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re “Pope sells out Europe, says Erdogan”

November 28, 2006

“ANKARA (Reuters) – Pope Benedict told Turkey on Tuesday he backed its bid to join the European Union and believed Islam was a religion of peace, hoping to soothe rows overshadowing a delicate visit to the mainly Muslim country.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan hailed the comments, which he said Benedict made to him in their private talk at the airport, and Turkish commentators said they changed the tone of a visit clouded by disputes over the Pope’s view of Islam.”

from Reuters from Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: Pope sells out Europe, says Erdogan

We are constantly told by our leaders that they have met with foreign leaders. They know better as to what we could get as the best possible deal. Cardinal Ratzinger could more easily tell the truth than Pope Benedict.
But why is it when our leaders meet with foreign leaders they abandon us, but when their leaders meet with ours, they stick to their guns and their people’s interests?

Even when they are caught red handed in over a century of genocide against Christians which is only moderated because very few Christians are left, and most of them old and dying out?

Why is it that a meeting between leaders is for their side an opportunity to stick it to us and for our side an opportunity for apology, betrayal, and surrender?

In the case of Bush, Baker and Prince Bandar, we can say its money. But with the Pope what is it?

The Left has taught us that our leaders should be the Secretary of Apology, Nation Building and Reparations. The Left teaches that to grow in office, our leaders must apologize. To show their sincerity they must give up our right to live in our lands.

This is what the Turks asked for as their right, to get our lands. This is the whole history of the Turks for the last 1000 years. Why can’t EU leaders protect their lands and people? Because the Left won and has instilled in them that they are the Secretary of Apology.

The West is supposed to apologize for Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and modern science. It is supposed to say that the Turks have superior wisdom. The Turks who have never said no to a chance for conquest and invasion of Europe or of killing Christians and Jews. The Turks have demanded that as their right for a thousand years. That is Turk culture.

Its not modern science, its demanding Europe’s surrender. They demanded it today and got it. Our leaders should not be surprised that when they meet with Turks, the Turks demand our surrender and our lands. That’s what they always demand as their right.

They should be prepared with their own demands and a polite refusal to the standard Turk demand, Europe. Why we have to respond to that politely is a good question for us to ask ourselves. If we demanded Turkey as our right, they wouldn’t respond to it very well. Even a demand to free the Christians now, and give them equality would get a rebuff from them.

The whole history of Turk Europe relations is summed up in the scene in Lawrence of Arabia where Lawrence is whipped at the command of the Turkish officer. Its been that scene for a thousand years.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Both about the Turks and our leaders.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation, opinion, and disappointment. All other disclaimers apply.

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