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The ten weirdest exam questions – Times Online

June 1, 2008

Marcus Leroux

“In Twelfth Night, Malvolio does not like people to have fun and enjoy themselves. Imagine you are a modern-day Malvolio, in charge of preventing any sort of fun or enjoyment at your school.

You are going to talk in assembly about why three of the following things should not be allowed in school: chips in the canteen, jokes, smiling, pupils enjoying their work, singing/music, games/sports.

Write what you are going to say in assembly.”


Because people would think they were racist in some way or another or intended to demean those who can’t joke, smile, enjoy their work, sing, or play games or sports.

Those joking or smiling would be thought to be doing so because of the race, gender, age, religion, national origin (not that everyone isn’t from Britain or it matters if they aren’t, but some person might imagine that someone thought they weren’t from Britain because they were a person of color and had to think the worst of a white person, not because that is what people of color do, except that experience with white people make them see that it happens, not that they are prejudiced to think that, but re-education for me for bringing this up is only right, I abase myself as I wonder what a person of color would say in their answer or how the examiners know.)

Obviously those skilled at any game or sport that is English, not that any sport or game could be English in any way, but it might be imagined that a person of color, our guest, actually as British as we are, (re-educate me please my PC overseers), of course they aren’t our guests, but what I mean is that I’m white and can’t say or write anything not demeaning to those of colour, not that I say I have superior ability to people of colour, of course. But if I did somehow appear to do better at a game that some white nationalist, and we know who that might be, would say was British, that might harm the self-esteem of a person of color, and thus be a hate crime. Of course, its a thought crime for me to bring it up, but either way that’s my answer on that part.

Obviously, if a white person is smiling they must be thinking of Klan raids and gas chambers. Or laughing at some mistake made by a person of color or their not fitting in. Of course, its they who are authentic and fit in and its we who don’t.

In the end, its demeaning to people of color who may turn in inferior performances for whites to enjoy their work, smile, laugh, joke, play games or otherwise appear to be acting as if they were happily back in the days of white people. That would convey that the whites thought they were superior. Or it would convey that being happy they wanted the people of color to be gone and whites would be back in the days they were happy. Not that they were or I would want to suggest people of color interfere with whites being happy. Of course, whites should be feeling guilty for slavery and the slave trade and other things whites have done.

In the final analysis, whites have to be busy with white guilt. They don’t have time to smile or play games. Unless its to teach them to have white guilt. People not white may not smile because they take offense at whites, who are constantly engaging in white supremacy in games and by smiling. This is why people of color couldn’t do them. Actually, I don’t know why. Maybe they would lose to whites and that would so damage their self-esteem.

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