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“Is Georgia Police Chief a Don Quixote for Reporting Illegal Aliens?”

October 27, 2006

Aren’t we all for fighting to end immigration completely and give our young adults job security and restore to elders workplace dignity?

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This is true of all of us. We are posting here, might have our own blogs, Dan is maintaining this page. It seems like our efforts go nowhere.

Persistence matters. Look where the immigration debate is now v. 5 years ago after 9-11.

Today, the response to another 9-11 by 19 recent immigrants would be to ask why we are dying for immigration. What does it gain us? It actually costs us.

The debate on immigration has changed because Dan Stein, FAIRUS, bloggers, posters, those who write letters to Congress, people who show up to talk to Congressmen or Senators, callers in, posters on, etc. are all keeping at it.

Immigration harms people, its wrong, and we just have to keep pushing it until it changes.

We don’t have another option. Young adults need job security to get married, have kids and stay married. This is the foundation of society. Immigration takes away job security for young adults, and that means they can’t maintain replacement population.

Teenagers see that young, middle and old adults don’t have job security and often no job place dignity.Without the prospect of a steady job for 25 years, teens realize they are not getting married, aren’t going to have kids soon, and are not going to transition into a stable structured society based on family and stable jobs.

So teens go crazy. Post 65 Immigration Act we have a society where teens don’t see themselves fitting into a stable family job life, but instead a life of chaos and uncertainty. The result is they don’t see themselves quickly steadying down. The result is many many social problems.

If we stop immigration, young adults will have job stability, they will get married early, have kids and stay married. Soceity will stabilize to 1950’s norms.It will move from its current immoral norm to the 1950’s moral norm because young adults have job stability, early and stable marriages and kids when they get married. This is a normal society and we will return to it once immigration stops.

To get there, we just need to keep asking Congress to do it, end immigration completely, family reunification, guest worker, legalization, asylum, H1B, Skil Bill, etc.

Posted by Old Atlantic at October 27, 2006 07:51 PM

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