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Why no Pentagon Papers for Iraq? Islam

December 1, 2007

Islam is the answer as to why there will be no expose that ends the war in Iraq. Many think one more scandal will end the war in Iraq. But we aren’t at war with Iraq, we are at war with Islam.

In the case of Vietnam, we went into Vietnam in the early 1960’s, when we were at war with communism. That included Russia and China. When we gave up on Vietnam, we had detente with Russia and China, the cold war was over. The people didn’t see any reason to send their kids to die in Vietnam without a war on communism.

When the Pentagon Papers came out it told people what they already knew, Vietnam was a long term occupation that would be difficult to win. But we also no longer considered ourselves in a war to the death with Russia and China. So the Pentagon Papers got credit for ending a small war by exposing its flaws and difficulties. But in reality, it was because the big war was on hold or thawed or gone that the little war didn’t seem worth fighting.

In Iraq, we have the opposite. The big war keeps getting bigger in our understanding. The Danish Cartoons came along in 2005 to 2006 and showed us we were fighting a civilization war to the death. Its also a demographic war with the third world, which is also to the death. Everyone knows both of those facts now, although getting everyone to admit that is still work. Then we have to actually start doing things that will win those two wars.

There can’t be a Pentagon Papers that tells the truth about Iraq because Iraq is a little war in a big war to the death. The big war to the death with Islam and third world immigration and demographics can’t be turned off by leaving Iraq. Thus no expose of lies and fraud can make the difference in Iraq. Its the big war that counts.
But staying in Iraq doesn’t win the two big wars either. This gives it the same feeling as Vietnam. In Vietnam, we felt we were fighting in the beginning in a rational way to win the big war. Then we came to feel the war was pointless.

Well now, immigration and Islamic supremacism inside our own countries tells us the war is here and that the Pentagon and Congress and Bush and the neocons are not fighting it. Instead, they are on the other side helping them defeat us. So once again we fight a little war that makes no sense.

The establishment won’t admit the two real big wars we are in, Islam and third world demography. Until they do, they propose little wars that in themselves make no sense. This is one reason support for Iraq has withered.

Danish Cartoons was the reverse Pentagon Papers for Iraq. Danish Cartoons showed us we were in a big war to the death while the Pentagon was fighting a little war of no consequence or meaning in Iraq relative to that big war. The reason support for the Iraq occupation falls is that its just part of what drags us down in our big war with Islam and third world immigration.

The government needs to catch up with the people in the two wars we are fighting, with Islam and third world immigration. The ways to fight those wars are repulsive to the establishment, because it says everything they have said for decades is partly false. They have said these are moral truths independent of facts.

Don’t be racist or don’t discriminate are presented as absolute not relative. What we now know is that they are relative not absolute. The relativism the establishment preaches at times in fact applies to their absolutes, don’t discriminate and don’t be racist. In fact, we have to discriminate to survive.

We have to discriminate when to discriminate. This is a Yogi-Berrism that we need to coin and apply ourselves before we go extinct. We have to end all immigration. What is left will be some exchange immigration within the West itself, but nothing else.

We have to outlaw Islam completely. Those who adhere to Islam will have to leave. We will have to have all Muslims out of the military and government and all sensitive positions in the economy or society. We have to stop all students coming here and getting know-how.

We have to stop all know-how transfer to China and India. We have to recover our industry before its gone completely. We have to educate our own people.

We have to end all welfare, ER mandates, etc. We need to develop charges for those who have come here to persuade them to leave. For example, descendants of those here during WWII get free schooling, but those since then have to pay.

Or we charge for schooling for those who fail an annual test. Both biological parents are charged. Even small fees of this kind can start changing behavior. We can also charge for students whose behavior disrupts classrooms or schools. We can start charging for the impositions and use that to encourage third world type behaving people to go to someplace where their behavior is not charged as much by society.

This can reverse the flow of third world immigration. Instead of paying those who behave badly to leave, we charge those who behave badly to stay. Behaving badly includes not passing tests in school and trying to get handouts. These are measures the public can get behind because they make sense. They also charge bad behaving people for their bad behavior.

For the war with Islam, the reverse Pentagon Papers are the Koran. The Koran tells us we are in a larger war to the death. If we want to predict Muslim behavior, we can use the Koran. The Koran predicted the resistance to the occupation in Iraq.

The Koran predicts Iran will fight us harder when it gets nukes not less. We have to stop Iran getting nukes by a ground invasion. We have to surround and blockade Pakistan to give up its nukes. We need to draft 2 million men to do this. We need to take back our factories and grad student training from China and India and keep them here to fight this war.

For third world immigration, we have our own senses to tell us the reality. But science, math and statistics all say the same thing. On a regular basis, someone says these. But these are becoming more frequent and get more support because we really don’t have any more time to lie to ourselves about the two big wars we are in.

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