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Proof that race matters

November 4, 2007

 White Loss Risk Assumption: A white who says that race matters is at risk to lose their job, TV show, book talk, speaking fees, etc.

Black Gain Assumption:  A black who says race matters has a positive probability of gain and little probability of loss.

Theorem: Race Matters.

Proof by contradiction 1.

Assume race doesn’t matter.  Then by White Risk Assumption, a white who says it does may suffer a loss with positive probability.  This is a contradiction.  Therefore race matters.  QED.

Proof by Contradiction 2.

Assume race doesn’t matter.  A black who says it does may have a gain with positive probability. This is a contradiction, so race matters.  QED.

We thus have two proofs that race does matter.  Its important to emphasize, this is not just a joke.  If either assumption is true, then race does matter.  Additional proofs are by affirmative action, welfare or other government benefits, etc.

The case of James Watson saying black intelligence and implicitly IQ are lower shows the White  Loss Risk Assumption is true.  So does the comment of Don Imus.  So does William Shockley.  So does Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman losing his TV show through his son taping him and selling the tape for money, according to one story.  The attacks on Vlaams Belang by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, LGF, is another proof that race matters. So are the attacks on BNP.

Whites lose their job and careers for one comment on race.  This contradicts the claim that race doesn’t matter.  Its not just a joke, its a mathematical proof.

The use of guilt by association is another proof it matters.  For Charles Johnson at LGF, race trumps all.  That shows it matters.  He may be afraid of the fate of James Watson, Duane Chapman, Don Imus, etc.  They lost their income opportunities for saying race did matter in effect.

The case of the Jena 6 is another case where black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson say that race is what matters. The outcome of jury trials such as O.J. Simpson or Laura Dickinson at EMU can be interpreted as sending the same message.  Race riots do as well.  So do crime statistics. So does DOJ saying “racial differences exist.”

The fact evidence that race matters and that racial differences exist combined with the attacks on whites for saying this show unlike attacks for saying anything else, can be interpreted to show that race is in fact what matters most.   In that case, it follows as a corollary that stopping non-white immigration is what matters most for the well being of whites and the continuation of the same civilization.

This is draft and preliminary.  This is hypotheses and speculation.  This is subject to substantial revision.  Contradictory assumptions are considered in this blog or elsewhere.  Comments are welcome.

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