic won’t work. PC will mutate to harm whites, and is causing their extinction now. With no change, whites go extinct from immigration is a mathematical theorem. This shows PC is targeting white people not behavior. Keeping silent doesn’t save you from extinction.

They will call you a bigot and nativist. Now they are using the terms white supremacist and white nationalist as the new scare words. We need to make the words white nationalist and white supremacist PC joke words the same as bigot, racist, xenophobe, and nativist. Add them to the list of derogatory terms until we become used to hearing them.

We don’t need to call ourselves white nationalist or supremacist anymore than we call ourselves bigots. We need to just add them to the standard list of what they call us. PC mutates to harm us. So it mutates the scare word. We have to add whatever the scare word of the day to the list of old scare words.

We have to keep from being frightened by a new word for the same insult. Its our existence they are targeting not our behavior. That is proven by the math of the Wright Island Model. They attack science and math as bigotry and, in effect, as white nationalism. We have to get over their insults, not insult ourselves, but say the truth.

We have the right to stop all immigration to keep ourselves from going extinct and to preserve white majorities in our lands. Not just to save our culture, although they go together. We have the right to preserve white majorities in our lands. We have the right to do it, and must do it by stopping all immigration. That is what the theorem says.

That is why they call scientists like James Watson bigoted. That is why they call IQ tests bigoted. Math and science mean nothing to them, because their target is whites, not falsehoods.  If PC was about truth and more efficient markets, they wouldn’t attack math and science. No behavior on our part will save us from being attacked or from extinction, except fighting back and asserting our right to existence.

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